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  • This afternoon the United States Senate effectively blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act, a liberal initiative that would narrow the "fictional" pay gap between men and women. 

    The Paycheck Fairness Act should be called out for what it is-a sham.  Liberals continue to perpetuate their so-called "War on Women" by creating issues out of nonexistent problems.  In fact, young, single women in urban areas throughout the United States are actually outpacing and outperforming their male counterparts.  This Paycheck Fairness Act is legislation that only seeks to objectify and victimize women, something that the Left is notorious for.

    Liberals are obsessed with gender disparity, but yet they are the ones objectifying women through these legislative initiatives that don't actually seek to empower women. 

    As a young woman myself, I think I speak for many women when I say stop the pandering.  Women are not prizes to be won, we are hard working, self-reliant, and command respect.  Women are not helpless victims looking to be saved by the federal government.  The federal government and its programs have actually done more harm than good for women.

    Let's look at the current state of the family in America.  In a PEW Research study conducted in March, 69 percent of millennials indicated that they in fact want to be married but see their economic situation as a hindrance.  Well, thanks to the Obama administration and the liberal policymakers we have seen the economy remain stagnant and youth unemployment at an alarming 16.3%-and rising according to Young America's Foundation's Youth Misery Index.  Another interesting point to note from the PEW study is that about six-in-ten people in the millennial generation say that more children being raised by a single parents is bad for society. 

    What can be deduced from these important statistics?  Well, that family values are still alive and well among the millennial generation.  Young women crave family life and don't want to end up as single-mothers or dependent upon the government dole.  Women want to provide for themselves and find employment, the only hindrance to their success is in fact the federal government.

    Yes, it is true that some professions pay more than others and it contributes to differences in salary-but this is not gender based or discriminatory.  Once all factors are considered when it comes to occupation and level of education, women are on the same playing field as men.  Women are earning more bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees than their male counterparts but somehow still liberal progressives rally around a ridiculous gender disparity rather than celebrating women's accomplishments. 

    Today, common sense prevailed when the Senate blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act but undoubtedly we will hear all the liberal talking heads screaming about how disgraceful conservatives when we are for advocating for women rather than objectifying them. 


    Ashley Pratte is the Spokeswoman for Young America's Foundation

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    • Obviously, the author of this article wants to avoid the topic by dancing around it. That some women are paid less for the same work as men (in very much the same work history circumstances) is an unavoidable FACT. Now one could argue the extent of this disparity but it does exist. Would Ms. Pratte be okay with that if she were in that circumstance? We could also ask her if she would be okay with the fact that before the Affordable Care Act, women were charged more for many of the same medical procedures preformed on men? The Right wants to repeal the ACA and put back in place that unjust practice.
      Posted by Doc Sarvis on 04/10/2014
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