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  • The Case for Concealed Carry on Campus

    1/17/2013 9:53:34 AM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    Conceal-carry on CampusBy Nick James

    Sitting in class today, pondering all of the recent shootings, I suddenly was overcome with a feeling of defenselessness and insecurity. Looking around my university I realized how scarce our police force is, how our doors are open to the public and anyone that wanted to could easily walk into a 200 person lecture hall with any sort of weapon and take the lives of innocent students. The thing that scared me the most was not the lack of campus security, but the fact that absolutely no one in the classroom would be able to do anything to stop such a criminal. By the time the police came from across campus, bodies would be on the floor and the assassin long gone.

    Why do I feel so defenseless? Because according to South Carolina state law I am not allowed to have a weapon near campus unless it is locked in my car in a transport case or in a glove box. That does a lot of good, knowing that my only chance to stop a shooter on my campus is a fifteen minute walk away. "Excuse me, Mr. Guy-with-a-gun, could you hold on a minute, let me go grab my personal weapon so I have a chance at self-defense?" If only it worked like that.

    I personally feel that both students and faculty members of colleges should be allowed to carry their personal weapons on campus if they are responsible and law-abiding citizens. Why take away someone’s right to save the lives of others? Criminals will bring a weapon on campus regardless of the penalty, but a law-abiding student would be expelled and be brought up on criminal charges. This hardly seems logical.

    The following heroic story didn’t even make a blip on the mainstream media’s radar. This is a shame, because it underscores the benefits of allowing citizens to use weapons for the safety of the general public. On Sunday December 16th, 2012, Jesus Manuel Garcia opened fire on movie theater patrons in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily for the movie goers, off-duty Sergeant Lisa Castellano was at the theater with her weapon. Four shots later, the would-be mass murder was incapacitated and soon placed under arrest. If it weren’t for the off-duty officer and her weapon, this man could have killed many people instead of just injuring one.

    The above story is proof that firearms in the hands of the right people saves lives. Criminals show no respect for the law, they will always get their hands on guns no matter how many laws and executive orders are passed. I just wish my university and my state would give me a fighting chance if someone comes through the door in the wrong state of mind with a gun in hand.

    Nick James is the Chairman of Clemson Young Americans for Freedom.

    • Readers' Comments

    • Yeah you idots on the far-right, the solution for reducing gun violence is to have more guns - HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE!!!!! America's gun crime rate is the highest in the world - 10 times higher than Canada for example...gee, I wonder why? Could it be that Americans (i.e. mostly white Republicans) have more guns per capita than anywhere on earth. A Republican can't grasp the concept that a) if there were far fewer guns and b) if the divide between the rich and the poor wasn't so vast, there'd be a fraction of the gun violence in the US there actually is today. America is such a young & juvenile society vis à vis the rest of the 'western' world. I can't wait for Obama to introduce tough guns laws.
      Posted by Joe on 01/23/2013
    • The issue at stake, Joe, is freedom. Law-abiding citizens are granted by our Constitution the right to defend themselves by bearing arms. How can you deny someone a Constitutionally guaranteed freedom. Consider: it's not law-abiding citizens who commit violent acts, it's criminals, who circumvent even strict gun laws in order to commit their crimes. In fact, more gun crimes occur in gun-free zones than in places where guns are permitted to be publicly carried. To argue that guns are the problem is truly ridiculous. Rather, it is the people with malicious intentions who are the problem. Law-abiding citizens (who are exercising their 2nd amendment right to be armed) that prevent violent crimes simply by brandishing their legally carried weapon help counteract such criminals. And in fact, a great amount of crime is prevented by citizens carrying weapons. Consider this excerpt from a relevant article specifically referring to concealed carry on college campuses, "The authors [of a Feb. 2012 Cato Institute report] said concealed carry policies on college campuses lead to a reduction in crime, using two Colorado schools as test cases. After the state enacted its concealed carry law in 2003, Colorado State University decided to allow students to carry concealed weapons while the University of Colorado prohibited them. The report found a 60 percent decrease in crime at Colorado State since 2004, while the University of Colorado saw a 35 percent increase during the same time period."
      Posted by Grant on 01/27/2013
    • Grant, Well played sir! I would only make one slight correction; the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee any right, the Creator gave us the right to self defense, the 2nd prohibits the government from passing any law which infringes on this right. The Founders clearly wanted an armed and trained populace ready to keep an over-reaching government in its place...
      Posted by Charles on 01/28/2013
    • Very much agreed, Charles, thank you for clarifying! I readily acknowledge that the originator and guarantor of our rights is the Creator, and also believe that indeed the Founders sought to keep tyrannical government in check by a well-armed and trained people.
      Posted by Grant on 01/29/2013
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