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  • Most Wonderful Press Conference of the Year

    12/23/2013 9:28:20 AM Posted by Ashley Pratte

    ObamaSantaOn Friday Barack Obama held his last press conference for 2013 and of course it was full of many half-truths and blatant lies making great Christmas presents for conservatives. 

    When he mentioned the Obamacare, he claimed that despite challenges more than half-a-million Americans have enrolled in healthcare through and will now have coverage.  He neglected to mention the millions of people who are losing their coverage and face a penalty as a result of not being covered.   He also neglected to address Politifact's biggest lie of the year, which was "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it."  Many Americans are struggling trying to figure out whether or not they can keep their coverage and whether or not they can afford they health plans decreed to be suitable by the White House.  Shame on you Mr. President for not apologizing for your false promises, but that truly would've been a Christmas miracle.


    When asked by Jon Karl of ABC News what his biggest mistake of 2013 was, Obama claimed it was the fact that for six weeks enrollment and website difficulties were unacceptable.  Although, he did not accept most of the blame citing that the tech team wasn't up to date.  Obama went on to say that by the end of it all Obamacare will provide seven million people with "healthcare that works".  Interestingly enough he didn't mention high premiums and those between 18-34 aren't enrolling, which is crucial to the success of his signature legislation.


    Obama said, "In putting something like this [Obamacare] together, problems are going to crop up."  Following that statement, he made the claim that 85% of Americans are benefitting from the Obamacare and that they just might not know it.  How insulting, do we the people really not know when we have been lied to?  As recent as today there is a new hardship exemption for some that are losing their plans and are now for at least a small time exempt from the penalty while shopping for new insurance coverage.  Thousands of cancellations as well as dropped coverage don't equate to anyone being better off.  Obamacare is truly the gift that keeps on giving. 


    Much of the press conference focused on the economy and how under Obama's leadership people are now seeing "higher paychecks", better education, and better healthcare.  We at YAF are not sure what world he is living in because many people, especially young people are worse off than they were five years ago when he assumed the presidency.


    In conclusion, the most interesting part of the press conference came at the end of his prepared remarks when he said "Merry Christmas"; given all the recent assaults on free speech and the "War on Christmas" by atheist activist groups this statement was quite surprising.  If there is one good takeaway from this press conference, it's that Obama believes that it is politically correct to say Merry Christmas. 




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    • Or you know, considering that the Obama's go to a christian church, maybe he legitimately wanted to wish you merry christmas? Grow up. How do people go through life being so negative?
      Posted by John on 12/23/2013
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