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    By Hillary Cherry, Young America's Foundation Intern

    Should the Obama administration be promoting government-sponsored birth control and abortion to high schoolers?

    The president felt the need to enlighten the students of Oyster River High School in Durham, North Carolina, that the fate of birth control and Planned Parenthood lies in their hands.

    "You can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding Planned Parenthood, we should make sure that in this country, women control their own health care choices.  That's up to you."


    The president continued to tell the students that within this November they will have the final say. This is very interesting considering that the majority of the students are not 18 years old. I assume he's not advocating for voter identification fraud, just for support of government-funded contraception and abortion.

    Frankly, it's inappropriate for the Obama administration to speak on sex to children. Today sex is everywhere. The media continues to promote sex through music and television. The rampant boost in sexual activity has caused an increase in not only teen pregnancy, but sexually transmitted diseases. Now high school students are not only receiving messages from the media that teenage sex is acceptable, but directly from the president of the United States.

    The Obama administration also has little respect for the Bill of Rights. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." The Obama administration has created a mandate that will require insurance companies to provide free abortions, sterilization, and contraception-meaning religious organizations everywhere will be funding those very abortions they fight so hard against. As a Catholic, I am appalled. 

    Instead of preaching the importance of Planned Parenthood--the world's largest abortion provider--I believe the president of the United States should lead with integrity and morals.

    I am not sure what strategy the Obama administration was attempting by promoting abortion to high school students, but it seems highly inappropriate. Once again, the federal government is trying to take over a parent's job.

    Maybe next time the president decides to preach to high school students he will consider the appropriateness of his speech. The government should let parents and teachers do their jobs in educating the youth of America on issues such as birth control and abortion. Although, Planned Parenthood would not make any money off of that choice, would they?

    Hillary Cherry is a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar with Young America's Foundation. 

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    • Great post, Donald! :-)I remember Ronald Reagan and I rellay liked him.Today the United States is growing older as a nation.It is a long time ago now the U.S. became a free and independent country.I believe in the idea of the land of the free and of freedom.And the United States is a very big and great country.The United States should therefore consider to transform itself into a constitutional monarchy.Look at the differences in Europe between monarchies, such as Sweden and Denmark, and republics, such as Portugal and Greece.I don't think Swedish people are five times smarter than people in Greece or Portugal.And I don't think Danish people work five times harder than people in Greece or Portugal.But we have royal families, which have ruled for centuries.I remember when the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf became King in 1973.I was 13 years old then.The Prime Minister and the government should of course have the real political power.And they change every 5 - 10 years.But the value of a royal figure as a unifier and a keeper of important traditions, should not be underestimated.I think the U.S. has had great Presidents.It is also natural for a young country to be a republic.But now it's time to grow up!There are no more excuses!It would be easier for the United States to preserve its leading role among the nations, if it was a constitutional monarchy.Would you not like to wake up tomorrow knowing that your King watches over you?The royal family always defended the little man against the greedy and the mighty and against injustice.But Presidents tend generally to be so busy, only seeing the influential, the powerful, and the mighty, that they forget about you.And I don't blame them. That's their job. And they have many priorities to do.But every time we have a new hospital, school, subway station, canal, company, or whatever, the King or Queen or a Prince or Princess, is there inaugurating the place, talking to people, talking to nurses, talking to the bus drivers and teachers, or other people daily involved.A President is President for such a short time, he never has the time to become one with his people and to rellay get to know it.By the end of the month I move to France.I like French President Sarkozy.But I rellay will miss the emotional sentiment knowing there is a King watching over me and the neighborhood.If only France could become a constitutional monarchy again!
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