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     Young America's Foundation's Ron Meyer quoted inthe Daily Caller: 

    According to HLSRJ President Kandis Wood, the group is beingconsistent with their use of the word "slut," standing with Fluketo take back the word from those who would use it to denigratewomen and working to redefine it to mean a woman who is in chargeof her reproductive decisions.

    "Obviously we are not using the word to insult or tocontradict or to seem inconsistent, in fact I think it is moreconsistent with the LSRJ national stance on Sandra Fluke - the ideathat a woman can either take [the word 'slut'] back or even notwant to use the word 'slut,'" she told TheDC. "But the bottom lineis a woman has the right and all humans have the right to be incharge of their sexuality and reproductive health, and takingadvantage of that right does not make somebody a slut."

    Ron Meyer, spokesman for the conservativeYoung America's Foundation, completely disagrees.

    Meyer told TheDC that HLSRJ's use of the word "slut" is"totally hypocritical."

    "If words matter how about you start by setting an example,and the best place to start is by convincing your own side first tofollow the rules you expect others to live by - especially whenyour group is affiliated with Sandra Fluke - it is just silly,"Meyer said.

    HLSRJ reiterated, however, that the goal is largely aboutreclaiming and taking the hurt out of the word.

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    • The damage has adearly being done, PDP and Jonathan knew the risk of allowing an upright judge like Salami to preside over the Presidential election petition.The truth of the matter is that PDP has never won any Presidential election genuinely, even Late Yaradua acknowledged the flaw in his election and set up Uwais penal to recommend ways to conduct future elections.Nigerains will have to decide if they want criminals like the bunch in PDP and the ones scattered in other parties to rule them and continue to suffer in mist of plenty or honest and credible people like General Buhari. As for the old cargo Babatope Nigerians should just ignore him and his likes ( Segun Ole), adearly Chief Awolowo will be regreting in his grave over Babatope.
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