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  • Big GovernmentFrom's Wynton Hall:

    Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) may be a freshman member of Congress, but his recent introduction of theRESTRICT (Restoring Ethical Standards, Transparency, and Responsibility in Congressional Trading) Act(H.R. 3550) to end congressional insider trading reveals a degree of legislative sagacity well beyond his two years in Congress.

    “If we’re really trying to clean it up, let’s go all the way,” said Rep. Duffy in an interview with Breitbart News.

    The RESTRICT Act’s strength lies in its straightforward simplicity: members of Congress would be required to either place all their assets in a blind trust or submit full public disclosure of their investments within three days.

    Full article: **

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    • Bethany Grigsby / Working against parilizotaon doesn't make APU a spineless school obsessed with being PC. It just means they don't want to endorse an organization that partakes in name-calling and fear-obsessed politics. It might also suggest that they don't think that being aligned with a certain political group is what makes one a Christian. It's times like these when I am proud of my alma matter. It's far from perfect, but it was on that campus that I first realized it was possible to be a part of Christian community and not feel manipulated or held up to impossible standards. I think it was there that I started to feel free for maybe the first time in my life.
      Posted by Adrian on 12/28/2012
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      Posted by 131737 on 05/01/2015
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