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  • Kate discusses her Townhall column, "What are my Kids Learning? Poll Shows Professors Fail Presidential History" on NRA News' Cameron and Co.:

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    • Ayo Salami should not be rtinseated at all. He is a liar. He denied the MTN call logs during the panel sittings, but the MTN has come out to say that the call logs are genuine and authentic. Romancing with the ACN which was affirmed by the Panel. He lied on oath against the former CJN without shame or remorse,not to talk of penitence. He must be a terrible human being. He has about four (4) cases pending at the courts one (1) in the court of appeal, and three (3) in the high courts. What would become the fate of the cases if he rtinseated. Who sits or enpanel the justices to decide the cases? Ayo Salami or who? Besides the Police is investigating Ayo Salami and MTN on the call logs allegation by Segun Oni, and Oyinlola. Who sits or enpanel the justices to decides on the case when it eventually gets to theappeal court? NJC is covering up lies and setting a bad precedent and big trap for GEJ. GEJ should tread carefully. It is calculated attempt to rubbish him. What a irony? It is also on record that since the exit of Ayo Salami from the PAC chair, for the period, ACN has not recorded victories in their endeavours at the appeal courts. Infact, he is a disgrace to the judiciary and the nation.When those who seems to be elders, and responsible gentlemen, are seen to be telling lies, the ignorant and unssuspecting youths will see it as nothing, but a normal way of life, and then follow on. We cry corruption, but those who are supposed to be fighting corruption, are seen to be telling lies? This problem of corruption stems from the home. It starts with lies. Lies to greed. Greed to corruption. The husband tells the wife lies. The wife tells the husband lies. Parents lie to the children, and children to the parents. Friends to friends and colleagues to colleagues. Morals are dead. Ethics extinct. Virtue has no more value. From the home to the neighbourhood, to the community, to the State, and then the nation. It involves office holders (both high and low), commentators, rich and poor, educated and illierate. It is even creeping into the churches. We hate to be lied to, but feel free to lie to others. What an irony. Lies, is a contageous disease, and it has done a lot of damage to the society. It is rooted in evil devoid of the fear of God. It has no cure, except in the blessed Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only cure to lies. There can be a change of heart and orientation to anyone that cares to come to Him in penitence. It is then we will have a better and saner society when we are pured from lies and relate in truth with each other.
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