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Bully Schools


Harassment towards conservative students is one of the most common forms of bullying in schools today. 

These schools undermine students rights and treat young conservatives as second-class students.  No measures have been taken by these schools to stop bullying against conservatives.  Be sure to contact us at (800) USA-1776 if you've witnessed conservative bullying at your school. 


Azusa Pacific University (APU) - BULLY

Ashley Blackwell tried to form a Young Americans for Freedom chapter, but was quickly denied.

APU Logo

APU in Azusa, California, has thwarted students from forming a Young Americans for Freedom chapter on campus, violating their first amendment rights to free speech.

Chuck Strawn, APU's executive director of "Communiversity," said that he and other administrators disagree with language used on Young America's Foundation's website, and therefore, Ashley and her fellow students couldn't even be affiliated with YAF. Strawn admitted that their decision was based on his and other's opinions, but not on the school's written policy.

Read more about Azusa Pacific University's efforts to block the YAF chapter from being formed on campus.

DePaul University - BULLY 

DePaul University Logo

DePaul University student and YAF chapter president Kristopher Del Campo wanted to commemorate the lives lost by abortion on the 40 anniversary of the Supreme Court's controversial decision on Roe v. Wade  by placing blue and pink flags on his campus quad. After obtaining a permit from the school to do so, Kris's memorial was vandalized by 13 students who stuffed the flags into nearby garbage cans. 

Instead of condemning the act of vandalism and supporting Kris, DePaul University chose to target him because their names were posted on Young America's Foundation's blog, The New Guard.  He was charged and found guilty of engaging in "Disorderly, Violent, Intimidating or Dangerous Behavior to Self or Others," and failing in "Judicial Process Compliance." Despite facing possible expulsion, Kris has spoken out about the treatment he has received by the university. 

Fordham University - BULLY 

In the fall of 2012, conservative students at Fordham scheduled New York Times best-seller Ann Coulter to speak on campus.  The students were intimidated and attacked on Facebook.  One student member was even the target of a blog calling her a "racist." 

Fordham Logo

University President, Joseph Mc Shane elevated the attacks on the club. Instead of welcoming Ann Coulter, he issued an email to students, alumni, and faculty blasting the club for inviting her to speak.

He said groups are allowed to bring speakers with "diverse viewpoints" and that the school won't block her from speaking, yet he felt compelled to openly attack the conservative group leadership for hosting her. 

La Reina High School - BULLY

Isabella Foxen was eager to start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter at her high school after she attended the Foundation's Reagan Ranch High School Conference. The school La Reina High School Logoadministration blocked her from forming a club. La Reina's excuse? Principal Shannon Gomez says the school's administration "did not feel the club fostered a balance(d) political perspective" and the school "currently do[es] not have a proposal for an organization that would present the liberal point of view," among other reasons.

The banning of Isabella's YAF chapter is despite the fact that the school welcomed a Green Party candidate at a school event (VIDEO).

Despite the school's objections, Isabella has not been deterred. She has held monthly meetings out of her home and even toured the Reagan Ranch with her fellow club members.




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