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  • College Labels Tantaros Anti-Jihad Speech "Racist, Sexist, Religiously Intolerant, or Otherwise Hurtful Language"

    University apologizes to students for hosting "hurtful" conservative speaker Andrea Tantoros, and the school will host a forum to "reconcile any residual feelings and emotions regarding this event."

    By Ron Meyer, Young America's Foundation Spokesman

    Why does the Left insist on apologizing for free speech?

    Following our government's lead in Libya and the Middle East, Guilford College has taken it a step beyond ridiculous.

    Did someone depict Muhammad? No. Did someone insult the Islamic theology? Not even close.  

    Andrea Tantaros, frequent Young America's Foundation speaker and host of Fox News' THE FIVE, spoke at Guilford College last week about the War on Women and other current events including the events in the Middle East.

    In response to Tantoros' critique of radical jihad, Guilford College sent this email to students (emphasis added):

    Message from Campus Activities Board:

    Dear Guilford Community,

    The Campus Activities Board as a whole would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the inappropriate, hurtful comments Andrea Tantaros stated during her talk on Thursday, September 13, 2012.  We as a board are committed to creating an understanding, supportive atmosphere for the entire community and did not intend to cause harm or division. We believe it is important to honor the diversity of this community and do not condone racist, sexist, religiously intolerant, or otherwise hurtful language or action in any of our events. We were unaware that the speech would contain such language when we booked her.  In the future, we will exercise continued careful and diligent research when booking performers so as to prevent such incidents from recurring. Additionally CAB and Senate will be hosting a community forum next Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. in Founders Hall to discuss this event and reconcile any residual feelings and emotions regarding this event.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions.

    Deepest Apologies,

    Hallie Dowling-Huppert, Campus Activities Board president,

    Why would Guilford label Tantaros as "racist, sexist, religiously intolerant, or otherwise hurtful"? Was her speech so terrible that it requires a meeting to "reconcile any residual feelings and emotions"?

    Spare me. YAF has acquired the full video of the event, and here's full context of what happened as the supposedly hated-filed Tantaros speech:

    Tantaros--commenting on the philosophy of "radical jihadists," not Muslims as a whole--quoted well-known scholar Berard Lewis (Princeton University) and said, "They attacked us on September 11--there wasn't a cartoon, there wasn't a video. The Quoran preaches tolerance, but only when they're outnumbered… The prophet Muhammad encouraged Jihad so that one of two things could happen, and they will not stop until these two things happen. One, we are all Muslim, or two, we're all ruled by Muslims."


    This quote apparently sparked one student to stand up and started shouting at Tantaros--and then he proceeded to storm out of the room. The flustered student said, "You should be patently ashamed of yourself, first and foremost, for even remotely implying the sorts of things you are, about Islam. I'm baffled first that you were brought here, that you came into this community and spewed this hate."

    Tantaros responded, "I wouldn't be able to stand and say exactly what I did tonight. I would be murdered. "

    Tantaros' expression of free speech--with facts backed up by a Princeton University professor--wouldn't be accepted by radical jihadists, and with Guilford's logic, if Tantaros offends jihadists, her speech shouldn't be allowed on campus.

    If facts about jihadists count as "religious intolerance," freedom of speech is in trouble. We should never apologize for the truth--nor should we apologize for speech we disagree with.

    Andrea Tantaros kindly released this statement to YAF about the event:

    "In my speech at Guilford College I referenced an article by scholar Bernard Lewis, who has dedicated his life to the study of the Middle East and of Islam. As far as I'm aware, referencing a scholar is still allowed in America. I challenge anyone to point out where my quotes were inaccurate.

    "In the wake of the murder of our Ambassador in Libya, and of three other Americans -- not to mention a global war that we face against radical Islamic jidhadists who seek to destroy us because of our values -- it is disappointing and disturbing that a college is so crippled by political correctness it apologizes for those who embrace free speech and those same values. Higher education is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas and diversity of thought, not an institution that is intolerant and unaccepting of the First Amendment."

    Ron Meyer--age 22--is the spokesman for Young America's Foundation. He's a frequent guest on Fox News and the Sean Hannity Radio Show. Email him at

    • Readers' Comments

    • Don't back down we are not sorry for freedom of speech. The same people who demean Israel and family values are offended by those opposed to Radical Islamists. This is America and We The People will not give up our rights.
      Posted by Young American on 09/24/2012
    • Kudos to YAF for standing up for America and free speech against Radical Islam.
      Posted by Young American on 09/24/2012
    • The only thing offensive is that colleges like that feel the need to condemn free speech which they don't like. The very ideology of radical Islam is the racisit, intolerant one just look at there reaction to a you tube video they didn't like and how they treat minorities. Just look at how Iran's leaders talk about the Holocaust that is intolerance not those who call them out on it.
      Posted by conservative on 09/24/2012
    • Radical Islam is an ideology of hate look at this rally in NY where a politician attending walked off as it was so offensive. This is hate speech not those who inform the public about this ideology. See the video from Muslim Day Parade speechs in NY.
      Posted by InG-dWeTrust on 09/25/2012
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