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  • Journalism Interns Publish 50 Clips In First Two Weeks

    5/28/2010 12:34:41 PM Posted by Lauren Smith

    NJC Library of Congress Su10The National Journalism Center is finishing up the second week of it’s summer program and is in high gear! After a few days of orientation in the nation’s capital, interns have settled into their placements, working for top newspaper, radio, television, magazine and online media organizations. During their time with NJC, interns have discussed topics pertaining to legislation, economics, and media mediums. For their first seminar, interns read The Law by Frederick Bastiat, gaining insight into the realm of philosophy, law and justice in legislation and the public arena.

    In just two weeks, numerous interns have captured bylines at their media outlets. Subjects ranged from opinions and debates on off-shore drilling, the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” legislation, foreign policy, religion, political party movements, and recent events like the BP oil spill and Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination. Here are a sampling of recent articles!

    Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner - Presidential doublethink in the Bagram habeas corpus case

    Melissa Afable, Culture and Media Institute - Post 'Conservative' Blogger Attacks Palin for 'Immature' Facebook Post 

    Michelle Phillips, The Washington Times -  Beijing implementing curbs on foreign firms 

    Ben Smithwick, Human Events - $3 Billion Defense Earmark Pits Dems Against Obama 

    Christina Kirchner, Santa Barbara News-Press - Symphony says no to 4th concert : Money woes force first cancellation in nearly 20 years

    Michal Elseth, The Washington Times - Detroit transit sued for nixing 'Leaving Islam?' ad 

    Nick Dean, - Majority of Americans Believe Future of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Should be Left Up to Military Commanders, Zogby Poll Finds

    Spencer Meads, National Legal and Policy Center - Was Sestak Job Offer Against the Law? 

    Brenna Smith, WUSA9 - A Concert Encourages School Kids to Turn The Volume Down 

    David Cup, - Study: Consumers Experience 'Bill Shock,' Unaware of High Cell Phone Fee

    Michaela Martens, The Hill - Many House Dems dodge the 'Don't ask, don't tell' question 

    Jessica Pall, Catholic News Service - Maritime Mass gives special recognition to those affected by oil spill 


    Want to be the next NJC intern? Apply here ! Follow NJC on Twitter for the latest intern stories!




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    • This is so adorable! What fcasattianlly cute ideas for the food! and nice job with the cake cannot believe that you did this all yourself! Looks catered. Also, looks like the kids had fun nice job Amy!
      Posted by Kim on 07/07/2012
    • Guardian Apostate,You know what, I agree with you. I even agree that much of this post and the attendant terahd sounds like the work of a seven year old.Anyway, the extremists who are putting Europe in danger are the very people who are, actually, running the various countries of Europe. You are most certainly correct about that.Belgium and Brussels are the first ones that must go. I have a hard time believing that you Brits can not find a leader within your own existing parties. In America, we have many of the same problems that you have. However, the worst of your problems (the Muslims) is not nearly the problem for us that it is for you.Muslims only make up .6 percent of our total population.That is not to say they are not a threat. It doesn't take many Muslims to detonate a bomb, does it?Anyway, we have, within our existing parties, some politicians who actually understand the problems that exist. The best of these is John Bolton. John Bolton may very well end up being President. Probably not in 2008. But, in the future, when we have realized the true depth of this war, then we will look to a man like him.If John Bolton were to be elected, I think he might have to be elected from the platform of a new political party. Lincoln and his buddies had to form the Republican Party before the slavery situation could be dealt with. I believe, similarly, we will have to form new parties, in the Western world, in order to deal with the problem with Islamofascism.Are you sure you do not have any men like John Bolton in your existing parties?
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