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    Through the Foundation’s student programs you can:

    • Impress your friends with your conservative knowledge: Attend one of our premier conferences or seminars to hone your knowledge of conservative principles.

    • End the liberal speaker parade and reach thousands with a conservative lecturer: We are the only organization that specializes in helping you host more than 70 of the biggest conservative speakers at your school.

    • Maximize your club’s prominence on campus: Through our activism guides, campus initiatives, and endless materials, you can easily boost your club’s presence and attract new members.

    • Protect students rights to join ROTC and meet with military recruiters: Young America’s Foundation can help you protect your rights as a student to associate with the military and can help you fight anti-military bias and misinformation.

    • Explore President Reagan’s beloved ranch, Rancho del Cielo: Numerous programs are held at Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, CA. A highlight of your visit will be a private tour of President Reagan’s ranchwith your conservative peers from around the country!

    • Never had a conservative mentor? Now you can. Alumni of our programs can join an exclusive online network that includes key activists, authors, and tacticians in the Conservative Movement.

    • Receive the best arguments you need to win debates: Visit our ustream or youtube channel where you can watch speeches from leading conservatives. You’ll receive the best, substantive one-liners that will embarrass any liberal.

    This is your moment. You couldn’t pick a better time to become a conservative activist! Get involved today.

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