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Reagan Ranch Roundtable featuring Kate Obenshain

December 07, 2012

Santa Barbara, CA

 Roundtable Obenshain 12-04-2012

Click here to watch the live event on Friday, December 7 at 12:45/PT and 3:45/ET.

Join us Friday, December 7, 2012 for Young America's Foundation's Wendy P. McCaw Reagan Ranch Roundtable luncheon featuring Kate Obenshain--author of Divider in Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change

When: Friday, December 7th from 12:00 to 1:30 pm 

Where: The Reagan Ranch Center located at 217 State Street 

 Cost: $35/person pre-pay or $45/person at the door | Full Time Students Free!

RSVP required by December 3, 2012 to Amy by calling 805-957-1980


Guests in attendance will receive a complimentary copy of Divider in Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change!

About Kate Obenshain

Kate Obenshain is the author of the book,  Divider in Chief: The Fraud of Hope and Change. A popular speaker and commentator on national television and radio shows, she has spent her career championing expanded liberty in America and impressing upon young people an understanding of the blessings of freedom.

Kate served as chairman of the Virginia GOP from 2003 to 2006, when she led the fight against tax increases and the expanding role of government as advisor to former governor George Allen, and as his Senate chief of staff; and most recently as vice president of Young America’s Foundation and the Reagan Ranch. A member of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s board of directors, Kate was the 2005 recipient of the Institute’s Conservative Leadership Award, as well as recipient of Young America’s Foundation’s Torch of Freedom Award.

Kate is a regular speaker on college campuses and for conservative fathers all across the country. Her most treasured role, however, is that of mother to her four children.

Quotes about the book:

 ''Kate Obenshain has written one of the best takedowns of Obama I've read. If you have friends still bedazzled by the fraudulent rhetoric of hope and change, give them this book, and wipe that smile right off their face. Divider-in-Chief reveals the radical presidency of Barack Obama for exactly what it is -- the most divisive, polarizing, and balkanizing in American history.'' --David Limbaugh, New York Times bestselling author

''Kate Obenshain has written a penetrating and astute book about the Obama political method. Highly recommended.'' --Peter Schweizer, New York Times bestselling author

''Kate Obenshain's new book Divider-in-Chief is an outstanding expose’ of the hypocrisy, cynicism, and, extremism of the Obama administration. He claimed to be a uniter, but Kate's book identifies where and how he has been the ultimate divider of Americans.'' --Sean Hannity, host of Hannity's America

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