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  • Princeton Professor Claims She Suffered under Reagan

    10/24/2012 11:50:22 AM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    By Chris Miranda

    A Princeton University professor is sad over the “havoc” Ronald Reagan, “wreaked on the poor, on people of color, on women.”
    The professor wrote Young America’s Foundation after inadvertently receiving a direct mail letter on preserving the Reagan Ranch and teaching young people about Ronald Reagan’s principles. Please see letter below.
    It must be an inconvenient truth to this professor that Ronald Reagan lifted more people out of poverty than the liberal’s “War on Poverty” or any government-centered stimulus program ever did.
    Has your professor ever said falsehoods about Ronald Reagan?  If so, respond by sending us your story of outrageous liberal bias.


    Princeton Professor with border

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    • It would appear that a Princeton University education is poisoned with dishonest innuendo and failure to accept true facts. The damage to American youth from this flawed vision is immeasurable.
      Posted by Art on 10/28/2012
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    • Keep it commin'...until they take it away from us!Thanks Kris for being a part of this proecss for the rest of us. It has taken many hours of research and preparation on your part, and I seriously appreciate it!
      Posted by Dharmistha on 04/25/2013
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    • / As a member of APUs most renect May graduates I find the vast majority of these comments troubling, and I presume most of my class would as well. However, I think we should keep it up, because putting our torches together we can burn a legion of Straw Men and I know we all love bonfires. [url=]ajmssl[/url] [link=]jctyiiaak[/link]
      Posted by Imran on 08/13/2013
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