Censorship Exposed
Censorship Exposed, a project of Young America’s Foundation, sheds light on First Amendment abuses in America’s schools.

July 26, 2019

Last night Young America’s Foundation accomplished what many others attempted: hundreds of students were able to hear, engage, and discuss…After months of battling several biased administrators and teachers, a Young Americans for Freedom chapter has succeeded in gaining recognition from Lake Forest High School in Illinois.But why did the students have to struggle so long just to simply get the school’s permission to have meetings and do events?“I question whether this group is appropriate for our school and students,” one teacher at Lake Forest High School said in an internal email obtained by Young America’s Foundation.Lake Forest High School

July 16, 2019

Freshmen student orientation leaders at the University of Georgia were informed that any potential religious or personal objections or discomfort to the usage of gender-neutral pronouns do not matter in their leadership roles, according to documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation.“Your discomfort is irrelevant- the first few times you do this it may seem uncomfortable but imagine the discomfort that students who are mis-gendered or have their identities invalidated or unrecognized must feel. Remember we are working towards building a gender-inclusive world where people are allowed to construct their own gender identities for themselves.”The program guide for orientation leaders includes this supplement on pronoun usage, claiming gender-neutral pronouns “show respect for each other’s gender identity and their gender expression.”University of Georgia