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  • MorehouseA prominent African-American pastor has been disinvited from speaking at his alma mater's Baccalaureate service this spring allegedly over an editorial where the pastor was critical of President Obama's policies toward African-Americans.

    James Richardson at Georgia Tipsheet has been covering the story from the beginning:


    Morehouse President John Silvanus Wilson, Jr.  wrote in an open letter Tuesday that the Rev. Kevin Johnson, a prominent Philadelphia pastor who was named baccalaureate speaker but allegedly found himself on the outs with top school administrators after criticizing President Barack Obama, was "not disinvited."

    Instead, Wilson said, the original speaker elected not to participate in a modified format that school administrators believed was "more creative."

    "I … made a decision to adjust the format of the Baccalaureate program and opted for a more creative, multi-speaker approach that is used by many leading institutions …" Wilson wrote. 

    The editorial in question ran in the Philadelphia Tribune this past Sunday and was heavily critical of President Obama. "If President Obama does not make some changes soon, at the end of his presidency he will be known as a historical leader - the first African-American president, but not a transformational leader - the president who truly uplifted and catapulted Black people from cycles of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, and despair," Johnson wrote. Johnson cited statistics, including unemployment and even a personal meeting with White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett where Johnson asked Jarrett what the president has done for black people and couldn't give a straight answer.


    The new format, decided upon by Wilson, now consists of three completely new speakers. Ironically, President Obama will be giving the school's commencement speech.

    Is this censorship, or just a change of opinion on format from administrators? 


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