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  • Young America's Foundation's blog, The Quad, has launched YAF activist Aaron Marcus' story into national prominence. 

    So far, Fox News, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, the New York Post, the New York Daily News, The Blaze, The Daily Caller, CNS News, The Daily Mail and other major publications have reported on the story broken on YAF's blog last Friday. Click here to see the original story: "Not Funny: Rutgers Paper Writes Fake Article by Jewish YAF Activist Praising Hitler." 


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    • I DO WEAR THE HOLOCAUST ON MY SLEEVE 'This is your heritage' 4:26 PM, Apr. 11, 2012 | Comments Email Print Share LinkedIn Tumblr StumbleUpon Reddit Digg A A Written by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg Congregation Beth-El, Edison Filed Under Living Faith & Religion On behalf of the Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County, I would like to invite you to our interfaith Holocaust program to commemorate Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) at 7:30 p.m. on April 18. The event, being sponsored by the JCC and the Metuchen Edison Area Interfaith Clergy Association, will be at the center on Oak Tree Road. As a community, we will gather — Jews and people of different faiths — to remember the Holocaust. The world cannot undo the past, but as a religious community, we all can strive to work for a better world. The following is an excerpt from my “Holocaust Siddur,” a 140-page prayer book dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance Day: “Dear children, this is your heritage as we know it: Your grandparents, Rachel and Jacob Rosenberg of blessed memory, did not speak much about their families who were all murdered, and I did not ask questions since I knew it would hurt them terribly. They died before the Shoah programs of getting parents to give witness were started by (Steven) Spielberg. Out of both their large families, few survived, some were able to pay a farmer to hide them during the war. “Jacob Rosenberg, your grandfather, was born in Wodzislaw, Poland. His parents, Berish and Feigel Miriam, lived with their children on a street next to several others of their relatives. At least five houses were owned by their extended family. “We visited the town several years ago and found Jacob’s original birth certificate in the town hall records. Maria and her family hired someone years ago who found the original deed to the land our family owned, which is now the parking lot of the town hall. “Jacob had four brothers and sisters, all married with children before the war. Jacob also was married before the war and had two children who were murdered. We do not know their names, but he worked in the town of Bezdin in the meat business. “Jacob was in several concentration camps, escaped, was a partisan fighter, was shot and captured again, and ended up in Auschwitz from which he was liberated. He had a tattooed number on his arm, but we cannot find the records at this point. We did find the old large shul in the town, which is falling down and dangerous to enter. There was a plaque on the outside wall indicating the Jews who were rounded up and taken to Treblinka. (Page 2 of 2) “Rachel Rosenberg’s maiden name was Frankel. Her parents were Jacob and Bluma. She had four brothers and sisters, who also were married with children. Her family was well off and owned a leather factory in Cracow. They lived in Slomnicki, Poland, near Cracow. “We could not find any record of her family’s existence when we went to the town to visit several years ago. When our guide asked someone where the shul in the town was, they replied there wasn’t any, but as we drove out of the town, I noticed a large building that also was crumbling. It had a Jewish star and turned out to be the shul. When we went to the town hall, there were no records of any Jews ever having lived there. “Bubby was sent to the labor camp Plassau/Krakowa. It was the worst work camp. They made ammunition that turned your skin yellow and wrinkled. It made her sick. She was liberated from Skazyskokarmiene Werk C. They never thought she would be able to have any children after that. “There were no survivors of any of their immediate families. “After the war, both of your grandparents were sent to the Regensberg detention camp in Germany. They met there. Relatives of both apparently had known each other. They married, and I was born in Regensberg. “Jacob worked for a couple of years. They were sent by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to Memphis, Tenn., where they lived for two years. Jacob worked in the meat business there. After two years, they traced his half sister, Regina, to Kansas City, Mo. That is how your father and grandparents ended up in Kansas City. “Though they both grew up very religious, your grandparents became less so after the war due to economics and the terrible memories that they had. At 12, I decided to became a rabbi because of the Holocaust to make sure that “never again” would this happen. My parents became kosher and religious again.” Page Previous 1
      Posted by rabbi bernhard rosenberg on 04/13/2012
    • In the Star Ledger, dated June 16, 2012, there is an article titled, " Groomed for Success" page 15, which speaks about Matthew "Mattstache" Ferguson's great success lip - synching on a Youtube. It cites him as an "Adjunct Professor" at Rutgers University and the fact that he shows this video in his class at Rutgers. It says the video has gone viral. Two facts: All my troubles at Rutgers began when I was castigated by DR. Jim Katz, the chairman of the department for calling myself an adjunct professor on line. Actually I did not write this; the person who developed my page called me professor which is the title I have at Yeshiva University, where I also taught. Yeshiva University in fact used this title in their press releases. In addition a student complained after the first day of my fall class in writing to the communications department at Rutgers and I was castigated for showing my youtube in my public speaking class. I was using it to teach since my class is public speaking in the department of Communication, unlike Mr. Ferguson who teaches American studies and Communication. I support his right to use his video. In fact there was a major article in the Home News about the growing use of videos /you tube in education including college classes. I was harrassed and bullied for doing the same thing as Mr. Ferguson who was lauded for his efforts, cited in various newspapers etc as he continues to show this video in his university classes. The youtube videos I showed at Rutgers dealt with motivation and dating skills which are part of communication and relevant to my curriculum. I protested because I felt there had to be a reason I was singled out by my department. Some felt the student who complained may have been anti-Semitic since I am the only one who wears a skullcap in the department. Since the name of the student was never revealed, I cannot substantiate this. I do know there was a Muslim female student, dressed in Muslim garb, who came to the first class, asked me for a special permission number at the end of the class to join the class (since all my classes were filled to capacity); I wanted to let her in but I did not have any more special permission numbers from the department. One of my students emailed the deans at Rutgers stating he was aware there were individuals at Rutgers who targeted me because of my views on Zionism. In addition, the undergraduate chairman of the department who made the initial email to me regarding the complaint, retired this semester. I was never made aware of this. Dr. Katz, the head of the department has taken a two year sabbatical. Even though I continuously asked if I was being rehired for the fall, I was put off until June when I was told I was not being rehired after twenty years of teaching because "I was not qualified to teach the new curriculum." If I was unqualified, why did I receive high marks from my students this past year under the new curriculum and high marks from the department coordinator. I was interviewed in the Rutgers Targum newspaper where I spoke about how adjunct teachers were treated like trash, with no benefits and a union without power. I am writing this letter because it is my nature to fight back; unlike other adjuncts who are afraid of losing their jobs. This entire incidents has hurt me greatly. On a personal level, I want to share that I am a child of Holocaust survivors and the way the department confronted me with the accusation put me on the defensive. It was demeaning and clear bullying. I would like to sue the university but honestly do not have the funds to hire an attorney willing to take on Rutgers University. I lost my job because spoke out. Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
      Posted by DR. ROSENBERG on 06/17/2012
    • In the Star Ledger, dated June 16, 2012, there is an article titled, " Groomed for Success" page 15, which speaks about Matthew "Mattstache" Ferguson's great success lip - synching on a Youtube. It cites him as an "Adjunct Professor" at Rutgers University and the fact that he shows this video in his class at Rutgers. It says the video has gone viral. Two facts: All my troubles at Rutgers began when I was castigated by DR. Jim Katz, the chairman of the department for calling myself an adjunct professor on line. Actually I did not write this; the person who developed my page called me professor which is the title I have at Yeshiva University, where I also taught. Yeshiva University in fact used this title in their press releases. In addition a student complained after the first day of my fall class in writing to the communications department at Rutgers and I was castigated for showing my youtube in my public speaking class. I was using it to teach since my class is public speaking in the department of Communication, unlike Mr. Ferguson who teaches American studies and Communication. I support his right to use his video. In fact there was a major article in the Home News about the growing use of videos /you tube in education including college classes. I was harrassed and bullied for doing the same thing as Mr. Ferguson who was lauded for his efforts, cited in various newspapers etc as he continues to show this video in his university classes. The youtube videos I showed at Rutgers dealt with motivation and dating skills which are part of communication and relevant to my curriculum. I protested because I felt there had to be a reason I was singled out by my department. Some felt the student who complained may have been anti-Semitic since I am the only one who wears a skullcap in the department. Since the name of the student was never revealed, I cannot substantiate this. I do know there was a Muslim female student, dressed in Muslim garb, who came to the first class, asked me for a special permission number at the end of the class to join the class (since all my classes were filled to capacity); I wanted to let her in but I did not have any more special permission numbers from the department. One of my students emailed the deans at Rutgers stating he was aware there were individuals at Rutgers who targeted me because of my views on Zionism. In addition, the undergraduate chairman of the department who made the initial email to me regarding the complaint, retired this semester. I was never made aware of this. Dr. Katz, the head of the department has taken a two year sabbatical. Even though I continuously asked if I was being rehired for the fall, I was put off until June when I was told I was not being rehired after twenty years of teaching because "I was not qualified to teach the new curriculum." If I was unqualified, why did I receive high marks from my students this past year under the new curriculum and high marks from the department coordinator. I was interviewed in the Rutgers Targum newspaper where I spoke about how adjunct teachers were treated like trash, with no benefits and a union without power. I am writing this letter because it is my nature to fight back; unlike other adjuncts who are afraid of losing their jobs. This entire incidents has hurt me greatly. On a personal level, I want to share that I am a child of Holocaust survivors and the way the department confronted me with the accusation put me on the defensive. It was demeaning and clear bullying. I would like to sue the university but honestly do not have the funds to hire an attorney willing to take on Rutgers University. I lost my job because spoke out. Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
      Posted by DR. ROSENBERG on 06/17/2012
    • In the Star Ledger, dated June 16, 2012, there is an article titled, " Groomed for Success" page 15, which speaks about Matthew "Mattstache" Ferguson's great success lip - synching on a Youtube. It cites him as an "Adjunct Professor" at Rutgers University and the fact that he shows this video in his class at Rutgers. It says the video has gone viral. Two facts: All my troubles at Rutgers began when I was castigated by DR. Jim Katz, the chairman of the department for calling myself an adjunct professor on line. Actually I did not write this; the person who developed my page called me professor which is the title I have at Yeshiva University, where I also taught. Yeshiva University in fact used this title in their press releases. In addition a student complained after the first day of my fall class in writing to the communications department at Rutgers and I was castigated for showing my youtube in my public speaking class. I was using it to teach since my class is public speaking in the department of Communication, unlike Mr. Ferguson who teaches American studies and Communication. I support his right to use his video. In fact there was a major article in the Home News about the growing use of videos /you tube in education including college classes. I was harrassed and bullied for doing the same thing as Mr. Ferguson who was lauded for his efforts, cited in various newspapers etc as he continues to show this video in his university classes. The youtube videos I showed at Rutgers dealt with motivation and dating skills which are part of communication and relevant to my curriculum. I protested because I felt there had to be a reason I was singled out by my department. Some felt the student who complained may have been anti-Semitic since I am the only one who wears a skullcap in the department. Since the name of the student was never revealed, I cannot substantiate this. I do know there was a Muslim female student, dressed in Muslim garb, who came to the first class, asked me for a special permission number at the end of the class to join the class (since all my classes were filled to capacity); I wanted to let her in but I did not have any more special permission numbers from the department. One of my students emailed the deans at Rutgers stating he was aware there were individuals at Rutgers who targeted me because of my views on Zionism. In addition, the undergraduate chairman of the department who made the initial email to me regarding the complaint, retired this semester. I was never made aware of this. Dr. Katz, the head of the department has taken a two year sabbatical. Even though I continuously asked if I was being rehired for the fall, I was put off until June when I was told I was not being rehired after twenty years of teaching because "I was not qualified to teach the new curriculum." If I was unqualified, why did I receive high marks from my students this past year under the new curriculum and high marks from the department coordinator. I was interviewed in the Rutgers Targum newspaper where I spoke about how adjunct teachers were treated like trash, with no benefits and a union without power. I am writing this letter because it is my nature to fight back; unlike other adjuncts who are afraid of losing their jobs. This entire incidents has hurt me greatly. On a personal level, I want to share that I am a child of Holocaust survivors and the way the department confronted me with the accusation put me on the defensive. It was demeaning and clear bullying. I would like to sue the university but honestly do not have the funds to hire an attorney willing to take on Rutgers University. I lost my job because spoke out. Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
      Posted by DR. ROSENBERG on 06/17/2012
    • Please note I only want to continue teaching at Rutgers. My health and teaching was greatly affected by the refusal to answer my questions regarding summer and fall teaching. The answers were either lies or constantly referred to as a 'PERSONNEL matter. This bullying and harassment were obvious and I must reiterate that my concerns of anti-Semitism were never addressed and I feared for my safety. Obviously this was not considered in your determination. The Police Chief of Edison township where I am chaplain does not understand why the administration did not report my complaint to security. Dr. Kui returned only one of my emails stating "take me off your list." Dr. Katz has a reputation of allegedly bullying other intstructors which is known. if there were complaints about my teaching, why were they not brought to my attention so I could address them and correct them. Yes, it is true I went to the media because the dept ignored my questions. If any student had a complaint it should have been brought to me by the dept. If I was not following the curriculum, why wasn't I confronted with that? My student and teacher evaluations do not indicate any problems. The one student who complained about me in one evaluation was because the student did not receive an A. I have students who can attest to everything that was taught in class. I would like to appear with about 20 of them before you. This was very drawn out; I could not even get an answer to future employment until june. This was very painful emotionally and physically. I told the dept I would always follow the curriculum and correct anything they wanted regarding the new curriculum. I only spoke out in print and video when I was lied to about not being hired for the summer. Today I received the letter from Rutgers University Human Resources, dated June 18 2012. Re: discrimination complaint The religious discrimination/anti-Semitism complaint you cite in your letter was a side issue to the main original complaint. It was only included because one of my students noted this was happening. The reason I went to the office of employment equity was my complaint of harrassment and bullying. I sent all this information several times so I do not understand why this major complaint was not addressed. I was called into Dr. Hui-Min Kuo's office and berated, bullied and harrassed regarding the following issues: A complaint against me that I used my youtube/video in class and that I sold my book directly to my students instead of the bookstore. I teach public speaking and was using mixed media as I was told to do by the department. Since I am a public speaker, reverend, and have been speaking in public for 36 years my youtube was a teaching element. In fact, recently there appeared an article in the Home News stating that twitter and youtube are used in all levels of education facilities. In addition, on June 16th an article appeared in the Star Ledger about a part time instructor (who calls himself professor in the article; Dr. Katz berated me and stated that I cannot call myself professor because I am part time) who shows his youtube on his moustache at Rutgers to great acclaim. I would like to know if this teacher is being disciplined for this. Regarding my selling my book , as soon as I was told to sell it through the bookstore, I did. The most flagrant part of the harrassment at this meeting involved Dr. Kuo confronting me and asking belligerently if I had taken the anti-discrimination exam at Rutgers. She most certainly knew I took it since it is in my file. This was a blatant form of harrassment and bullying to rile me up. I am including a basic summary of the situation. Please read it yourself. This letter did not address my complaint at all and I would like to appear in front of you to state the case. According to our labor attorney I have a strong case of harrassment and bullying which is why I do not understand the content of your letter. The harrassment and bullying has affected me greatly both physically, emotionally and monetarily. Please read: I have been teaching at Rutgers University, SCILS, Department of Communication as a part time instructor for 24 years. I have always had excellent evaluations and recommendations. I am also the only teacher in my department who wears a skullcap. In the fall of 2012, after the first day of the semester, I was summoned to the office of the undergraduate department chair, Hui Min Kuo through an email. As a child of survivors of the Holocaust who lost his entire family, and a Holocaust historian myself who is constantly fighting against anti-Semitism, I became frightened by this abrupt email which demanded that I appear immediately without explanation. I called Dr. Hui Min Kuo on the phone and explained my fear and asked that she tell me the problem over the phone. After all I had worked at Rutgers for 24 years and what could be so dire and serious? I literally begged her to tell me so I would not imagine a horrible situation. She refused. When I arrived at her office Dr. Nick Linardopoulos, the Public speaking debate Coordinator was sitting there with her. I felt on trial. My thoughts ran wild: Should I have brought a lawyer? Why was she not speaking to me in private? Why was there a witness there? Dr. Hui Min Kuo said a student, after the first day of class, complained to the department that I used You Tube and Twitter in class and that I was selling my own book in class. I explained that I had been teaching in this manner for years and did not know that a teacher had to sell his book through the bookstore. In fact, many years ago I showed this book to Dr. Min Kuo; in fact, I had asked her to put a forward in the book which she did not do. I felt that these complaints were trivial. I could prove that many educators, as was appearing in articles everywhere including the New Jersey Home News, were using different forms of media to teach. In fact, I was asked to use mixed media by the department this past year which I did . Regarding my book, I told them I would contact the Rutgers book store and arrange to have the book sold through them. I did this that week and the book is now being sold through the bookstore for $15.00 more than when I sold it directly to my students. I also told them I never tell my students buying the book is a requirement; it is an option which I have found is better than the textbook. As I said, this was very frightening. Would any one else be brought into this situation for such small mistakes? In today's world where people are accused of accosting women, harrasing and bullying, I had reason to worry. Dr. Min Kuo then asked me if I had taken the required anti-discrimination test at Rutgers. At this point I was even more frightened. Was a student accusing me of touching them improperly? Did I need a lawyer? Was I being falsely accused? My reputation was on the line. (I had taken the test). I tried to diffuse the situation by making a joke. I told Dr. Min Kuo that I had not raped anyone lately. She blew up in my face. I immediately apologized. I was very upset as I felt I was on trial and just blurted that out. She had no understanding of what my Holocaust background meant and how terrifying this was. (I had explained this on the phone to her before the meeting.)j Why in the world was she asking me this question? I am a respected clergyman, police chaplain and former prison chaplain. Rutgers has a record of my taking the test so this was pure harrassment. She yelled at me throughout the meeting. She made me feel like a thief over selling the book even though I said I would correct the issue and told her she was making me feel like a thief. When I asked who the student was who complained against me, she refused to tell me. Looking back, there were a number of incidents with the Chair of the department, Dr. James Katz, whom Dr. Min Kuo reports directly to: he is is in my opinion heading this. He sent me two disrespectful emails in the past about telling me not to call myself a professor (this appeared on my website) and about using my textook. I immediately corrected both. I had not done the website myself (the person who did it wrote that I was a professor) but I changed it everywhere I could. Just this past week there appeared an article in the Star Ledger, dated June 16th about a part time instructor at Rutgers; he calls himself "adjunct professor" and shows the youtube he made on his moustache to his classes. Unlike him, I am a professor of communication and I use my youtubes to teach how to communicate. I possess two doctorates, two masters degrees and Rabbinical ordination, and have taught for 36 years in various universities where I am called a professor. Dr. Katz was very nasty in his emails. In addition, all my classes are filled to capacity at Rutgers and you cannot get in without special permission numbers. One year after all the numbers were used up, I told other students to call the commmunication office to try to get in to the class. The secretary sent me an irate letter telling me never to send students to her. I replied in an email that her verbiage was disrespectful to me. I immediately received an email from Dr. Katz that I had no right to write this to her and lambasted me in his email. In my opinion this was all bullying. One of my students, a practicing Coptic Christian wrote in a letter that he "personally heard it that Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg, who wears a skullcap and is outspoken on behalf of the Jewish community, is a target from many of the Muslim students on campus. I know this because beinga student in his class, I have heard this from students in a variety of ways." He himself has been harrassed by Muslim students on campus. Several months into this semester I heard from a student at Rutgers that my name was not listed as teaching on the summer schedule; this was the first time I had not taught summer school in ten years. The administration did not even give me the courtesy of notification so I could get another teaching job for the summer. I emailed the secretary who told me to email Dr. Kuo; she would not reply. Dean Karen Novick replied that last summer attendance was lower than expected and apologized for not informing me (too late for me). In a Rutgers newspaper, the Targum, Dr. Novick was quoted as stating she wasn't certain that registration was lower. I then found out the real reason was that Dr. Linardopulos was asked to teach a hybrid course; so the original statement of lower attendance was not the real reason. After finding out about the summer I was concerned about my teaching in the fall. After all, I have been teaching six classes a year at Rutgers for 24 years. I contacted Dr. Novick by email who kept telling me that they were still interviewing candidates for teaching and it was not decided. I was always told it was a personnel issue and they would not tell me anything. Until today I have still not been told if I am teaching this fall. I have always been notified about summer teaching in february, and about fall teaching by the end of march. I have been looking into other teaching jobs since no one will tell me about the fall. Everywhere I turn it is too late to get a job. Just this past week, after countless emails and phone calls to the department, I received a fedexed letter stating that I was not being rehired because I was unqualified to teach the "new curriculum" they had instituted in the department . In fact, I had taught the new curriculum for two semesters, fall 2011 and spring 2012 and received excellent evaluations frm the students AND the department. In addition, I just learned that Dr. Kuo has resigned and Dr. Katz is taking a two year sabbatical from the department. One of my main questions is, since I complained to all the Rutgers teachers and administrators including the President's office that I feel that the original complaint came from someone anti-Semitic (what student on the first day of class would make a written complaint based on such trivial items?) and the statement from my Coptic Christian student was ignored , isn't this a bias charge? No one from the administration got back to me about any of this. Please understand my Holocaust background is a world in which any accusation can lead to something serious. I have been suffering from extreme emotional and hysical distress since this occurred and the way this was handled by the administration. I cannot sleep. I am convinced this is anti-Semitic, harrassment and bullying. I believe it occurred because I am a staunch Zionist, speak out and wear a skullcap. It is interesting to note that Dr. Katz once said to me"are you staying out of trouble?" Of course this was referring to my speaking out on Jewish issues as seen in the media (radio, tv, newspaper). Many people have tried helping me resolve this. They are told this is a "personnel issue" which only makes me more concerned regarding my reputation. I prefer to settle this in an amicable fashion by continuing at Rutgers. I had no choice but to go to the media and speak out. My part time lecturers union has told me they cannot help me ; they only deal with monetary issues. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
      Posted by on 06/21/2012
    • NEED A LABOR ATTORNEYTHAT WILL HANDLE THIS ON CONTINGENCY. If I WIN PROFITS WILL GO OUR SYNAGOGUE AS A DONATION, TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A HOLOCAUST FUND AND TO YESHIVA UNIVERSITY TO ESTABLISH A SPEECH DEPT. AS WELL AS TO THE METUCHEN EDISON CLERGY ASSOCIATION TO HELP THE NEEDY. This is a matter of pride. At their last meeting of the board they threw out students who wanted to speak about tuition hikes. Soon our kids will no longer be able to afford Rutgers. Also they are taking in substantial foreign students who pay full tuition thus raising the SAT scores needed to get in. This is a fight on behalf of adjuncts, students, and the people of NEW JERSEY. I SEEK NO PERSONAL GAIN. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG rabbi to sue rutgers after teaching since 1990
      Posted by dr. rosenberg on 06/26/2012
    • THE NEWSPAPERS WILL NOT RUN THIS. EVERYTHING HERE TRUE. I FEEL SAD FOR MY STUDENTS. THERE IS ANTI-SEMITISM AT RUTGERS AND IT IS BEING COVERED UP. PLEASE SHARE THIS FOR THE SAKE OF OUR KIDS. BEN RABBI ROSENBERG 732 5722766 5 FAIRHILL RD. EDISONN NJ FROM A MAJOR LABOR LAWYER... WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME HORRIBLE DR0WNING ADJUNCT BOAT . I read over your comments and tried to evaluate them from every possible angle. As you may be aware I had taught at the undergraduate and graduate level for over 53 years with 17 of them as a full time faculty member; Executive Masters Program Director and Department Chairman. I have also been an Adjunct at several UNiversities and know the full spectrum of the position they play with the academic structure. That being said as you are aware Adjuncts are the slave labor of the university. In virtually every environment they lack any form of protection in their teaching position. There is no requirement to rehire them on a continual basis and if in fact a full time faculty member desires to teach your course for the first time they are entitled to do so. I had been an Adjunct at the University of New Haven Graduate School of Business for 35 years and literally "owned" the courses in which I taught. The curricula was changes and in spite of the fact I was the only person qualified to teach the courses, I was unceremoniously dropped. The program recently restarted and my former courses were renewed, but I was not asked to teach. The question then arises in situations such as yourself, are there any grounds upon which you have a sustainable basis for seeking recourse against the institution? The discrimination laws do in fact apply to Universities and Colleges. There are several cases involving faculty who have either not been promoted; terminated; not granted tenure based upon race, creed, religion ,sex, and/or national origin. The burden of proof is always upon the complaining faculty. There are virtually no cases involving adjuncts do to the fact they are legally employees at sufferance. Where cases do exist most of them involved the failure to hire initial due to the previously mentioned areas of protection. Where this all gets tricky is when the University uses or creates a "pretext" not to rehire or to terminate. It appears that you were in fact set up or at least fell into a confluence of circumstances which played directly into the hands of the powers that be. On the facts you have set forth you have an extremely difficult road to pursue recourse. The complaints against you are being utilized by the University directly related to "competence and qualification." These are traditionally the basis for terminating or not renewing faculty. Your 20 year run as an adjunct certainly is supportive of the fact that the School; Department Chair; Dean and students felt you competent...what has suddenly changed? You indicate is was a new curricula which although you taught it last year with obviously no student complaints, you have to separate yourself form your teaching under the old vis-a-vis the new. Just want to share. I will be teaching at another college. However this is the story of adjuncts without tenure. I tried to help others but we are all in the same boat, without tenure adjuncts are the slaves of the university system. I truly believe I was harassed and bullied as are so many other adjuncts, but at least I FOUGHT BACK. The union is worthless as they deal only with pay raises. IF you are an adjunct and have treated this way I feel sad for you, but unless adjuncts unite to fight back this will remain the story . Thank G-d I AM A RABBI AND MAKE A LIVING. Many of my colleagues in academia are starving. BEN ROSENBERG
      Posted by DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG on 07/09/2012
    • Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:00 am Contracts disatisfy part-time lecturersBy Matthew Matilsky / Staff | 1 comment A part-time lecturer accused the University of being unfair toward part-time employees in a YouTube video, which was eventually shared on Twitter by former University football team players, Ray Rice and Khaseem Greene. His business card reads “Rabbi Dr. Bernhard H. Rosenberg,” professor at Yeshiva University and part-time lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University. Rosenberg recently learned he would not be teaching public speaking at the University this summer, a course he has taught for 23 years. He thinks he lost his job over trivial arguments because his relationships within the department are unsteady. Karen Novick, associate dean of the Department of Communication, said Rosenberg’s case is a “personnel issue” and did not indicate whether enrollment levels were the exact issue. “Within the department as a whole I believe enrollments were down a little,” Novick said. But Rosenberg’s dissatisfaction with the University is shared among part-time lecturers across departments. “We hear about $1.5 billion to be spent on the merger and the potential of another $10 million if the University decides to leave the Big East, so the funds are there,” said Eleanor LaPointe, a part-time lecturer in the Department of Sociology. “Are we educating students … or are we wheeling and dealing in athletic conferences?” Because of state budget cuts in 2010, the University suspended plans to negotiate raises for its staff, according to, whose research points out that since 2006 the school has spent almost $1.5 million dollars on its athletic department. Aside from the lack of funding, part-time lecturers have no job protection, Rosenberg said. Part-time lecturers are not promised more than one semester of work at a time. “This affects every part-time lecturer on this campus,” Rosenberg said in his YouTube video. “We are nothing. We are trash. We are slave labor. We have no rights.” LaPointe wrote two letters to The Daily Targum in October and December 2011 describing the problem further. “The growing ranks of [part-time lecturers] … make notoriously low wages, have little or no health care coverage, are often expected to engage in unpaid work … [and] may not know whether they will have a job next semester and are increasingly treated as replaceable ‘units,’” LaPointe said in her letter. Regardless of how many students are in a class, part-time lecturers are paid $1,500 per credit hour, or $4,500 for a three-credit course, LaPointe said. But their contracts have expired, and negotiations are under way for new ones, she said. Steve Peterson, a part-time lecturer in the Department of Math and chief negotiator for the union representing part-timer lecturers, said the University has denied his requests. Peterson said part-time lecturers want a longer contract terms, compensation for overseeing independent study and a 3 percent raise, based on their current yearly income from the University. But the University refused the first two requests and countered the third with a 1 percent raise, based on how much they make in a semester. “Our contract is very simple, we’ve just been stonewalled for over year now,” Peterson said. “It’s been very frustrating for us.” The University is not discussing any issues surrounding the contractual negotiations, said Greg Trevor, senior director of University Media Relations. “The negotiations are ongoing and continue to be productive,” he said. LaPointe said the University treats part-time lecturers like “replaceable units.” The request for part-time lecturers to receive their raises, proposed by the AFT-AAUP branch at the University, would cost the school a fraction of what it spends on the athletic department, LaPointe said. She said the issue is just as grave for students, many of who will enter the same or equally unreliable careers. Worse still is when part-time lecturers suffer because they oversee independent study. “It is hard to say no, but if you agree to it, you are donating your time ... time that may be very precious, especially if you are teaching multiple courses on multiple satellite campuses, multiple jobs or even at multiple universities,” LaPointe said via email correspondence. Rosenberg said he can still make ends meet with his other jobs, but said it is unfortunate that other part-time lecturers might not be as lucky
      Posted by dr. bernhard rosenberg on 07/13/2012
      Posted by DR. ROSENBERG on 07/15/2012
    • 732 572 2766 this is happening throughout the country. Your kids or grandchildren may be one of these crying. I TAUGHT SINCE 1990 AND HAVE NO TENURE AS AN ADJUNCT. They got rid of me in June so that I COULD NOT MOBILIZE THE STUDENTS. Students from other countries pay full tuition, they want them not the students who reside. in the state. This is the truth. ben rosenberg Rutgers raises tuition 2.5 percent; students claim they can't Purchase Image Rutgers University senior Kaitlin D'Agostino (right) is comforted by a friend as she reacts to the tuition increase approved by the Board of Governors on Wednesday because it means she might not be able to afford to stay at the school. / Bob Makin/Staff Photo Written by Bob Makin @ReporterBMakin •Filed Under •News •Rutgers University •East Rutherford NEW BRUNSWICK — Despite Rutgers University Board of Governors Chairman Ralph Izzo’s shock that students had to choose between food and tuition during experiences shared during the board’s monthly meeting, the board increased tuition 2.5 percent and overall expenses 2.2 percent on Wednesday. The increases are in keeping with inflation and expected to be the lowest cost increases among the state’s public universities and colleges, said Daniel H. Schulman, chairman of the board’s finance committee. “I am pleased that for the second consecutive year, in-state tuition charges at Rutgers will be increasing at or below the rate of inflation,” Izzo said. “In the face of significant budgetary challenges, the staff and faculty of our university continue to identify new efficiencies in order to provide an affordable, high-quality education for New Jersey’s top high school graduates.” Dozens of students protested outside the board meeting, chanting “Keep Rutgers public,” referring to costs that they said are beginning to resemble a private institution. While they did, Nancy Winterbauer, vice president of university budgeting, explained a delicate balance between quality and affordable education that will include more than $20 million in cuts to the university’s budget. “It will come from cuts across all of the units,” Winterbauer said. “It’s going to be more deferred maintenance, less full-time faculty, less library books. It’s going to be all the things we traditionally have to do to tighten our belt. “One of the board members mentioned that our administrative units have seen double-digit decreases in their staffing because we have not been able to keep this place going with the growth in enrollment and tuition increases that we’ve had,” she added. “But we’ll do it again because the board was clearly focused on trying to keep this tuition increase as low as possible while still maintaining the quality of service that we offer.” To further ensure that Rutgers remains accessible to all qualified New Jersey residents, the board allocated an additional $2.4 million in university funds for student financial aid, bringing the total Rutgers Assistance Grant budget to $27.5 million, Winterbauer said. RAG awards are used to supplement state and federal financial aid offerings, she said. (Page 2 of 3) Sixty-one percent of Rutgers undergraduates received some form of need-based financial aid last year of either grants or subsidized loans, Winterbauer said. The board of the state Higher Education Student Assistance Authority will meet Wednesday to approve Tuition Aid Grant award levels for 2012-13, said Gabrielle Charette, executive director of the agency. Based on increased funding for the program that was signed into law, those levels expected to increase, Charette said. Out-of-state woes But that won’t help Kaitlin D’Agostino, a senior originally from East Rutherford whose parents moved to Massachusetts after divorcing. She said the approval of a 4 percent tuition increase for out-of-state students combined with her ineligibility for TAG money might force her to drop out of school with only one year left. Winterbauer suggested that D’Agostino transfer to a more affordable school in Massachusetts. D’Agostino said that would not be cost-effective because she would lose too many credits. “I chose to go to Rutgers because it’s an excellent research institution,” said D’Agostino, who is studying African, Middle Eastern and South Asian languages and literature. “Whether in-state or out-of-state, Rutgers should be affordable. That the vice president of budget affairs should say I should go to another school shows how proud they are to retain their students who want to maintain academic excellence. “I’m trying to get an education, but I have no money to do that,” she added. “I don’t how I’m going to come up with $5,000. I lived here for 12 years in East Rutherford. I moved not by choice, because my family got divorced. I never wanted to move there. I always considered myself from this state. But there are people from other countries who move here and live here for a year, and they get to pay in-state, but they’re barely residents of New Jersey. This is my home. I’ve lived here so long. My home is kicking me out.” DR. ROSENBERG SPEAKS OUT. THE TEACHER WHO CARES. THE ROSENBERG REVOLTION SHARE WITH OTHERS. REGARDING RUTGERS -----Original Message----- From: chaimdov <> To: chaimdov <> Sent: Tue, Feb 28, 2012 10:52 pm Subject: video
      Posted by dr. rosenberg on 07/19/2012
    • -----Original Message----- From: chaimdov <> To: president <> Sent: Thu, Jul 19, 2012 8:30 pm Subject: dr. rosenberg •Home •About •Professors •Schools •Best Professors Lists • Hi, Guest! [ create account | login ] Home » United States » New Jersey » Rutgers - State University of New Jersey » Bernard Rosenberg Bernard Rosenberg •Name: Bernard Rosenberg •School: Rutgers - State University of New Jersey •Location: New Brunswick, NJ •Department: Communication •4.9Overall Quality •5.0Helpfulness •4.9Clarity •4.7Easiness •0Hotness Number of ratings 10Submit a Correction Rate this professor Email this page Post this on Twitter •User Comments and Ratings •Professor Rebuttals • Date Class Rating Comment 4/4/12 PUBSPYU Good Quality Easiness5 Helpfulness5 Clarity5 Rater Interest1 Best teacher I've ever had, feel sorry for those who cannot get onto this course!!! Report this rating 2/22/12 PubSp380 Good Quality Easiness5 Helpfulness5 Clarity5 Rater Interest3 Why is Professor Rosenberg not teaching Public Speaking in the Summer? I waited the entire year to take it with him and now he isn't teaching it? Every single person who has ever had him has told me he is amazing. Report this rating 9/4/11 PUBSP220 Good Quality Easiness4 Helpfulness5 Clarity5 Rater Interest5 BEST PROFESSOR FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING HANDS DOWN.It is impossible to fail this class. Even if you barely do anything you will likely get at least a B as long as you participate and show up to class. I only did two speeches and got an A Report this rating 8/23/11 acds1111 Good Quality Easiness4 Helpfulness5 Clarity5 Rater Interest4 Great guy, great class! Take him if you can! Report this rating 11/12/09 PubSp380 Good Quality Easiness5 Helpfulness5 Clarity4 Rater Interest2 This guy is the best! He's funny, nice, and very approachable! He'll help you in any way you can because he cares about his students. Take him! Report this rating
      Posted by dr. bernhard rosenberg on 07/19/2012
    • -----Original Message----- From: chaimdov <> To: chaimdov <> Sent: Sun, Jul 22, 2012 5:57 pm Subject: Fwd: : MY STUDENTS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN KIDS LIVES MOST OF THESE GUYS ARE MY FORMER STUDENTS THEY HAVE SPOKEN OUT ON MY BEHALF. Hard to explain what it means to have made a difference in these kids lives. dr. BERNHARD ROSENBERG 732 572 2766 Seven former Scarlet Knights are currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Pictured from left - Tiquan Underwood, Jeremy Zuttah, Derrick Roberson, Eric LeGrand, Desmond Wynn, George Johnson and Gary Gibson. Howard Barbieri (2007-10) Baltimore Brandon Bing (2007-10) N.Y. Giants Kenny Britt (2006-08) Tennessee Kevin Brock (2005-08) Buffalo Anthony Davis (2007-09) San Francisco Ryan D'Imperio (2006-09) Minnesota Eric Foster (2003-07) Indianapolis Justin Francis (2007-11) New England Gary Gibson (2001-04) Tampa Bay Courtney Greene (2005-08) Jacksonville Clark Harris (2003-06) Cincinnati Kevin Haslam (2006-09) Oakland George Johnson (2006-09) Tampa Bay Eric LeGrand (2007-11) Tampa Bay Brian Leonard (2002-06) Cincinnati Joe Lefeged (2007-10) Indianapolis Kevin Malast (2005-08) Tennessee Joe Martinek (2007-11) N.Y. Giants Devin McCourty (2005-09) New England Jason McCourty (2005-08) Tennessee Ray Rice (2005-07) Baltimore Derrick Roberson (2003-06) Tampa Bay Mohamed Sanu (2010-12) Cincinnati Alex Silvestro (2007-10) New England Desmond Stapleton (2007-11) Pittsburgh Tiquan Underwood (2005-08) Tampa Bay Jamaal Westerman (2004-08) Miami Desmond Wynn (2007-11) Tampa Bay Jeremy Zuttah (2004-07) Tampa Bay
      Posted by dr. bernhard rosenberg on 07/22/2012
    • To Whom it May Concern, I am a concerned Rutgers student writing about a really influential professor I had in the Public Speaking class I took in the Fall of 2011. In this class, I learned how to stop repeating phrases like "umm" and "so" in my speeches. He taught me how to cater to the audience, be concise, be clear, and be coherent. His style of teaching, such as through offering criticism during the students speeches allow for students to gain confidence and improve on the spot. He took extra time preparing me for an interview I had for a scholarship and I was able to get to the finalist stage. I have recently been in contact with him and found out that he will no longer be teaching the class for Fall of 2012 due to his 'skills' and 'qualifications' that did not meet the new course content. Being his student for Fall 2011, I can tell you that he adjusted his class, even though he did not agree in entirety with the new curriculum. The emphasis in Dr. Rosenberg's class was still in the oral aspect as it should be in a PUBLIC SPEAKING course. The new curriculum seemed to take emphasis away from the oral aspect. For example from having students regularly reading long passages from a book, taking away time from practicing speech or watching effective speakers. However, he routinely checked his students written rough drafts to make sure they complied with an effective speech and asked his students to read from the new book. As students in his class, we found of more benefit to read from the book that Dr. Rosenberg offered, which though being concise, allowed us more time to PRACTICE speech. You do not learn how to effectively use hand gestures and avoid filler words through reading a book. I know that not having Dr. Rosenberg teaching Public Speaking is going to have a negative impact for the course. What makes me upset even more is that how Dr. Rosenberg was given very short notice (since June) about not teaching this Fall. As some one who has been at Rutgers for decades this is not morally correct. You might say that I am just one student, but if you look at Dr. Rosenberg's student reviews you will find many other people that would agree with me. I would like to see a great Professor return to Rutgers and at least be further notified what are these vague 'qualifications' that Dr. Rosenberg does not possess? I look forward to hearing from you,
      Posted by dr. bernhard rosenberg on 07/26/2012
    • Regarding the article "Rutgers steps up efforts to go global, attract foreign students " Rutgers has become nothing more than big business. New Jersey residents are not being admitted to Rutgers because the students cannot compete with the grades and SAT scores of the foreign students. Out of state and foreign students pay substantially more tuition than in state students. I taught at Rutgers from 1990 until June of 2012. Even though the Communication dept denies it, I was told to give 20% A's and 20% C's and D's to my students. From my experience the foreign students who took accelerated courses in their native countries did better at Rutgers than NJ Students including some athletes. Obviously the higher grades would have gone to the foreign students in most cases. I refused to comply. I am no longer teaching at Rutgers. Need I say more. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
      Posted by ROSENBERG on 01/05/2013
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      Posted by 92180 on 10/22/2014
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    • We work together <a href=" ">possibly nolvadex research chemical buy unless occasionally</a> While it may seem like an odd coupling, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds and indie rocker Alanis Morissette were once engaged. The couple met in 2002 and dated for two years before getting engaged in 2004. But in 2006, things started to go sour and the pair briefly split in June. However, it wasn't until February 2007 that the former sweethearts made their split official.
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      Posted by 4330 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 928600 on 10/22/2014
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    • I've just started at how much does diflucan cost with insurance Whomever the Nets pick as captain for this squad — and they have an incumbent in Williams and the longtime Celtics captain in Paul Pierce — it’s really just a figurehead position unless it goes to Garnett.
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    • We work together clomid 50 vs 100mg "The Federal Reserve's decision to appeal is the right thingto do for consumers who value debit cards and the financialinstitutions that serve them," Frank Keating, president of theAmerican Bankers Association, said in a statement on Wednesday.
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      Posted by 92346 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 5987 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 35473 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 951689 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 4879 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 3821 on 10/22/2014
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      Posted by 490722 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 63784 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 77480 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 255400 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 4251 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 1143 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 45442 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 888712 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 67488 on 10/23/2014
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      Posted by 81929 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 9327 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 2356 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 19412 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 17879 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 269278 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 957214 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 637372 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 3905 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 980895 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 3817 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 3781 on 10/24/2014
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      Posted by 223834 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 24415 on 10/25/2014
    • What do you do? <a href=" ">buy bimatoprost with saturday delivery</a> At least four more people have been arrested in a second night of violence in suburbs west of Paris. About 20 cars have been burned, bus shelters destroyed and a police station attacked following the unrest in Trappes.
      Posted by 7573 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 833671 on 10/25/2014
    • Remove card <a href=" ">100mg cozaar</a> A reduction in blood pressure reduces a person's overall risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. In fact, according to the scientists, heart disease and stroke that are linked to high blood pressure cause around 80 times more deaths than skin cancer.
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    • Photography <a href=" ">losartan cozaar price</a> "We believe the destruction (of chemical weapons) on Syrian territory is the best option," he was quoted as saying, adding that the Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits the export of chemical weapons.
      Posted by 5663 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 68469 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 47983 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 667392 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 456931 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 4740 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 65057 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 8428 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 71264 on 10/25/2014
    • US dollars <a href=" ">efectos secundarios de cozaar .25 mg</a> Linda Williams, an investigative analyst at the United States Department of Agriculture, waited longer to file for unemployment benefits because she was hoping the shutdown would be over by now. But now that it's been well over a week, she has finally gathered her documents and filed for benefits online.
      Posted by 925986 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 20369 on 10/25/2014
    • Free medical insurance <a href=" ">cozaar 25 mg color</a> A number of major U.S. Internet companies, includingMicrosoft, Google and Facebook, haveasked the government for permission to disclose the number ofnational security-related user data requests they receive.
      Posted by 43952 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 22549 on 10/25/2014
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      Posted by 1631 on 10/26/2014
    • History <a href=" ">how to buy doxycycline</a> "There are risks with huge impact hiding in the 'long tails' of extremely low probability events. At 8:45am on September 11, 2001 the chance of two aeroplanes hitting the World Trade Centre would be indistinguishable from zero. Not 'impossible' but very, very unlikely. Then it happened.
      Posted by 571631 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 72100 on 10/26/2014
    • This is the job description <a href=" ">amitriptyline hydrochloride 25 mg(elavil)</a> "If you want to understand whether there is a positive or anegative outlook for equities, then PMIs are quite a goodmeasure. We've seen a gradual improvement in PMIs since lastJuly and now we're in growth territory," said James Butterfill,global equity strategist at Coutts.
      Posted by 78117 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 86758 on 10/26/2014
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    • Why did you come to ? <a href=" ">spectacle bell cost albendazole faithful</a> "I'm very confident in myself and in my ability, but in boxing there's always the unknown," said Jacobs, sitting in the shade of a tree in the school yard of PS 175 at the Harlem Children's Festival on Saturday. "I could be just as good as he can be if not better as far as skills and experience. But it only takes one punch, so we always want to make sure that we stick to the game plan."
      Posted by 32248 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 23667 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 260746 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 863439 on 10/26/2014
    • No, I'm not particularly sporty <a href=" ">cd meter diflucan compresse 100mg monsters mug</a> The plot and character clichés in Blomkamp&#8217;s screenplay are easier to accept thanks to his eye for visual detail. He envisions a future Los Angeles as an endless, sun-bleached shantytown, and its resemblance to a modern-day Brazilian favela is surely no coincidence. The pristine Elysium is reminiscent of a billionaire&#8217;s French villa. And his depiction of technology is understated and amusing; throwbacky blinking cursors and Bluetoothy brain chips give the story texture. Blomkamp also employs the most convincing blend of CGI and physical sets in recent memory, and uses handheld cameras wisely to choreograph crisp, exciting action sequences.
      Posted by 717204 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 1385 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 3857 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 1503 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 301018 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 20986 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 5065 on 10/26/2014
    • I'd like to order some foreign currency <a href=" ">can i order diflucan online</a> The claim that I&#8217;ve seen explains it as if these paid posts replace organic posts, which isn&#8217;t the case. The News Feed algorithm is separate from the advertising algorithm in that we don&#8217;t replace the most engaging posts in News Feed with sponsored ones.&#8221;
      Posted by 754541 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 8089 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 13513 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 26146 on 10/26/2014
    • Sorry, you must have the wrong number <a href=" ">robes feathers 10mg abilify depression surgeon</a> During his visit, Iran has shown new urgency in reviving the stalled negotiations, seeking to ease crippling international sanctions as quickly as possible. Rouhani said Wednesday that "we have nothing to hide" and Zarif said he hoped his counterparts "have the same political will as we do to start serious negotiations with a view to reaching an agreement within the shortest span of time."
      Posted by 5669 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 1384 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 74387 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 832647 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 6450 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 77051 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 49337 on 10/26/2014
    • We'd like to invite you for an interview <a href=" ">25 mg amitriptyline weight gain</a> The Yankees have been managing Pineda’s innings carefully since he started pitching again, throwing him between three and five innings per start. Girardi said he wouldn’t have been surprised to see Pineda join the team down the stretch, though that’s obviously now in question.
      Posted by 935005 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 80580 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 635798 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 6925 on 10/26/2014
    • A law firm <a href=" ">geodon 80 mg cap</a> At Woodruff Park, a 6-acre downtown hangout, nearly a dozen smokers could be spotted in the park on a recent, sunny Friday morning. The regulars said they knew about the rules, but found ways to get around them.
      Posted by 50349 on 10/26/2014
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      Posted by 815090 on 10/26/2014
    • Incorrect PIN <a href=" ">buy sildalis</a> Bigger profits are good news, but it would have been better news had those increased profits been put to work, not laid off in accounts paying modest interest. Hoarding corporate cash in bank accounts, Treasuries and tax-exempt bonds poses a serious threat to the economy, as Congress recognized when it enacted the corporate income tax in 1909.
      Posted by 7355 on 10/27/2014
    • Do you like it here? <a href=" ">get online prescription diflucan</a> "But if stop and search is being used too much or with the wrong people, it is not just a waste of police time - it also serves to undermine public confidence in the police. That is why last week the Home Secretary announced a public consultation into the use of stop and search. The Government will respond to the HMIC report and the replies to the public consultation with specific proposals by the end of the year."
      Posted by 22553 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 7863 on 10/27/2014
    • Looking for a job <a href=" ">diflucan price uk</a> &#8220;They hacked into our Skype account about a week ago and sent a virus to all the contacts in it. Every time they do something like that, we know we are doing our jobs&#8221; said Summer Ajlouni, founder of Syria al-Shaab in a report by Dan Rather of HDNet.
      Posted by 5410 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 9329 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 110187 on 10/27/2014
    • Could I take your name and number, please? <a href=" ">where can i buy bimatoprost over the counter in the uk</a> On Sunday night, Snowden applied for asylum in 19 countries, according to Wikileaks, the anti-secrecy organization that is helping him travel. That is in addition to his existing applications with Ecuador and Iceland. But some of those countries, namely India, Brazil and Poland, have already rejected his application. It appears unlikely he will receive asylum in the others.
      Posted by 63897 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 8621 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 93096 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 76498 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 29744 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 80644 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 317625 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 21009 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 8292 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 453704 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 65051 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 391073 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 7091 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 253483 on 10/27/2014
    • A few months <a href=" ">geodon 80 mg uses</a> The House Republican proposal called for cuts in entitlementprograms like the Medicare health plan for seniors to replacetwo years of the automatic spending cuts known as"sequestration" agreed to last year by Congress, seniorcongressional aides said.
      Posted by 5914 on 10/27/2014
    • How do you know each other? <a href=" ">geodon 40 mg price</a> Finally Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has begun unveiling the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 7. Jhony Ive is the only man accountable for bringing innovation to the mobile market of iPhones and iPads.
      Posted by 69429 on 10/27/2014
    • Do you like it here? <a href=" ">geodon 40 mg</a> &ldquo;In some countries, the enthusiasm for Shakespeare is so amazing that I have not had to show my passport on arrival, just because they are so happy to have someone from the Globe visiting. It&rsquo;s a miracle that a writer from the West Midlands writing 400 years ago can hold that kind of currency.&rdquo;
      Posted by 954509 on 10/27/2014
    • I'm not interested in football <a href=" ">geodon 20 mg twice a day</a> Building this data hub isn't cheap: HHS is paying more than $55 million to Quality Software Services Inc. (a unit of United Healthcare), the contractor it hired to create the system. The project is on track to launch on time: A recent Government Accountability Office audit found that the data hub has hit its scheduled deadlines so far; HHS officials say they're confident they'll be ready to launch by October.
      Posted by 31453 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 1659 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 98109 on 10/27/2014
    • I'd like some euros <a href=" ">Order Imigran Online</a> After weeks of futile, political mediation, police moved on Wednesday to clear two Brotherhood protest sit-ins in Cairo. Almost 600 people, most of them Islamists, were killed in the mayhem. With no compromise in sight, the most populous Arab nation - which is often seen as leading events in the entire region - looks increasingly polarized and angry.
      Posted by 372146 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 34632 on 10/27/2014
    • Gloomy tales <a href=" ">levaquin 750 mg pills</a> Thanks to the financial crisis, many firms are restructuringto survive. German engineering group Siemens ismid-way through a 6 billion euro programme of cost cuts. Germansteel giant ThyssenKrupp has sold off a number ofassets and targeted cost cuts of 2 billion euros. Swiss engineer ABB hasvowed to pull out of low-margin engineering in favour ofhigher-margin software and systems activities - sending itsshares soaring.
      Posted by 713356 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 91052 on 10/27/2014
    • We work together <a href=" ">bd 50 clomid</a> From Robert De Niro's dramatic weight gain for 'Raging Bull' to Matthew McConaughey's intense loss for 'The Dallas Buyer's Club,' check out celebrities who've shocked us with their shape-shifting ways...
      Posted by 12309 on 10/27/2014
    • What do you do? <a href=" ">tablet misoprostol</a> The woman - whose arms were also smeared with blood - pulled off her animal (top) and fled down a street in Warrington, Cheshire, after it ripped off the head of a Pomeranian dog (bottom left). As the Pomeranian's owner Gemma Antell (bottom right, pictured with another of her dogs, Chewy), 30, looked on in horror, the woman allegedly said: 'It's not his fault - he's only a baby'.
      Posted by 6334 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 918831 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 51298 on 10/27/2014
    • A jiffy bag <a href=" ">albendazole 400 mg chewable peppermint</a> With the annual pop culture-paloooza just weeks away, the event&#8217;s organizers have finally released an official schedule, and if you thought your schedule looked packed based on initial panel reports, prepare yourself for more than a few tough choices.
      Posted by 137734 on 10/27/2014
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      Posted by 562403 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 872138 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 89455 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 908566 on 10/28/2014
    • A staff restaurant <a href=" ">complaint zetia discount flight souvenir</a> The company is expecting jet fuel consumption growth inChina to slip to 9 percent from 2016 to 2020, from 11 percentfrom 2011 to 2015, which will likely keep jet fuel import growthrates at almost zero, CAO Chief Executive Meng Fanqiu said.
      Posted by 826266 on 10/28/2014
    • About a year <a href=" ">how to take levaquin 750 mg</a> Lexus told us in an emailed statement, &#8220;As one of several third-party sources for vehicle evaluations, we have a great amount of respect for Consumer Reports and take its review very seriously. Lexus is currently assessing the CR review for the all-new 2014 IS 250 AWD.  As the Consumer Reports evaluation includes many factors, Lexus is unclear on the cause for the low rating. We look forward to engaging in a discussion with them to get more direct feedback on their experience with the car.&#8221;
      Posted by 5939 on 10/28/2014
    • I'm interested in <a href="|ibuprofen ">800 mg of ibuprofen</a> “The trend we see is that Chinese carriers are offering more subsidized phones to consumers. This is not restricted to high-end smartphones such as the iPhone and Galaxy 4S, but also low-end smartphones,” Wong wrote in an e-mail.
      Posted by 971318 on 10/28/2014
    • Thanks for calling <a href=" ">levaquin 250 mg tablet</a> Sharon Meadows, Director of Devices at EE, claimed &ldquo;The Xperia Z1 truly is the latest in mobile technology, designed to give customers the ultimate smartphone experience.&rdquo; Sources at the network said that it considered Sony&rsquo;s forthcoming products were likely to find increasing popularity with consumers.
      Posted by 19585 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 3753 on 10/28/2014
    • Did you go to university? <a href=" ">levaquin 250 mg uses</a> The Co-operative&rsquo;s lawyers will handle the details of your claim but it will make a big difference to your chances of success, and a quick settlement, if you can provide as many details as possible about the circumstances of your accident.
      Posted by 988205 on 10/28/2014
    • What do you study? <a href=" ">can i buy lexapro in mexico</a> The bill was revised on Wednesday to raise the top incometax rate on a sliding scale to 35 percent, impose a 5 percenttax on junk food and roll back plans to apply sales tax onrents, mortgages, property sales and school fees.
      Posted by 22820 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 700637 on 10/28/2014
    • US dollars <a href=" ">levofloxacin discount card</a> Led by Germany, the euro zone has pledged to consider milddebt cut relief measures for Greece next year, such as extendingmaturities on its rescue loans, to reduce its debt-to-GDP-ratioto 120 percent by 2020 from a currently projected 124 percent.
      Posted by 318389 on 10/28/2014
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      Posted by 37739 on 10/28/2014
    • Have you got a telephone directory? <a href=" ">lipitor 5mg dose</a> It is time for Europeans to stop believing that the transatlantic defense and security equation cannot work without U.S. leadership and time for the U.S. to accept that it does not have to lead everywhere in the world, and certainly not in Europe where its closest and richest allies dwell. NATO has been the jewel in the transatlantic crown but it is time to tailor it for the new century.
      Posted by 756191 on 10/28/2014
    • Will I have to work on Saturdays? <a href=" ">how much does levofloxacin cost without insurance</a> "A final possibility was that the unemployment rate threshold announced by the MPC had been higher than some financial market participants had expected, or that the conditionality attached to the forward guidance - in the form of the three knockouts - had been more stringent," it said.
      Posted by 4555 on 10/29/2014
    • We went to university together <a href=" ">levofloxacin cost iv</a> Fonterra discovered in March that some whey proteinconcentrate, produced and sold to customers in May 2012, wascontaminated. It immediately began testing, but as most of thebacteria's strains are benign, the company did not find theharmful strain until July. Customers were informed on July 31,Spierings said.
      Posted by 112486 on 10/29/2014
    • I'll text you later <a href=" ">is 5mg lipitor enough</a> Yet Chief Executive Olof Persson told analysts on Wednesdaythat Volvo, which makes trucks under brands such as Renault andMack as well as its own name, would take on temporary workers toraise output, rather than commit to taking on new full timeemployees.
      Posted by 43072 on 10/29/2014
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      Posted by 151339 on 10/29/2014
    • Insufficient funds <a href=" ">levofloxacin online</a> The euro and the dollar both saw quiet startsto European trading while in the bond market, focus was turningto U.S. retail sales data that will add fuel to thedebate over the U.S. Federal Reserve's stimulus plans.
      Posted by 28557 on 10/29/2014
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      Posted by 32106 on 10/29/2014
    • We were at school together <a href=" ">lipitor coupon 2014</a> Chris joins Grande and Max for a discussion on where this team is going and what Rajon Rondo has to do to be the leader of this team. The conversation also shifts towards the legacy of the Celtics big three and whether or not their individual numbers will be sent to the rafters.
      Posted by 55204 on 10/29/2014
    • I'd like to cancel this standing order <a href=" ">lipitor recall 2014</a> The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions - which represents the nation's museums, galleries, parks and zoos - said that for some members, transport disruption in London was having a bigger effect on revenues than the weather.
      Posted by 2307 on 10/29/2014
    • I'm not sure <a href=" ">lipitor online</a> Guggenheim, which launched its first corporate bondBulletShares ETF in 2010, had record sales For its BulletSharessuite in July, according to Bill Belden, head of productdevelopment and managing director, who expects inflows tocontinue apace as investors seek to protect against risingrates.
      Posted by 894858 on 10/29/2014
    • Just over two years <a href=" ">generic atorvastatin price uk</a> Poliakoff was, she recalls, &ldquo;quite taken aback&rdquo;, if only because this was the first he&rsquo;d heard of it and he was eager for the sex to look authentic. Negotiations about how to film the scene in a cramped railway carriage continued for two months. &ldquo;Stephen was very sweet. He would say, 'I don&rsquo;t want you to do anything you&rsquo;re uncomfortable with.&rsquo; And so then I would say, 'Well don&rsquo;t make me take my clothes off.&rsquo; That was how the conversation would go every day. And I tried to say to him, 'I don&rsquo;t want to do it is because selfishly those images don&rsquo;t go away.&rsquo; I would have spent the rest of the episodes trying to convince the audience that she was more than just a pair of tits. And I didn&rsquo;t want that to have to be my job. But at the same time I also didn&rsquo;t want to have to take my clothes off on camera. I&rsquo;m not body-confident. I&rsquo;m just not.&rdquo;
      Posted by 56582 on 10/29/2014
    • How long have you lived here? <a href=" ">maxalt tablets</a> Wednesday's request by court-appointed trustee James Giddens would reallocate money earmarked for general unsecured creditors to customers of the brokerage, who have a higher-priority payback status. The move could bring closure to customers who have waited nearly two years to fully recover their money, which became tied up when MF Global went bankrupt on October 31, 2011.
      Posted by 80660 on 10/29/2014
    • I was made redundant two months ago <a href=" ">maxalt tablets</a> The five international judges said the Philippines had until March 30, 2014 to produce written arguments about the case's admissibility and merits. China is a member of the tribunal but has forgone its right to select one of the judges to the panel.
      Posted by 7975 on 10/29/2014
    • I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name <a href=" ">lipitor tab 40mg</a> Arsenal will strengthen, confirmed general manager Vic Akers, who formed the club in 1987 and as ­manager led them to their greatest triumphs before stepping aside in 2009. Akers, however, is not happy with they way that Doncaster have been deposed by Manchester City, who have been placed in the top flight due to aspects such as mar­keting and administration facilities rather than footballing reasons. Akers said: &ldquo;We will have an improved group next year, but we can only go so far in terms of finance. We&rsquo;re not in the Manchester City situation. With respect, they landed in the top flight through having loads of money.&rdquo;
      Posted by 9992 on 10/29/2014
    • One moment, please <a href=" ">generic atorvastatin</a> "I did not see this coming," surprised "Breaking Bad"creator Gilligan said when he accepted the show's drama seriesaward on stage. The first competitor that came to mind? "Ithought this was going to be 'House of Cards!" he said.
      Posted by 504592 on 10/29/2014
    • I'm training to be an engineer <a href=" ">lipitor 20 mg dosis</a> Most security experts believe BlackBerry's most vital asset,a secure network that handles millions of confidential corporateand government emails every day, is likely to be sold to a NorthAmerican entity because of the security concerns. Its lesscontentious handset business, however, could be shopped to anAsian device maker.
      Posted by 818573 on 10/29/2014
    • We'll need to take up references <a href=" ">neurontin 600 mg</a> "The results were consistent that there was a higher risk of being diagnosed with cataracts among statin users," Dr. Ishak Mansi, the study's senior author from UT Southwestern Medical Center and the Dallas VA Medical Center in Texas, said.
      Posted by 4146 on 10/30/2014
    • I'd like to send this to <a href=" ">Buy Mesterolone</a> The Justice Department filed a lawsuit on August 13 to block US Airways' merger with American's parent company AMR Corp, arguing that the deal would lead to higher airfares and other fees. A judge will hear the case without a jury in November and decide whether the deal can go forward.
      Posted by 48214 on 10/30/2014
    • We'd like to invite you for an interview <a href=" ">pill neurontin 100mg</a> That, said the study, is because countries with floatingexchange rates, the dominant global practice, would beabdicating their control over interest rates and credit creationfrom sources outside their control.
      Posted by 43992 on 10/30/2014
    • Sorry, you must have the wrong number <a href=" ">neurontin 300 mg for pain</a> The scheme, known as Help to Buy, allows home buyers to putdown a deposit of as little as 5 percent and gives banks greaterprotection against losses. It also allows them to set aside lesscapital than against a normal mortgage.
      Posted by 45426 on 10/30/2014
    • I can't get through at the moment <a href=" ">neurontin 100 milligrams</a> A victory would give Abe's Liberal Democratic Party and partner New Komeito control of both chambers of parliament — an elusive goal for the government in recent years. It also may provide the wherewithal for difficult economic reforms and progress on Abe's a conservative political agenda that could further complicate already testy relations with China and South Korea.
      Posted by 52465 on 10/30/2014
    • Until August <a href=" ">Mesterolone Tablets</a> Clever social marketing. Yes, I&#8217;m on their side. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I had a burrito yesterday and want another one today. Although, if they wanted to give me a burrito for coming to their defense, I would shout the mountain down for some carnitas.
      Posted by 3650 on 10/30/2014
    • I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name <a href=" ">street value of neurontin 100mg</a> Catcher Alex Avila, who was flattened in a second-inning collision with fellow backstop David Ross, left the game in the fourth with a left knee patellar tendon strain and is considered day-to-day. Miguel Cabrera, nursing a leg injury already, was limping after he smacked into Ross while getting thrown out at the plate in the first inning, though Cabrera remained in the game, and Victor Martinez ran gingerly while scoring from second on a hit in the sixth inning.
      Posted by 183008 on 10/30/2014
    • When do you want me to start? <a href=" ">neurontin 400 mg</a> "It really is pretty amazing that these little shrimp immediately recognize a human mouth as analogous to a fish mouth and go in looking for bits of food," said Tim Laman. "It takes a relaxed diver to take out his regulator at 23 metres [75 feet] deep and present your mouth wide open to some shrimp."
      Posted by 7131 on 10/30/2014
    • Yes, I love it! <a href=" ">obat neurontin gabapentin 300 mg</a> Daryl Davis, president of the Phantom Works advancedresearch and prototyping arm of Boeing Co's defensebusiness, told Reuters that Boeing was committed to investingits own funds for research and development, at least for now.
      Posted by 21970 on 10/30/2014
    • I'm sorry, I'm not interested <a href=" ">neurontin 100mg capsules</a> "The government is looking for general deterrence of future Bradley Mannings," said Jeffrey Walker, an expert on military law and professor at St. John's University. "Thirty-five years is a pretty powerful message. I think they could have sent it with less than 35 years."
      Posted by 48082 on 10/30/2014
    • I'd like to send this letter by <a href=" ">proventil nebulizer</a> The building society has cut its existing rates on its range of two year fixed rate mortgages by up to 0.061pc, with its headline mortgage dropping from 2.09pc to 1.48pc, fixed until September 30, 2015.
      Posted by 4756 on 10/30/2014
    • In tens, please (ten pound notes) <a href=" ">order promethazine online</a> "We are thinking of rolling over the bonds issued by thefinance ministry ... about 4.5 billion euros. This meanscovering a big part of the funding gap," Finance Minister YannisStournaras told Naftemporiki financial daily in an interview.
      Posted by 64078 on 10/30/2014
    • The United States <a href=" ">buy cheap provera</a> The Lord Chief Justice argued that it was not up to judges to change the law on matters of life and death such as hanging and abortion arguing that Parliament represented "the conscience of the nation".
      Posted by 767931 on 10/30/2014
    • Punk not dead <a href=" ">Nortriptyline 25mg</a> Albert Buitenhuis weighs about 285 pounds, and the government deems the 50-year-old too much of a health risk. (It should know: New Zealand has the third highest rate of obesity in the world, behind the U.S. and Mexico, notes AFP.)
      Posted by 43007 on 10/30/2014
    • Could I ask who's calling? <a href=" ">buy provera online</a> Exports from the El Sharara oilfield were highest at about180,000 bpd, while shipments of Sarir were about 100,000 bpd,Brega roughly 60,000 bpd, Bouri about 45,000 bpd and al-Jurfsome 40,000 bpd, they said.
      Posted by 6784 on 10/30/2014
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