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33 Minutes Movie Screening with Senator Jim Talent (MO)

October 28, 2009

Santa Barbara, CA


Young America’s Foundation invites you to a special screening of 33 Minutes, a new film by the Heritage Foundation, on Wednesday October 28th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm with Senator Jim Talent (MO).


What:          Special screening of 33 Minutes with Senator Jim Talent (MO)


When:         Wednesday, October 28th from 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Where:        The Reagan Ranch Center

                   217 State Street

                   Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Cost:          Free


RSVP is REQUIRED. Space is limited. Please call 888-USA-1776 to RSVP today.



About 33 Minutes:


A ballistic missile from aforeign enemy would take 33 minutes to reach the United States. With each passing day, this becomes a growing danger to America, yet our government has failed to build the missile defense systems capable of defending us against such attacks.


Our enemies are attempting to stockpile arsenals that threaten our freedom and prosperity. North Korea and Iran are the most prominent, but this also includes Russia, China and other nations that have missiles capable of killing Americans in very large numbers and threatening our allies.


The time has come to revive the strategic missile defense system that America uniquely can develop, maintain,and employ for its own defense and the peaceloving world's security.


This documentary aims to do just that by highlighting the disastrous consequences of a nuclear explosion on American soil - one that could happen in just 33 minutes.


For more information about this movie visit:


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