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  • YAF on C-SPAN: NCSC Book Panel Featured Three Times

    9/17/2011 7:51:55 PM Posted by Ron Meyer

    booktvNCSCYoung America's Foundation's National Conservative Student Conference is still recieving media coverage. Today, C-SPAN2 played twice (4:45 pm and 9 am), and on Sunday it will play at 7:45 pm EST.


    A panel discussion on conservative books from the 2011 Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference.  The panelists include Roger Ream, President, The Fund for American Studies, Christopher Maligisi, Director of Political and New Media Training at the Leadership Institute, and Kathyrn Lopez, columnist and editor of National Review Online.  The panel takes place at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. 

    Go to to find out more: *BOOKTV*

    Here's the video: *BOOKTV-Video*

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    • Barrett Chase10:17am, 08.Dec.11I shluod read it again. I LOVED this book when I was about 22. But you and I shluod never compare tastes in books because we would quickly stab each other to death. What I loved it for was its humor. It\'s scatological and juvenile, sure, but it\'s the gold standard of scatological, juvenile humor. You got it all over everything, you mocky son of a bitch! Look at the doilies! As far as the exclamation points, remember that this is all one huge rant that he\'s screaming at his psychoanalyst, who never even gets a word in the whole time. But I\'ll never convince you, and that\'s fine, so I\'m not sure what this comment is all about other than that I wonder how I would feel about it now, and if I would still think it\'s as funny as I did when I first read it.{}10:24 am, 08.Dec.11, Okay, I cannot deny that mocky son of a bitch is pretty great. And I get that it\'s one huge screaming rant, and the relentlessness of it was just, just, too much for me. I wonder if I would have read it when I was 22 if I\'d have loved it too. I think maybe my time to enjoy Portnoy has passed.Maybe it\'s just one of those books guys love. . . which I know is sexist, but I\'m convinced there are certain books dudes really really love that just aren\'t as loved by women. (I would argue that Kavalier and Clay is one of those books, but a lot of women are going to jump out of the woodwork now and be all, I love that book!\').If you\'d like to re-read and you don\'t have a copy, you are more than welcome to mine (seriously, let me know and I\'ll send it right on up).{}
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