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  • What Robert Novak Taught Me About Journalism

    8/19/2009 4:02:24 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    Robert D. Novak valued hard facts over hype. When he would storm, “I have a million things to do!”, a daily refrain, I never hesitated to take him literally.

    From my perch at the intern desk, and later, as a researcher, I watched him cover what would be his last presidential race. He boarded the Straight Talk Express with journalists less than half his age. He trekked to the New Hampshire primaries in the dead of winter. He logged long hours working sources from behind his desk and at home.

    The rigors of campaign coverage didn’t keep him from packing columns on other topics with solid, exclusive details. He laid bare earmarks buried in appropriations bills and exposed proponents of pork. Following his beloved Fighting Illini to the 2008 Rose Bowl tournament, he issued strict orders from his California hotel room as I rooted through the Library of Congress archives for source articles on the ’46, ’51, and ’63 games.

    I never found out which primary candidate won the vote of this bastion of the commentary pages. He would only ever answer my queries with silence and a mischievous smile that drove me back to my research projects. Commentary was secondary, new facts first. I’m privileged to have learned that lesson from a giant of journalism.


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    • Thanks for this post. Very meaningful.
      Posted by Christopher on 08/19/2009
    • Events are only taking their nauratl courses. It has been appointed that Oni would be a governor for that period of time and that Salami would experience the storm of office. If there is a law that that would make a party that rigged an election and the beneficiary office holder to refund all the salaries and emoluments the latter received, then Oni would have kept quiet and thank God for the faulty Nigerian law. Does he think ranting against Salami would make him a better PDP SW Chairman?
      Posted by David on 08/05/2012
    • The QUESTION is: is Salami untouchable agsiat all allegations leveled against him? the man alleged talking with ACN chieftain/ACN Lawyers during the case .The man alleged that he has sections of SPECIAL Appeal Court jugdes he TRUSTED 9 out 61 The Man alleged by SAME NJC for lied agsiat the OATH that brought him as President Appeal Court The man alleged that Tinubu facilaltes his appointment as President of Appel Court .NOW ACN are celebrating his potencial return. I SMELL FOUL PLAY! Let wait and see for SEASON 2
      Posted by Isti on 08/06/2012
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      Posted by zsomax on 09/13/2013
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