Censorship Exposed
Censorship Exposed, a project of Young America’s Foundation, sheds light on First Amendment abuses in America’s schools.

University of Minnesota

Emails obtained by Young America’s Foundation through a public records request made as part of YAF’s Censorship Exposed project show University of Minnesota administrators engaged in content-based censorship of YAF’s lecture with Ben Shapiro.

University of Texas-Austin

According to YAF’s Censorship Exposed! project, UT-Austin is sticking conservative students with a $654 invoice for the security services of five security officers. Why? According to University officials, this “security fee” was necessary because the speaker is “high profile” and because of the “political climate.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison

According to public documents obtained through YAF’s Censorship Exposed! project, students are taught that “social justice” is not only a goal for the university, it is an expectation for student behavior.

University of South Carolina

According to a public record request for the University’s Safe Zone curriculum by YAF’s Censorship Exposed! project, students might find that bisexuality could be in their not too distant future. Read the four most truly bizarre lessons that this taxpayer-funded University is teaching its students.

Truman State University

According to YAF’s “Censorship Exposed” project, when administrators learned that a conservative speaker was coming to their campus, these same administrators placed a qualification on the First Amendment rights of conservative students. Conservative viewpoints can only be presented if their liberal counter perspectives are presented too. The double standard is outrageous!

University of Kansas

According to materials YAF uncovered through its Censorship Exposed! project, Safe Zone training participants, at the University of Kansas, are encouraged to take The Allies Pledge proclaiming that “nobody is wrong, they are only different,” and promising to “interrupt the world when its thinking becomes ignorant.” But what do they mean by “interrupt” and what do they mean by “ignorant?”


According to public documents obtained through YAF’s “Censorship Exposed” project, UNC-Greensboro charged Hillary for America a $175 facility rental fee to reserve the UNCG Student Recreation Center. Students working to host Dinesh D’Souza are being charged $525 for their facility rental fee, plus $200 in facility staffing and another $450 in other operating expenses, to reserve the UNCG Elliott University Center Auditorium.

Saddleback College

According to a public records request by Young America’s Foundation for documents regarding the college’s handling of the desecration of YAF’s annual 9/11: Never Forget Project , the professor claimed that students did not have permission to put up the posters. The records revealed that no such policy existed and Saddleback’s faculty applauded Professor Lovett’s actions.

University of Houston

According to University of Houston training materials that YAF uncovered through its Censorship Exposed project, people of faith, particularly Christians who live out their faith, are responsible for the elevated rate of suicide and attempted suicide, higher rates of substance abuse, and higher rates of alcohol abuse specific to LGBTQ+ persons.