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  • Discerning the Right (and Wrong) Targets for your Activism

    2/24/2010 2:03:19 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    Guest blog by David French

    Few things are more tasty, more wonderfully delicious, than low-hanging fruit.  It’s just right there.  In front of you.  It’s ripe . . . oh so ripe, and – here’s the great news – it’s abundant.  There’s more low-hanging fruit out there than you can pluck in a lifetime of activism.  French

    What is low-hanging fruit?  In this context, it represents organizations or institutions that have enjoyed two historical advantages: (1) largely unchecked power within their communities; and (2) immunity from media scrutiny and accountability.  This combination of power and lack of accountability inevitably leads to abuse – sometimes grotesque abuse.  Exposing that abuse can yield immediate, real-world results.

    Think for a moment about the stunning success of the now-famous ACORN sting.  Despite a string of vote fraud scandals, ACORN had enjoyed sterling media coverage and a great deal of power influence in urban communities.  This made them arrogant; this made them reckless.  They were ripe for a fall.

    ACORN isn’t the first.  Lila Rose has been exposing Planned Parenthood for years.  Planned Parenthood is the ACORN of the abortion industry: powerful, well-funded, and protected by the media.

    But you don’t have to don an outrageous outfit and wear a hidden camera to make a difference.  Your own campus is an orchard of low-hanging fruit: the home of speech codes that have never survived a court challenge; student fee policies that systematically discriminate against conservative organizations; and absurd “speech zones” that confine campus speech to places and times where it is least effective.  In fact, challenging these policies will not only create significant changes on campus, it can be an excellent training ground for a lifetime of effective activism.  At the ADF Center for Academic Freedom, we constantly challenge unconstitutional university policies.  And so far, every time we’ve challenged a university that university has made substantial policy changes.  Every time.

    However, just as there’s low-hanging fruit; there is also the fruit that’s (justifiably) out of reach.  Don’t be too ambitious.  Lefty protestors are often known for their absurd demands.  You should have reasonable, attainable objectives.  Also, don’t try to get professors fired -- not even the most outrageous, idiotic professors in the country.  You no only run the risk of violating their legitimate rights to free speech and academic freedom, you’ll make them a martyr.  The reality is that they’re much more useful exactly where they are – existing as living symbols of the university world’s moral and intellectual bankruptcy.  Advocate for better hiring standards, but don’t advocate that anyone lose their job – unless their misconduct is crystal clear and unrelated to the viewpoint of their speech.

    Pick your target carefully, make sure that they’re engaged in real misconduct, and pursue attainable objectives.  Then go out and defeat that target – in a court of law or in the court of public opinion.  And that’s the step I’ll address tomorrow.


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    • Pastorious,You are seriously deledud if you think the "west will win" what exactly?Europe is changing,mass migration ensures the breakdown of white christian culture and its racialist control.I suggest you book a sightseeing tour to the uk and witness for yourself the dilution of British culture and control.The seeds were planted years ago and today they flourish,Islam is the new Britain it's not a fantasy it's reality thanks to the Brits themselves.They have no one else to blame but themselves ,they realise their rhetoric is a lost cause but take solace in believing they are campaigning for their future whilst secretly knowing it is too late.It's the "i told you so" scenario,if it makes them feel better,ie they at least tried but failed and it's inevitable numbers count and they don't have them.
      Posted by Icacelaludihati on 08/05/2012
    • Segun Oni, which truth are you now talking about? Is it the same truth that bhugort you to office through an unfair means or the one that ousted you out of office? I like Babatope's comment because it was premised on the fact that the recommendation is not in the favour of PDP and may jeopadize their chances of election victory in the future. Of course we know that any decision that will benefit the whole country will never favor PDP. We have had enough of PDP, please leave Nigeria alone.
      Posted by Miguel on 08/05/2012
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