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    YAF's Public Relations Officer, Ashley Pratte on Fox & Friends talking about the YMI!
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    Young America’s Foundation has released its Youth Misery Index (YMI) numbers for 2013, and it’s a record high of 98.6. The Youth Misery Index (YMI) is calculated by adding youth unemployment, student loan debt, and national debt (per capita) numbers.  Young people are experiencing hardships like never before under the Obama administration, and this generation is plagued by the burden of massive government debt.


    Youth unemployment in 2013 was 16.3 percent, with almost six million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 not in school or work.  Many young people are simply giving up on finding employment.

    Student loan debt for 2013 rings in at a record-breaking $29,400 (29.4 on YMI).  Student debt has risen at an average of six percent per year since 2008. 

    National debt per capita for 2013 is the highest it’s ever been at $52,948 (52.9 on YMI).  Young people will be stuck paying for government debt they had no part in creating, and they’ll have to do it with less discretionary income than ever before because of record high levels of student loan debt.

    Add it all up and the YMI comes out to an astonishing 98.6.  With the growing presence of government in our daily lives, there appears to be a statistically significant relationship between government expenditures and the YMI.  Under the Obama administration alone, the YMI has increased by 18.1 percent, the highest increase under any President, making Obama the worst President for youth economic opportunity—not quite the hope and change many young people were looking for.


    For further information or to request an interview, please call Ashley Pratte at (603) 361-5057.


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    • Readers' Comments

    • Cry me a river. It would be meaningful, if this is a record breaking year/figure, to include how many years the YMI has been calculated. It would also be meaningful to include figures such as how many youth are covered by insurance (their parents up to age 26, no lifetime cap, no pre-existing condition exclusion, etc.), how many gay youth feel more empowered/accepted in the military and society as a whole, how many youth born in this country to illegal aliens now have a better chance in America, etc.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 01/08/2014
    • This study is SO SCIENTIFIC. .....said no one ever.
      Posted by Pat on 01/09/2014
    • Of course FOX is going to go after this story. It tells them what they want to hear, never mind that there is no objectivity to the study.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 01/10/2014
    • Well, looks like this data rubs a few people the wrong way. Doc and Pat, clearly this is an index study done by evaluating certain factors of the economy that are measurable and accessible by government figures to back up the claim. I'm not sure how you evaluate "gay youth feeling more empowered" but if you're looking for that information, you might want to try GLADD's website. Lots of "scientific" information there I'm sure. As far as objectivity, last I checked unemployment, student debt, and the national debt are not subjective measures. We all understand liberals are crying a river now that their president has failed beyond belief in every measure used to quantify the success of an administration. Maybe you'd rather look at the misery index for the families of the 4 dead Americans during Benghazi, or they misery index of all the 401C3 founders who couldn't get their constitutionally protected organizations off the ground because of the IRS scandal, or the misery of black youth who continue to hover at 14% unemployment, twice the national average. If you want to cry about it and poo-poo the facts, try MSNBC's site. They're dying for some attention...and as of late, credibility.
      Posted by Adam on 01/10/2014
    • "Evaluating certain factors of the economy" that will give you the results you are fishing for. THAT is how this "index study" appears. And how long has this index been conducted? To claim this is a record figure is meaningless without the temporal context.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 01/12/2014
    • It shouldn't be. America has 80 million young adults in what is referred to as the “Echo Boom” generation. If the vast majority of 80 million adults were to ever be economically let loose on America as full time wage earners and consumers, the United States would witness one of the greatest economic surges in our history. The globalists cannot wait much longer before collapsing the economy because if they wait too long the economic power of Generation Y, the Echo Boomers, will have an irreversible impact on the economy for decades to come What we are now referring to as the “Great Recession” has delayed the emancipation plans, into adulthood, of many recent college graduates. In a tight job market, many are living with their parents and trying to save some money from the lower level jobs that they occupy compared to what their training and education had previously prepared them for. However, the multi-generational household phenomenon, in which adult children are living with their parents, which is sweeping America, will not last forever. On the extreme outside, the young adults are 20-30 years away from inheriting hard assets as their parents die. Now, you understand why Obama and Congress are attempting to limit how much inheritance can be passed on and why the estate taxes are going through the proverbial roof. Now, you also understand why the MERS mortgage fraud which is stealing thousands, on its way to millions of homes through mortgage fraud has been allowed to proliferate. Now, you further know why the Federal Reserve is printing $40 billion per month in mortgage backed securities to buy up distressed properties. The Federal Reserve is behind the planned collapse of our dollar, which explains why they are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. while they are preventing a housing recovery. The Federal Reserve is indeed attempting to deflate the housing market so that there can be almost no generational transmission of wealth. This will prevent the Echo Boomers from changing the trend curve of our economic collapse given their sheer numbers. The Echo Boomers mere presence on the economic scene would cause stocks to go up, more houses will have to be built, thus stimulating a real estate recovery and the cumulative national income would explode. The globalists cannot permit this to happen. because it would delay their plans to collapse the economy.
      Posted by Diana on 01/23/2014
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