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  • Student Protestors Rip 2,977 American Flags Out of the Ground

    9/12/2013 12:04:34 PM Posted by Hillary Cherry


    By: Hillary Cherry, Program Officer of Public Relations 


    MiddleburryProtestMore than 200 colleges and high schools across the nation participated in Young America's Foundation's 9/11: Never Forget Project. Students came together to establish an American flag memorial on campus consisting of 2,977 flags representing each person murdered in the terrorist attacks. Unfortunately, five student protestors at Middlebury College ripped the flags out of the ground before 3:00 pm

    The 9/11: Never Forget Project has been an annual nonpartisan event at Middlebury College for the past ten years. By participating in the 9/11: Never Forget Project, students honor the victims of the attacks, as well as honor the American principles for which they died.

    Middlebury student groups spent nearly two hours setting up the flag display yesterday morning. The protestors told Ben Kinney, president of the conservative club on campus, they were "confiscating" the flags in protest of "America's imperialism."

    The protestors refused to compromise with the students because the flags were supposedly located on an "Indian burial ground and you can't have anything penetrating the Earth."

    By removing the display of 2,977 flags, not only did the five protestors disrespect their fellow students who worked hard on setting up the display, but they also took away the chance for other students to remember the victims of the horrific attacks 12 years ago.

    These five student protestors should be immediately sent to diversity training regarding respect for others' freedom of speech. What they did was neither noble nor righteous, it was irrational and disrespectful. Each of them should apologize for dismantling a beautiful display honoring American heroes. 



    The vandals were quick to reference their heritage, but in an email to the Huffington Post the school's director of public affairs, Sarah Ray,  admitted it has "never before been suggested that this is a Native American burial ground." We have grown tactlessly familiar with leftists, such as Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill, hiding behind made-up Native American backgrounds to cover their own prejudice toward others. 

    Two of the vandals have published statements on only proving their intolerance. 


    Statement by Amanda Lickers:

    i am a young onkwehon:we, a woman, a member of the turtle clan and the onondowa'ga nation of the haudenosaunee confederacy. i have been doing my best to be true to the responsibilities i have inherited through the gift of life, and the relationships i must honour to my ancestors and all our relatives.

    for over 500 years our people have been under attack. the theft of our territories, the devastation of our waters; the poisoning of our people through the poisoning of our lands; the theft of our people from our families; the rape of our children; the murder of our women; the sterilization of our communities; the abuse of our generations; the
uprooting of our ancestors and the occupation of our sacred sites; the silencing of our songs; the erasure of our languages and memories of our traditions

    i have had enough.

    yesterday i went to occupied abenaki territory. i was invited to middlebury college to facilitate a workshop on settler responsibility and decolonization. i walked across this campus whose stone wall structures weigh heavy on the landscape. the history of eugenics, genocide and colonial violence permeate that space so fully like a ghost everywhere descending. it was my understanding that this site is occupying an abenaki burial ground; a sacred site.

    walking through the campus i saw thousands of small american flags. tho my natural disdain for the occupying colonial state came to surface, in the quickest moment of decision making, in my heart, i understood that lands where our dead lay must not be desecrated. in my community, we do not pierce the earth. it disturbs the spirits there, it is important for me to respect their presence, their want for rest.

    my heart swelled and i knew in my core that thousands of american flags should not penetrate the earth where my abenaki brothers and sisters sleep. we have all survived so much - and as a visitor on their territories i took action to respect them and began pulling up all of the flags.

    i was with 4 non-natives who supported me in this action. there were so many flags staking the earth and their hands helped make this work faster. this act of support by my friends, as settlers, tho small was healing and inspiring. we put them away in black garbage bags and i was confronted by a nationalistic-settler, a young white boy who attends the college demanding i relinquish the flags to him. i held my ground and
confiscated them. i did not want to cave to his support of the occupying, settler-colonial, imperalist state, and the endorsing of the genocide of indigenous peoples across the world.

    it is the duty of the college of middlebury to consult with abenaki peoples and repatriate their grounds.

    yesterday i said no to settler occupation. i took those flags. it is a small reclamation and modest act of resistance.

    in the spirit of resilience, in the spirit of survival

    amanda lickers

    Statement by Anna Shireman-Grabowski:

    To the Middlebury community -

    Today I, along with a group of non-Middlebury students, helped remove around 3,000 American flags from the grass by Mead Chapel. While I was not the only one engaged in this action and the decision was not solely mine, I am the one who will see you in the dining halls and in the classroom, and I want to take accountability for the hurt you may be feeling while clarifying the motivations for this action.

    My intention was not to cause pain but to visibilize the necessity of honoring all human life and to help a friend heal from the violence of genocide that she carries with her on a daily basis as an indigenous person. While the American flags on the Middlebury hillside symbolize to some the loss of innocent lives in New York, to others they represent centuries of bloody conquest and mass murder. As a settler on stolen land, I do not have the luxury of grieving without an eye to power. Three thousand flags is a lot, but the campus is not big enough to hold a marker for every life sacrificed in the history of American conquest and colonialism.

    The emails filling my inbox indicate that this was not a productive way to start a dialogue about American imperialism. Nor did I imagine that it would be. Please understand that I am grappling with my complicity in the overwhelming legacy of settler colonialism. Part of this process for me is honoring the feelings and wishes of people who find themselves on the other side of this history.

    I wish to further clarify that members of the local Abenaki community should in no way be implicated in today's events. Nor can I pretend to speak to their feelings about flags, burial sites, or 9/11.

    Today I chose to act in solidarity with my friend. I understand that this action is confusing and hurtful for many in my community. I don't pretend to know if every action I take is right or justified-this process is painful and complicated. I do know that colonialism has been-and continues to be-a real and destructive force in the world that we live in. And for me, to honor life is to support those whose existence is a struggle against colonialism.

    Please do not hesitate to email me or approach me if you wish to discuss this in person.




    • Readers' Comments

    • They should be expelled from the college. The property they were "confiscating" actually amounts to "THEFT". If they cannot behave then they have no business being at the college.
      Posted by DR on 09/12/2013
    • These Ignorant young folks need to Learn what it is to be in Other countries and NOT have the Freedoms we have here. Send them to the middle east, drop them off and let them See for themselves, especially the females, how people are treated!
      Posted by Bill Garwood on 09/12/2013
    • The people there are stronger than I am. If I was there, five student protestors would not have been able to touch those flags. I would accept getting arrested to prevent that unbelievable display of disrespect. That may sound like violence, but this kind of stuff has to stop. If your disrespecting the dead soldiers, citizens etc., you are gambling with your personal safety.
      Posted by Brad on 09/12/2013
    • Not at all surprised by this move. One of the many reasons I detested my time at UC Riverside, no freedom of thought. There was the leftest doctrine and being wrong, those were the ideological choices on that campus. Hold firm to your beliefs youth leaders, the conflicts you deal with today will only strengthen your resolve in the future.
      Posted by Brian S. on 09/12/2013
    • the girl in the pic looks kinda skanky....
      Posted by Gary on 09/12/2013
    • What are the names of these students?
      Posted by Maria on 09/12/2013
    • Back in the day, YAF members would have made sure the flags were not removed, by whatever means necessary, if you catch my drift and I bet that you do.
      Posted by Bill Saracnio on 09/12/2013
    • WOW. I am appalled to see this and embarrassed on behalf of my generation. If these girls didn't like the display they simply needed to walk away. How dare they dishonor the thousands of Americans who lost their lives in that tragic day. The 9/11 Never Forget Project is anything but "American Imperialism," but a display of unity reminding Americans young and old that we are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave. These girls ought to be ASHAMED of themselves and their parents should be humiliated. For God's sake, send them to Russia with Putin if they view American exceptionalism as "imperialism."
      Posted by Dissapointedinmygeneration on 09/12/2013
    • Skank method heads. Put them in JAIL!
      Posted by Hope Cochran on 09/12/2013
    • Was this project still getting around to placing the roughly 75,000 flags for the innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan that were killed by the US during the War on Terror?
      Posted by Matt on 09/12/2013
    • Generally speaking im a fairly peaceful person but i would really love to kick the crap out of these lying pieces of shit.
      Posted by ralph on 09/12/2013
    • These girls show distinctly how the education in this country, especially in history, has let us all down. I suppose that next we have real-life duels and wars between the descendants of Indian Nations who were constantly at war with each other, to make a more realistic point. I, too am of Indian descent, and frankly, this is stupid behavior, and makes the descendants to be total fools, not thoughtful, learned people. The blank-minded followers who assisted, following just on one person's emotional display, are also pretty stupid for doing this. Critical thinking is obviously absent from this place. For a student to claim she knows about "pierced earth' of her brothers and sisters (give me a break), but not the significance of the flags of her contemporary countrymen and women is sickening.
      Posted by Rebecca on 09/12/2013
    • As an American Indian, I can irrevocably state these two girls are full of crap.
      Posted by Duffy Spies on 09/12/2013
    • These two students should be expelled out of American schools! If they don't believe in the US Constitution and they do not honor the American Flag, and the symbol for which it stands, they should get out this country!
      Posted by Jade on 09/12/2013
    • Did no one read that the spearhead of this asinine act was not a student but a guest speaker on campus?
      Posted by Joy Klein on 09/12/2013
    • Those 5 traders should be thrown out of school, if they didn't go to Middlebury, they should be expelled from their school. Maybe a trip to Syria-China-Benghazi -Cuba would help you learn to appreciate America and all that she stands for. As for your life, good luck but please don't come down South, we don't put up with that bad behavior ~know what I mean and Bless Your Heart really would have a different meaning!
      Posted by AmericanGirl on 09/12/2013
    • So, just to make it clear, you are using your 1st amendment freedom of speech, allowed by the US Constitution to silence free speech and steal property? Someone is definitely unclear on the concept.
      Posted by OakLady on 09/12/2013
    • Great, the little morons don't like the US. I will sell my house to buy them all a one way ticket Iran.
      Posted by J. Edwards on 09/12/2013
    • If the students saw it happening, why did the "protestors" have the option of "refusing to compromise with the students"? When I was in school, we would have beaten those 5 idiots half to death and then repaired the flag display. What the hell is wrong with these kids?!?
      Posted by Hoss408 on 09/12/2013
    • Not to be insensitive but it's about time for everyone to get over their ancient bullshit. Every culture has been exploited at one time most likely. Get over it and get a job. Chances are you are receiving some kind of government benefit that allows you to sit on your ass and think of shit to do like this. Also by dishonoring these people and the students hard work you show you are no better than those you are bitching about.
      Posted by Greg on 09/12/2013
    • How come you all talk about how great America is, and how it is the land of the free, but you want to physically hurt people who make use of our freedoms (of speech, for instance) to engage in a peaceful protest. Whether you agree with them or not, they did not do anything violent. You may see their actions as disrespectful, but they did not hurt anyone. Threatening to physically harm people who are voicing dissent seems un-American to me. Do American freedoms only apply to people who agree with your point of view?
      Posted by eek on 09/12/2013
    • The flags did not belong to them. They should have charges filed against them and should have to answer those charges in a Court of Law. These are snot-nosed brats, who think their ideas are the only views that are valid. Make them apologize and pay for the property they stole.
      Posted by Janie on 09/12/2013
    • Was this project still getting around to placing the roughly 75,000 flags for the innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan that were killed by the US during the War on Terror? Posted by Matt on 09/12/2013 Matt you are pure SCUM. Buzz of LIBERAL
      Posted by Thomas J. Zaleski on 09/12/2013
    • So proud of the students that took the time out to honor those that were disgusted by these girls that have no respect....they are looking for attention at any PATHETIC.
      Posted by Star on 09/12/2013
    • the onendoga people/tribe fought alongside the British in the revolutionary war... lol.
      Posted by america on 09/13/2013
    • Where was campus police/security or leadership while all these flags were being taken up?
      Posted by Rob on 09/13/2013
    • @ Matt. You cry about the 75,000 (Your quote) dead in Iraq, but conveniently leave out the more than 200,000 Saddam murdered using nerve and mustard gas. Tell you what buttercup, why don't YOU cart your liberal ass over to Iraq, plant some trees or whatever you want, and then STAY THERE FOR GOOD!
      Posted by James Cox on 09/13/2013
    • Raggedy self righteous bastards. Privileged and intolerant. Nothing better to do than poke bears with sticks? How but go study dumbasses?
      Posted by Clinton on 09/13/2013
    • To the Angry Ladies who stole the flags, Please get involved in some activity that relaxes you. Whether you agree with the spirit of the display or not, it had merit and validity. Are you so self centered that you believe you have the right to interfere with others' rights to honor these victims? And your story about the area being an "ancient native buriel ground" is , well, convenient. But even if true, how does a display honoring victims dishonor the dead native Americans? Get over yourselves.
      Posted by gary grovesteen on 09/13/2013
    • We need to pack those five students up and ship them off to Syria so they may learn a greater understanding of the kind of people who murdered and attacked us on that day. And when the people they they love pass away we should disrespect them in a similar way, perhaps by organizing nightly group urination on the graves of their families followed by tipping the grave stones
      Posted by Michael Nappi on 09/13/2013
    • While I'm not surprised that this has happened, I find it amazing that people still find it within themselves to think they can feel the pain of what happened to their ancestors 150 years ago. People now a days don't know what it's like to be oppressed. They think they do, and they think they can 'fight for their rights' and do what they please but you're really not making a difference to anyone other than yourself. Meanings to beliefs today are meaningless to others. If it's not important to another person, it doesn't matter. Yes, for well over 500 years the European nations came to this country and colonized it, rounding up and killing the 'natives' for the taking of their land. If you want to excise punishment to them for that, kill yourself so your spirit can start laying waste to them in their spirit world and leave the rest of us to commemorate the people that these terrorists murdered is a senseless act of cowardly aggression. We don't need your hatred for something that happened too long ago for you to be worried about!!!
      Posted by Dave on 09/13/2013
    • Hey Matt - why don't you take your ass over to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and plant them yourself? If you can't afford to, enlist, and have the government pay your way...
      Posted by Ken G on 09/13/2013
    • If this was "taking a stand for indian rights" then where were their families to stand with them, where were their elders and support. they weren't there because ANY elder or adult family member would have told them that this day is a time to remember and respect people, and that what you are planning is self righteous and selfish. This is pure and simple thoughtless teenage rebellion. My step dad is Chiricahua Apache, he is 70 yrs old, he welded I beams in '72 and '73 on the World Trade Centers. He also had two tours in Vietnam, and supported our Nation selflessly. He was and is an AIM member and a 16 year Sundancer, he upholds his people, their rights and traditions, but always in selflessness and respect for others.
      Posted by Jane on 09/13/2013
    • How come you all talk about how great America is, and how it is the land of the free, but you want to physically hurt people who make use of our freedoms (of speech, for instance) to engage in a peaceful protest. Whether you agree with them or not, they did not do anything violent. You may see their actions as disrespectful, but they did not hurt anyone. Threatening to physically harm people who are voicing dissent seems un-American to me. Do American freedoms only apply to people who agree with your point of view?
      Posted by eek on 09/13/2013
    • One's right to free expression does not include the right to squelch the expression of others. If these women felt so strongly, our constitution protects their right to speak against the display. It does not protect their right to disrupt the lawful speech of others. What makes this disruption of a solemn memorial less contemptible than the disruption of American service men and women's funerals by members of the Westboro Baptist Church?
      Posted by Edward Cating on 09/13/2013
    • I would have snatched that young lady up and spanked her ass till she cried. Spoiled little bitches, that is exactly what they are, there is no kinder way to put it.
      Posted by Harry on 09/13/2013
    • I am an old guy with undoubtably different morals and standards, but Theft is still illegal in most states, no matter why you did it. It's ok to have your beliefs and to stand with them, but breaking the law is not excusable for anyone...
      Posted by Ron on 09/13/2013
    • These girls need to be spit on by the 2,977 American families they just disrespected. I love this country, but I hate how much BS we tolerate!! I'd like to back roundhouse kick these clown across their arrogant faces!! (feeling irriated and ANGRY)
      Posted by Matthew on 09/13/2013
    • The five students are attention seeking idiots. I don't believe for a second that any of them live out their fake American Indian beliefs/faith on a daily basis. I'm sick of people hating our beautiful country and rich heritage and looking for an opportunity to whine. America is not a perfect country with a perfect heritage but it is a land of unparalleled opportunity that was built to where it is today by the sweat of ALL who went before us. Stop living in the past and start investing in the future you ignorant, sniveling takers.
      Posted by momofmanyhearts on 09/13/2013
    • To the Leftist, anti American trash who pulled this stunt-i am looking for you. I know vermont well. I will find you, and when I do, you will be dealt with the same way you dealt with those American flags. This is a warning and a promise-i will find you and you can draw your own conclusion as to what that means DTQ-DTL
      Posted by mr happy on 09/20/2013
    • America may be the land of the free. America may be the land of the brave. America may be the place of freedom of speech. America is labeled as all of these things but is not free for me, the people around me are not brave, and I am often unable to speak my mind or else I would be arrested. I am as good of a person a person can get. I love unconditionally. I house the homeless and I comfort the rejected. As elite members of the community speak, I wonder if they really are aware of how much they crush locals to achieve their power. I am reminded by a small kitten I once bottle fed. While the kitten pushed less, purred more and cried the least the kitten was not favored by it's mother. While the kitten waited for a chance, allowed it's brothers and sisters to eat first they never reached back and pulled him in. He was a lover and beautiful. Her kind heart never allowed her to bite or pull at the ones she nurtured as an instinct. This small pure heart would have died if I did not assist her. She was the best around the children and followed the rules as second nature. If I didn't feed her she would have died. She learn beyond the rest of the cats like opening doors. When the other cats left their liters she cared for them all. She was even nursed her siblings young while they got fat off the food they entitled. For them they were strong. They deserved to eat first and be fat. They deserved to have their messes cleaned up for them. They were mean and took even when it wasn't given to them. So what I am portraying to you today is two personalities here. One who cares about allowing others the chance to grow and heal. The other steps and rejects at any chance in order to get ahead. Our nation has the opportunity to make these same choices. You have the choice to read this with that mind set. Who is HURTING who? Who will be recognized for loving another? Who is really the right one in their hearts? I know which part of the story I would have liked to be in.
      Posted by Amanda on 01/11/2014
    • Jesus himself went in and turned over the tables in the Synagogue to stand up for disrespect to his house. If a college student felt a statement was morally needed with out hurting anyone why not be able to make a statement. The flags, did they have do not remove notes on them. Was there a sign posted saying they were not free? How is this theft when they were left for the public to do with them what they wanted as a display? Maybe, there were signs there saying do not touch. I bet the homeowners tell the bank do not touch right before they crush it for the sake of big gas pipe line. Big money can crush others stuff for the "better good". This was an act of a better good maybe? Sometimes the way things are portrayed because people have selfish intentions and we should not feed off this and grow hatred. Love these students for having the confidence to act on their beliefs rather than jump on the get rich train of stomping out those you see as in your way.
      Posted by Amanda on 01/11/2014
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      Posted by 952227 on 01/14/2015
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    • When do you want me to start? <a href=" ">taking 40mg of paxil</a> Since its inception, the 140-character messaging service'ssimplicity and mobile-friendly nature - it can be used by anycellphone with a text-messaging function - has helped speed itsglobal adoption as a source of real-time information. Unlikemany social media services, it can be used anonymously.
      Posted by 49868 on 01/14/2015
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      Posted by 14231 on 01/14/2015
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    • Could I order a new chequebook, please? <a href=" ">paxil effexor and zoloft social anxiety</a> The news I broke here is that among those reporting an average $202.4m on their tax returns, six paid nothing and the 110 paid at the same or lower rates than a worker earning a bit more than $5k/month and that only a fifth of the 400 paid at the &#8220;Buffett rule rate&#8221; (all at 30% to 35%). That shows how porous the income tax is.
      Posted by 3317 on 01/14/2015
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      Posted by 86738 on 01/14/2015
    • I'm from England <a href=" ">ic amitriptyline hcl 50 mg</a> © Incisive Media Investments Limited 2013, Published by Incisive Financial Publishing Limited, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket, London SW1Y 4RX, are companies registered in England and Wales with company registration numbers 04252091 & 04252093
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      Posted by 138348 on 01/14/2015
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      Posted by 78837 on 01/14/2015
    • A staff restaurant <a href=" ">generic soma overnight</a> You can pretty much make numbers do anything you want, but it’s hard to argue that Cruz is the only offensive player doing anything. David Wilson leads the Giants with 130 rushing yards, which is 39th in the league. Manning is 28th in passing with a 69.1 rating, and his nine interceptions lead the NFL.
      Posted by 8485 on 01/14/2015
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      Posted by 8021 on 01/14/2015
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      Posted by 263723 on 01/17/2015
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      Posted by 866892 on 01/18/2015
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      Posted by 3508 on 01/23/2015
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      Posted by 12636 on 01/24/2015
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      Posted by 2538 on 01/24/2015
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      Posted by 783737 on 01/24/2015
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      Posted by 59965 on 01/24/2015
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      Posted by 536528 on 01/24/2015
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      Posted by 4542 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 5747 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 8593 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 961231 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 917644 on 01/27/2015
    • Through friends <a href=" ">cash register forms</a> However, please note - if you block/delete all cookies, some features of our websites, such as remembering your login details, or the site branding for your local newspaper may not function as a result.
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      Posted by 27034 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 62643 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 3148 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 8706 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 4916 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 623532 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 2203 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 40837 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 17231 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 35445 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 986960 on 01/27/2015
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      Posted by 21933 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 676028 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 8952 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 281539 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 186319 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 83657 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 820575 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 8133 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 302082 on 01/28/2015
    • I quite like cooking generic clonazepam brands "We love our guns and we love hunting. It's not worth the fight for me to vote against it," said Rep. T.J. McKenna, D-Festus. But, he added, "the bill is completely unconstitutional, so the courts are going to have to throw it out."
      Posted by 5874 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 2380 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 5877 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 50934 on 01/28/2015
    • On another call will 30 mg codeine get you high Holding companies such as Omnicom and Publicis own networks of agencies and PR firms within the larger group. They're designed to work independently so that competing clients - Pepsi and Coca-Cola for example - are placed in separate networks to avoid conflict.
      Posted by 3525 on 01/28/2015
    • Sorry, I ran out of credit hydrocodone 300 ng/ml NEW YORK, July 15 (Reuters) - Citigroup's solid earningshelped the S&P 500 end higher on Monday for an eighth straightday, the longest such streak since mid-January, though weakretail sales curbed the advance.
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      Posted by 83006 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 172505 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 5260 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 7540 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 68532 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 995339 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 1985 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 3428 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 4233 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 819397 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 49190 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 537115 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 173424 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 953163 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 48431 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 356645 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 939427 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 51705 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 8070 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 9103 on 01/28/2015
    • What line of work are you in? <a href=" ">diflucan 150 mg cena</a> Littlehampton Gazette provides news, events and sport features from the Littlehampton area. For the best up to date information relating to Littlehampton and the surrounding areas visit us at Littlehampton Gazette regularly or bookmark this page.
      Posted by 7956 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 470608 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 9825 on 01/28/2015
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      Posted by 794714 on 01/30/2015
    • I was born in Australia but grew up in England <a href=" ">cheap accutane 40 mg pills</a> More than 100 directors, managers, and staff working for health informatics services, primary care IT departments and emerging commissioning support units took part in the survey, which indicated the ‘huge toll’ the overhaul of NHS organisations triggered by the ‘Liberating the NHS’ reforms had taken. Some 68% of respondents said that there was a ‘great decline’ in morale.
      Posted by 125603 on 01/30/2015
    • Best Site Good Work <a href=" ">best price lumigan</a> Selwyn Soe, who runs The Herbal Factory, a contract manufacturer of herbal remedies in Croydon, south London, said: “Unfortunately it looks as if we will have to close down because of this legislation.”
      Posted by 792067 on 01/30/2015
    • How long are you planning to stay here? <a href=" ">tenormin 100 prezzo</a> The Republican-controlled legislature gave final passage to the measure on Friday and sent it to the Republican governor to sign into law. Perry had called a second special session of the legislature to get the bill passed.
      Posted by 7370 on 01/30/2015
    • I'm only getting an answering machine <a href=" ">atenolol tenormin 50 mg</a> Jim Murphy, Labour&rsquo;s Shadow Defence Secretary, said: &ldquo;It is risible to pretend the SNP could defend Scotland on a budget just seven per cent of that from which Scotland currently benefits.&rdquo;
      Posted by 2646 on 01/30/2015
    • We're at university together <a href=" ">tenormin 50 mg wikipedia</a> For KKR, the purchase comes at a low point in QingdaoHaier's valuations. The stock trades at a trailingprice-to-earnings ratio of 10.6, making it the second-leastexpensive home appliance maker in the Asia-Pacific behind GreeElectric Appliances Inc of Zhuhai, Thomson Reutersdata showed.
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      Posted by 167145 on 01/30/2015
    • How much were you paid in your last job? <a href=" ">Slimfast Meal Bars</a> The trial took an alarming turn last week, when the body of alleged Bulger extortion victim Stephen Rakes was found in a Boston suburb. Police are still investigating the cause of his death, though a lawyer for Rakes' family said he did not believe the death was linked to the trial.
      Posted by 277107 on 01/30/2015
    • I'm sorry, I'm not interested <a href=" ">seroquel quetiapine 200 mg</a> Meanwhile, the once down-at-heel south London area of Elephant and Castle is also getting a long-awaited facelift. Money is pouring into not just jobs and businesses, but New Trafalgar Place, a shopping and housing development.
      Posted by 8657 on 01/30/2015
    • Will I have to work shifts? <a href=" ">seroquel discount prices</a> Attorneys for Katherine Jackson, Deborah Chang and Kevin Boyle (R) listen as jurors are polled following the verdict in Jackson's civil lawsuit against AEG Live at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles, October 2, 2013.
      Posted by 2043 on 01/30/2015
    • What university do you go to? <a href=" ">atenolol online uk</a> The firm's industrial park in Ayutthaya province, 70 km (45miles) from Bangkok, was flooded in 2011, forcing the temporaryclosure of nearly 200 factories, including one run by Japanesecar maker Honda Motor Co Ltd.
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    • I'm a trainee <a href=" ">seroquel xr 300 high</a> We already knew he was a great actor. With &#8220;Don Jon,&#8221; Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows us he&#8217;s also a promising director, and a talented writer with a knack for dialogue that&#8217;s simple, yet smart and poetic. Well done.
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      Posted by 3518 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 727865 on 01/30/2015
    • I don't know what I want to do after university <a href=" ">buy cheap lumigan</a> “I've never wanted to work at night, even when I was young,” she says sitting in a zebra-print-upholstered armchair in her apartment in Barcelona’s tony L'Eixample district, petting her shih-tzu, Ninet. “At night, a man’s tired, he’s lived a little, he’s had a couple of drinks, but in the afternoon you’re more vital.”
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    • Could I ask who's calling? <a href=" ">where can i buy clomid 50mg</a> Sarah Weinberg says she was forced to sign a legal document, which she&#39;s holding, that drops the lawsuit she filed against her granddaughter, Danielle Kaminsky. Weinberg&#39;s suit claimed the younger woman cheated her out of two Hell&#39;s Kitchen buildings and was trying to evict her.
      Posted by 70269 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 432759 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 86175 on 01/30/2015
    • Have you got any experience? <a href=" ">lumigan drops</a> Two months after her split from Ashton Kutcher, a painfully thin Demi Moore was rushed to a hospital on Jan. 23 and is entering rehab, sources told the Daily News. Moore, 49, was taken to an unnamed Los Angeles-area hospital after paramedics spent more than a half hour at her ultra-private modern mansion in the hills near Franklin Canyon Park, sources confirmed.
      Posted by 7305 on 01/30/2015
    • International directory enquiries <a href=" ">likelihood twins 50mg clomid</a> "The alert was struck and the communication from the tower was, 'Alert three. Alert three. Alert three. Plane crash. Plane crash," Emmons recalled at a news conference today. "I knew from her voice that the event we were going to was real."
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    • Sorry, I ran out of credit <a href=" ">lumigan eye drops for sale</a> The cameras are always rolling in Hollywood! When the stars aren't on the red carpet, you'll more than likely find them on set filming their next great blockbuster. Check out these famous actors and a...
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    • Did you go to university? <a href=" ">abilify 10</a> "We are in between two major holiday periods in the mainlandand at month's end, so any gains this week for the large capA-share market will likely be capped since liquidity supplycould be an issue," said Zhang Qi, a Shanghai-based analyst atHaitong Securities.
      Posted by 604089 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 501922 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 239853 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 1486 on 01/30/2015
    • I'm on a course at the moment <a href=" ">order bimatoprost without rx</a> The Oracle comeback was lauded as one of the greatest in sports history. Yet the abrupt turnaround in the team's performance in the middle of the finals series also has set off a flurry of speculation about whether Oracle, which began the regatta with a penalty for illegally modifying a practice boat last year, had used secret technological enhancements to engineer its comeback.
      Posted by 4140 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 5509 on 01/30/2015
    • Good crew it's cool :) <a href=" ">abilify aripiprazol 10 mg</a> "This study provides an important initial observation of discrimination based on sexual orientation at the threshold stage of the rental transaction and is a point of departure for future research on housing discrimination against same-sex couples," the report says. HUD conducted 6,833 email correspondence tests in 50 metropolitan markets throughout the country. For each test, researchers sent two emails to the housing provider, but the only difference was the sexual orientation of the couple making the inquiry.
      Posted by 2061 on 01/30/2015
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      Posted by 70609 on 01/30/2015
    • We need someone with experience <a href=" ">bimatoprost purchases</a> Twitter has long tried to hew to the position that users - not the company - are responsible for the content on the service. But last year it implemented a means of filtering Tweets by country, so that if it were forced to censor messages in one place it would still be able to show them in others.
      Posted by 265312 on 01/30/2015
    • I support Manchester United <a href=" ">house internet loan</a> "It's a really important time in Australian rugby. On the field, people will worry about where the Wallabies are at. I'm looking forward to the challenge of making a difference in that and in the game as a whole."
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    • Insert your card <a href=" ">same day 1000 loan</a> Fayetteville, Arkansas - Benefiting from the nearby headquarters of Wal-Mart, job and population growth are strong. The short-term outlook is good as metro-area unemployment has trended well below national averages in recent years. The jobless rate was 5.4 percent in April, compared to 7.2 percent for the state, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
      Posted by 1433 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 26367 on 01/31/2015
    • I'm sorry, he's <a href=" ">same day installment loans missouri</a> Bliss set about unravelling several species (I. pallida, I. amoena, I. plicata, I. neglecta and I. squalens) with the help of Dykes and used them in his meticulously recorded breeding programme in a quest to create a red iris. The red evaded him and breeders are still trying today. However, in 1917 Bliss offered 'Dominion&rsquo; for sale, a ground-breaking purple iris with rounded dark velvety falls. Laetitia Munro (writing in Roots, the journal of the Historic Iris Preservation Society), explains that Bliss crossed a rosy iris 'Cordelia&rsquo; with a purple species &ndash; I. macrantha. In 1905 two seeds were harvested, but they did not germinate until 1907. One purple two-tone iris flowered in 1909; Bliss was disappointed because he was hoping for a redder flower. In 1910, when it flowered again, it caught the eye of Bliss&rsquo;s 10-year-old niece Phyllis. She admired it greatly. 'Dominion&rsquo; was the iris that would make Bliss world-famous.
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      Posted by 591460 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 62429 on 01/31/2015
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    • International directory enquiries <a href=" ">house loan massachusetts</a> Aisha Moodie-Mills, an advisor for LGBT policy and racial justice at the Center for American Progress, said she was pleased with the results of the study because they will help ensure the fair treatment of LGBT people in the rental market.
      Posted by 6755 on 01/31/2015
    • We used to work together <a href=" ">price zithromax</a> &ldquo;We have 45 people [officials from the elite panel and international list] who can be third umpires. That is a lot of people we need to train with limited resources and time,&rdquo; Taufel said. &ldquo;All I have at my disposal is three umpire coaches and myself and the co-operation of host broadcasters. That is a big challenge. It demands the appropriate training and focus of skills to catch up where we are on field.
      Posted by 659509 on 01/31/2015
    • I really like swimming <a href=" ">zithromax 100mg/5ml suspension</a> In a letter released by the Federal CommunicationsCommission on Tuesday, the Department of Defense offers to sharethe airwaves it now dominates in the slice of frequencies from1755 megahertz (MHz) to 1780 MHz with spectrum-hungry wirelessand Internet companies.
      Posted by 6221 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 6276 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 246456 on 01/31/2015
    • We went to university together <a href=" ">zithromax 250mg</a> On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand chats with Yankees reliever Dave Robertson about Mariano Rivera's bad week, what it's been like in the clubhouse since A-Rod returned and Robertson's "Power of 2" contest with Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster.
      Posted by 21114 on 01/31/2015
    • I'd like to send this to <a href=" ">zithromax 250mg azithromycin</a> But not all family businesses are paragons of virtue. Weaksuccession planning, conflict around growth plans, particularlythose that involve diluting the clan's stake as well as the riskof family members expropriating assets, are all potentialdangers.
      Posted by 7019 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 85035 on 01/31/2015
    • On another call <a href=" ">zithromax z-pak 250 mg</a> "Sharon has made me into a champion but I feel that to move to another level I need to freshen up my approach to training, develop fresh ideas and incorporate new challenges into the way I do business.
      Posted by 381501 on 01/31/2015
    • What's the exchange rate for euros? <a href=" ">zithromax 1000 mg</a> “With more than half the total wholesale value of oil and gas reserves still to be extracted, record levels of field investment, and companies’ future plans worth around £100bn, the sector in Scotland will continue to thrive for decades to come,’ he added.
      Posted by 9978 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 97511 on 01/31/2015
    • The United States <a href=" ">accompany imovane buy assemble</a> Alfalfa is the fourth-most widely grown U.S. field crop, behind corn, wheat and soybeans, and is used as food for dairy cattle and other livestock. The crop, worth roughly $8 billion, was grown on more than 17 million U.S. acres in 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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    • I was made redundant two months ago <a href=" ">nicholas strongest taking 30 mg of zopiclone suspense monotonous</a> "I've had friends who went to the same school (East Central University)," Hefner said. "It hit home again, and it was just senseless. When I heard about it, I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I was wondering why. Why would they do that?"
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      Posted by 24758 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 27711 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 668171 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 473399 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 4149 on 01/31/2015
    • I'm retired <a href=" ">isotretinoin price comparison</a> On this week's Daily News Fifth Yankees Podcast, Mark Feinsand sits down with reliever Dave Robertson to chat about his recent shoulder injury, Mariano Rivera's impressive September workload, the Yankees' chances of reaching the postseason as well as last week's rookie hazing.
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      Posted by 6677 on 01/31/2015
    • Children with disabilities <a href=" ">where to buy cipralex escitalopram</a> You need to keep in mind that part of companies&#8217; liquid assets are the commercial paper and bonds they buy from each other. These are often described as &#8220;cash equivalents&#8221; in balance sheets but they are not &#8220;idle cash.&#8221; They are investments by companies in other companies.
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      Posted by 339120 on 01/31/2015
    • I'm afraid that number's ex-directory <a href=" ">average cost propranolol</a> Surprise, Avril Lavigne is engaged! The punk singer debuted not only her new Abbey Dawn spring line at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 10, 2012, but also her giant sparkler. The singer-turned-designer got engaged to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger in August 2012 after quietly dating for 6 months. Kroeger proposed on Aug. 8 with a 14-carat diamond ring.
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      Posted by 69983 on 01/31/2015
    • I don't like pubs <a href=" ">topamax dosage 100mg</a> It is a new approach in a market that has very little competition, according to a recent report on student loan affordability by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is also a way to reach lower-risk borrowers and get them rates reflecting their creditworthiness - an option the CFPB report says is lacking in the current marketplace.
      Posted by 5942 on 01/31/2015
    • Is this a temporary or permanent position? <a href=" ">quanto costa diflucan 100</a> The political crisis in Egypt has prompted an upsurge of violence in the Sinai Peninsula, with various jihadist militias - made up, experts believe, of local Bedouin with a sprinkling of foreign fighters -attacking Egyptian army road-blocks and other government positions.
      Posted by 7367 on 01/31/2015
    • Would you like a receipt? <a href=" ">diflucan 100 mg prezzo</a> &#8220;Based on our analysis, we conclude that there is close to full consensus among these panel members when the past economic literature on the question is large,&#8221; wrote the authors of the paper, Roger Gordon and Gordon B. Dahl of the University of California, San Diego. &#8220;When past evidence is less extensive, differences in opinions do show up.&#8221;
      Posted by 94538 on 01/31/2015
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    • Where did you go to university? <a href=" ">how to get a loan until payday with bad credit</a> Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's general counsel says the administration will not appeal a federal judge's dismissal of a lawsuit against the NCAA over sanctions against Penn State relating to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.
      Posted by 271537 on 01/31/2015
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    • What do you like doing in your spare time? <a href=" ">cash advance lebanon ky</a> The last time Department of Justice leaders stonewalled Paul on the use of domestic drones, the likely 2016 presidential candidate stood on the Senate floor for 13 hours to hold up the confirmation vote for John Brennan's nomination to lead the CIA.
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    • What do you do? <a href=" ">cash advance ms</a> Zimmerman, who is being tried on charges of second degree murder, has maintained that he shot Martin after he was knocked down and beaten by Martin and the teenager went for Zimmerman's gun. After the shot was fired, Martin sat up and said, "You got me," Zimmerman told police and media.
      Posted by 35534 on 01/31/2015
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      Posted by 110128 on 02/01/2015
    • I hate shopping <a href=" ">topamax 200 mg tablet</a> "Generally, they do not have long lasting impacts because air travel is quite safe compared to other modes of transportation," Dihora said. "If the industry uses the accident to improve future safety, I would think it would be a positive where passengers feel safer because they realize that manufacturers and operators are doing all they can to improve the safety of air transportation."
      Posted by 45770 on 02/01/2015
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      Posted by 884704 on 02/01/2015
    • We'd like to invite you for an interview <a href=" ">nolvadex 10mg tablet</a> But Zimmerman's lawyer, Don West, got Bao to say during cross examination that it may have been possible for Martin to move a little after he was shot. "But only one person in this world knows," Bao added.
      Posted by 71788 on 02/01/2015
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      Posted by 5587 on 02/01/2015
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      Posted by 462150 on 02/01/2015
    • Do you know each other? <a href=" ">100mg topamax and birth control</a> If the left side of the scale throws everything askew, you might not get a positive response to your request. Chances are better when the right side is heavier, but still, there are other things you'll want to consider. "The most important thing with making this type of request is that you keep your boss in the loop all along, and give her as much advance notice as possible," Heathfield says. "The last thing you want to do is blindside her with a request to leave work to circle the globe or write the Great American Novel. And the other thing you want to do, if possible, is frame this in terms of the benefit this experience could have for the company, directly or indirectly. If you can make the case for this, early is the time to try."
      Posted by 14348 on 02/01/2015
    • I'm on a course at the moment <a href=" ">how to wean off 100 mg topamax</a> But even though the siesta-style workday has become little more than a memory for many Spaniards, not all of its traditions have disappeared. That’s especially true of one of its sweetest if usually unspoken perks.
      Posted by 66262 on 02/01/2015
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      Posted by 626921 on 02/01/2015
    • How much were you paid in your last job? <a href=" ">celexa 10 mg price</a> Mursi's Muslim Brotherhood urged people to rise up against the army, which they accuse of a coup to topple the president. The movement's leaders are calling for peaceful resistance, but the risk remains of fringe elements pursuing a violent agenda.
      Posted by 3796 on 02/01/2015
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      Posted by 6465 on 02/01/2015
    • I do some voluntary work <a href=" ">buy orlistat 120mg uk</a> The Horwitz bobblehead will be part of Social Media Night on Friday, August 23 when the Mets host the Detroit Tigers at Citi Field. A portion of the tickets will go towards the charity, “Hope Shines for Shannon.” Shannon Forde has worked under Horwitz for the last 20 years and was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer last year. To purchase your ticket for this event go to Seaver’s bobblehead will be handed out to the first 25,000 fans on Sunday, August 25 when the Mets wrap up their series with the Tigers.
      Posted by 97390 on 02/01/2015
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