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National Conservative Student Conference

July 29, 2013

Washington, D.C.

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   "Young America's Foundation has been a refuge for students seeking an alternative to the 'politically correct' environment enforced on many campuses.  I know the conference will send you back to your campuses better informed, motivated, and trained."    -President Ronald ReaganNCSC 2012 Group Photo

At this largest and longest-running conference of its kind, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet like-minded peers from across the country,
  • Learn from top teachers and leaders in the Conservative  Movement,
  • Discover ways you can champion conservative principles at your school and beyond,
  • Receive invaluable activism resources
  • and more!

Date: Monday, July 29 to Saturday, August 3

Location: The George Washington University- Washington, D.C.

Tuition Fee: $175 (includes tuition, materials, lodging, and meals.

Benjamin Carson-ed Newt Gingrich T. Boone Pickens Michele Bachmann ed
Dr. Ben Carson
Newt Gingrich
Michele Bachmann
Renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon and New York Times Bestselling Author
Author & 58th Speaker of the US House of Representatives
Legendary energy expert and the architect of the Pickens Plan
United States Congresswoman (MN)
Senator Rick Santorum-Ed Ted Cruz Senator Mike Lee-ed Jim Jordan ed
Rick Santorum 
Ted Cruz
Mike Lee
Jim Jordan
United States Senator (PA)
United States Senator (TX)
United States Senator (UT)
United States Congressman (OH) 
Stephen Hayes-ed Rachel Campos Duffy Thumbnail RobertGeorge-ed Kate Obenshain-ed
Steve Hayes
Dr. Robert George
Columnist, Weekly Standard
Author, blogger, public policy pundit and television personality 
Professor, Princeton University
Author and Young America's Foundation Alum
StephenMoore-ed Bay-Buchanan ed Burt Folsom ed Jonah Goldberg-ed
Economic writer and policy analyst for the Wall Street Journal
Longtime activist and
Founder, The American Cause
Author & Professor of History, Hillsdale College
Author, analyst, and contributing editor to National Review
Ron Robinson ed WalterWilliams-ed CatherineRodriguez-ed Conor Burns ed
Catherine Rodriguez
Conor Burns
President, Young America's Foundation
Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Director of Lectures,
Clare Boothe Luce
Policy Institute
Member of Parliament and friend of Lady Margaret Thatcher
 Dinesh D'Souza ed Pat Coyle ed James OKeefe  
Dinesh D'Souza 
James O'Keefe
New York Times Bestselling Author and Scholar
Vice President, Young America's Foundation
Author, Activist, & Investigative Journalist



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