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  • National Journalism Center intern Laura Byrne examined in a recent Daily Caller story how Obamacare has forced one Florida business owner to pass its costs on in a tough economy.

     Inset: Young America's Foundation compiled the Youth Misery Index to show how liberal economic policies have harmed young adults.  Many experts agree that Obamacare implementation will only worsen the plight of struggling young people

     And to dispel any illusions about why costs have gone up, John Metz, owner of the Hurricane Wings and Grill franchise, explained: ymiupdate


       he plans to charge his customers a five-percent surcharge and decrease his employees’ hours to offset the costs of Obamacare on his businesses.

    “If I leave the prices the same, but, say on the menu that there is a five-percent surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it, and tip 15 or 20 percent, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of tip they give to the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare,”

    Many conservatives have thoroughly explained the overwhelming costs of Obamacare on the economy and the people.  Few have explained how it will drive up prices and reduce opportunities, particularly for hard working young people trying to get ahead. 

    Laura Byrne's story adds to the narrative of the growing malaise of Obamacare.

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    • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) is going before the Supreme Court today. American Crossroads, in a terfiric new video that uses the President's own words, shows
      Posted by Jimmy on 02/15/2013
    • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare) is going before the Supreme Court today. American Crossroads, in a terfiric new video that uses the President's own words, shows
      Posted by Jimmy on 02/15/2013
    • Insurance companies do not oearpte in the customer’s interest anymore. They have not for a long time. My dad worked in the insurance industry when I was very little, until the lawyer legislators conspired and contrived to upset the risk pool by allowing companies like Allstate to cream the crop of the risks, and left everybody else with significantly increased premiums. That is not how insurance was created to work.Disgusted, my dad left the insurance industry and became a lawyer himself. Not sure what that meant.Nowadays, I see enough behind the scenes to know that medical care delivers miraculous results, but as an industry, is seriously broken. By the way, Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association of companies owned in different places in different ways. Not all are non-profit.The trend today in the insurance industry is to de-mutualize mutual insurance companies. In mutual insurance companies, the customers actually own the company through mutual participation with their premiums; and they have a voice and can vote on how the company is run, based on how much in premiums they pay each year. There is no reason on this hotting up Earth for any insurance company to be anything but mutual.Guess what happens when they de-mutualize? There is one right near me in Indianoplace, who demutualized some years back. Do I have to tell you that shortly afterwards the top layer of executives engaged in a deal that brought each of them multi-millions? Like Mitt Romney, they then loaded the company with scads and scads of debt, while transferring even more wealth to themselves. And premiums in all their lines have skyrocketed since de-mutualization.Meanwhile, those executives say that mutual insurance companies are “old-fashioned” and “outmoded”. Yeah, because with a mutual company the top executives cannot become rich beyond belief. Meanwhile, people on this forum claim I am a whiner for criticizing this stuff. It’s a free country. What’s wrong with executives making millions? Let them do business the way they want to. They deserve that freedom.Okay. It’s your country; have it your way. Lynn is right: healthcare is going to bankrupt this country. Dean Baker frequently gives the facts and figures that indicate how severe it is going to be. And instead of devising laws and regulations that keep executives from earning fabulous fortunes at YOUR expense in significantly increased premiums, we are at the crossroads of deciding that government can MANDATE that you to pay those damned executives to get rich!What a country!What can be done? Baker frequently outlines solutions. Take certification of doctors and lawyers away from the self-regulating bodies of those groups. Also take away the role that such self-regulation exercises over law schools and medical schools. Their self-interest is served by insuring there is a constant shortage of doctors and lawyers and limiting the attendance at law schools and medical colleges, which keeps wages for doctors and lawyers high. Baker points out that IF wages for a particular group are high, then there IS a shortage of them. Allow schooled foreign medical and law school graduates a path to become certified in the US as doctors and lawyers, increasing competition. Allow anyone in the US to obtain medical care in other parts of the world where rates are MUCH lower (and that is EVERYWHERE outside the US); healthcare quality is as good or better than in the US; and consequently, longevity rates are significantly higher than in the US. That would relieve the cost burden on both insurance companies and government programs like Medicare.Nah. Forget that. We’ll just go bankrupt first, instead.What a country! Chuck Waggoner
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    • cares one way or the other if he actually reads what he puts out. Being aartccue and telling the truth is not really all that important to them. Having been a Republican delegate in the past, I still get all his campaign mailers sent to me and without exception they are loaded with disingenuous BS. The latest one for instance says It's Utah's time to lead meaning if we re-elect Borin Orrin Utah will somehow lead the nation. Never mind that he has been there for thirty some odd years and we have never been the nation's leaders in anything yet except maybe the birthrate and the percentages of idiots we send to congress.
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