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  • UNC Professor Compares Mao to Global Warming Skeptics

    3/18/2011 2:09:41 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    Mao and GoreBy Marc Seelinger

    After three years of attending UNC-Chapel Hill, I have learned to put up with varying degrees of outrageous comments from my professors. They typically vary from the more benign (e.g. having to pretend Paul Krugman is a real economist) to the more subversive (e.g. having to read feminism into everything).

    But every now and then, there are those comments that are just in a league of their own. Today, one such comment made it into my 20th Century Chinese History class. In the course of lecturing on Mao’s Great Leap Forward, my professor informed us that the same sort of thinking that informed Mao’s decision to continue the Great Leap (which, by the way caused upwards of 45 million Chinese peasants to starve to death) is the same sort of thinking that today informs skepticism of global warming. In other words, Mao’s refusal to admit his error and the resulting deaths of millions of his countrymen is the same sort of bone-headed thinking that prevents global warming skeptics from seeing the light. She then gave the usual line about how 98% of scientists agree, etc., etc. This of course, is after North Carolina experienced one of the coldest winters on record.

    Of course, she has it completely backwards. Aside from the fact that whereas Mao killed 45 million people, and global warming skeptics have yet to kill anyone, she completely glosses over the fact that the reason Mao refused to end the Great Leap was because he was blinded by ideology (much like Al Gore and his disciples). Even Mao’s agricultural “science” was informed by the crackpot theories of Trofim Lysenko and his socialized version of evolutionary biology. Mao’s theory on communism said that a micro-managed economy would catapult China to greatness. The fact that the Great Leap served only to wreck China’s economy and actually led to a decline in industrial and agricultural output was simply a fact that Mao could simply ignore. Similarly, global warming alarmists are blinded by their own ideology and advocate policies without regard for their effect on real people (the food crisis in the developing world created by the use of corn for fuel is but one example). Fundamentally, global warming alarmists want to impose planned economies on otherwise free nations. However, the story of China, in a very dramatic way, demonstrates the futility of such a project. So, rather than serving as a lesson to global warming skeptics, the Great Leap really serves as a lesson to global warming alarmists, illustrating the ultimate failure of planning and the destruction caused by ideological blindness.

    Marc Seelinger is a conservative activists at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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    • PastoriusYou run a blog highlighting the hoorrrs of Islam and you wonder why UNCONTROLLED immigration is a bad thing? As if importing a political ideology that hates us and wants to impose its laws upon us, here's some more reasons for you:1. Allowing people to enter the country and receive state benefits - i.e. sponge off the native people who pay into the system. Free handouts, money for nothing. 2. People who do not speak our language, have no intention of learning it and who therefore place another drain on the social services. The NHS information panphlet Nick Griffin produced in a recent speech has version after version in numerous languages. Is this right? I suggest not.3. Imposition of alien cultures onto the native culture and rubbishing the native cukture in favour of these cultures, lying about these cultures to do so as well as lying about our own. Eg. Islam, slavery, the Empire.4. Turning our nation into a dumping ground for third world over population. This makes the problem of over popultaion worse and spreads it.5. Breaking up communities, destruction of once British areas into areas where hardly any of the indiginous population live.6. Importing of diseases thought to have been eradicated long ago, particularly TB.7. Additionally, immigrants also bring along THEIR baggage, THEIR bigotry, THEIR hatred from THEIR histories. Eg: Hindus and Muslims, Muslims and Blacks, Muslims and Jews (See what's happening in France with this) and of course, a problem our countries share, black on black violence and gang culture.There's more but that is enough for now. I believe christian-judeo culture has advanced humankind more than any other culture. I also believe it represents the greatest hope for the future, for ALL OUR children. If you want to live in this culture, you integrate fully and you contribute to it. This means speaking the language, working for your living, and REJECTING all alien cultures and religions. If you can't and you want your own way of life, get the hell out of MY country, a country and a way of life that my family fought in two wars for to defend and preserve it.
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