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Libertas, The Publication of Young America's Foundation

Libertas, a publication of Young America's Foundation, highlights the programs, events, students, staff, and supporters of the Foundation. If you would like to receive Libertas in the mail,  click here to submit your mailing information. Any use of Libertas' content without the written permission of Young America's Foundation is prohibited.

SPRING 2015 • VOL 36 - NO. 1

On the Cover:  Dr. Walter E. Williams, the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University is among the Foundation's most popular and longest-serving faculty members addressing our student programs.     

Also in This Issue:  Virginia Tech YAF Achieves Free Speech Victory  •  Supreme Court Attorney Paul Clement Reflects on the Roberts Court  •  Allen, Williams, Marlow, and Hartwick Headline Road to Freedom Seminar  •  Spanish President Aznar Addresses Supporters in Rome  •  Al and Bette Moore Recognized at Special Moore Ranch Dedication

Williams Libertas

FALL 2014 • VOL 35 - NO. 3

On the Cover: At every Foundation program, students introduce themselves and share why they are attending that particular event.

Also in This Issue: Young America's Foundation Moves to New Headquarters  •  C-SPAN Covers Katie Pavlich's Reagan Ranch Roundtable Address  •  Hatch, Donatelli, and Dunlop Address Capitol Hill Interns  •  YAF Leaders Receive Hands-On Training  •  President Club's Supporters Gather in Santa Barbara

Libertas Fall 2014

SUMMER 2014 • VOL 35 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Dr. Paul Kengor addresses Young America’s Foundation’s high school conference at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. 

Also in This Issue: YAF Activists Gather for CPAC 2014  •  Senator Phil Gramm Addresses 500 at New Jersey Reagan Day Enjoy Tours of Rancho del Cielo  •  Local ROTC Cadets  •  Louis L’Amour’s Wife and Son Headline Reagan Birthday Celebration
Libertas 35.2 Cover 250

WINTER 2014 • VOL 35 - NO. 1

On the Cover: President Obama told the American people, "If you like your [health care] plan, you can keep it." Millennials are realizing that is simply not true. (photo credit:

Also in This Issue: Sekulow, Martin, and Kookogey Headline Tax Cut Celebration  • Royce, Rohrabacher, Donatelli, and York Address Capitol Hill Interns  •  Congressman Sean Duffy Hosts YAF Capitol Hill Reception  • Reagan Ranch Roundtable Features Attorney Cleta Mitchell  •  2014 Reagan Ranch Getaway Weekends Announced 

2014 Libertas 35.1 250 pixels

FALL 2013 • VOL 34 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Remembering Margaret Thatcher

Also in This Issue: Ronald Reagan Academy Students Explore Rancho del Cielo  •  Pavlich and Rohrabacher Headline YAF events at CPAC  •  Governor Jan Brewer Visits the Reagan Ranch  • Henninger, Folsom, West, and Buchholz Discuss Free Enterprise at the Rawhide Circle Retreat



Fall 2013 Libertas


On the Cover: Celebrating Young America's Foundation's 15th Anniversary of Preserving and Protecting Rancho del Cielo.

Also in This Issue:   Town and Country Magazine features Patti Davis's article on Rancho del Cielo   •   Bill O'Reilly's visit to the Western White House   •  Learn More About Ronald Reagan and His Ranch

Libertas 15th Anniversary Issue

WINTER 2013 • VOL 34 - NO. 1

On the Cover: Young America's Foundation hosts the Conservative Movement's rising leaders at our programs at the Reagan Ranch Center and nationwide.

Also in This Issue: Santorum and Forbes Reach Thousands at Yale  •  Students Learn Successful Activism Techniques   • Goldberg Addresses Students and Supporters in Denver    •  Reagan Ranch Roundtable Features Senator Mike Lee   • Patti Davis Highlights Her Father's Ranch in Town & Country   • Spend a Weekend with Like-Minded Friends at the Reagan Ranch   • 2013 Fall Foliage Cruise: Set Sail with Top Conservative Leaders

  Libertas VOL 34.1

FALL 2012 • VOL 33 - NO. 3

On the Cover: Cover artwork designed by Joel Aaron Carlson.

Also in This Issue: Ashcroft, Williams, and George Headline Rawhide Circle Retreat  •  Richard Allen Addresses Reagan Ranch Roundtable  • Thomas Phillips Student Luncheon Features Governor George Allen  •  Reagan Ranch Activism Seminar Energizes Students  •  Bill O’Reilly Visits Rancho del Cielo  •  2013 Fall Foliage Cruise: Set Sail with Top Conservative Leaders






SUMMER 2012 • VOL 33 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Governor Scott Walker enjoys time at the Reagan Ranch prior to his speech at the 2011 West Coast Leadership Conference.
Governor Scott Walker on Libertas


WINTER 2012 • VOL 33 - NO. 1 

On the Cover: Senator Marco Rubio headlines the Reagan 100 Banquet at the 33rd annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.C.

Also in This issue: Senators Rubio and Lee and Congressman West and Jordan Inspire Hundreds at 33rd Annual National Conservative Student Conference  Miss America 2011 Headlines National High School Leadership Conference  •  Congressman Paul Ryan on Youth, the Economy, and Freedom •   Dr. Art Laffer Headlines '81 Tax Cut Anniversary Celebration • 9/11: Never Forget Project - Students Honor Victims Ten Years Later •  National Security, Patriotism, and the Next Generation: An Interview with Bestselling Author Brad Thor

Rubio Libertas Cover


FALL 2011 • VOL 32 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Young America's Foundation thanks artist Steve Penley for allowing us to reproduce his Reagan portrait for this issue of Libertas. As the inspiration for this painting, Penley said he used "a great photograph of Reagan which radiated his optimistic outlook for America." Of the painting itself, penley said, "The golden yellow colors reminded me of the West and the Ranch."

Also in This issue:  Rumsfeld, McCotter, and Buchanan Headline Rawhide Circle Retreat • Top Student activists Visit Rancho del Cielo  •  Congressman Wilson and Erick Erickson Inspire Students at CPAC  •  How You Can Honor Ronald Reagan  •  Explore Alaska with Foundation Leaders and VIP speaker

Penley Libertas Cover

Spring 2011 • VOL 32 - NO.1

On the Cover: Governor Sarah Palin and her family visited the Reagan Ranch during Young America's Foundation's Reagan 100 Celebration Weekend in Santa Barbara, California. While at Rancho del Cielo, Governor Palin rode on the same trails President Reagan enjoyed during his time at the "Western White House." (Photograph by Jensen Sutta)

Also in This issue:  David Limbaugh addresses Reagan Ranch Roundtable Luncheon  • Remembering Those Killed on 9/11 • European MP Daniel Hannan Warns of the Dangers of Socialized Healthcare • How You Can Honor Ronald Reagan  • Learn the Untold Stories of the Individuals Who Launched the Conservative Movement

Spring 2011 Libertas Cover

Fall  2010 • VOL. 31 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Young America's Foundation student activists from the University of California – Santa Barbara (from left to right) Kenny Diaz, Lea Uebelhart, Nick West, Ashley Willits, and Kristin Till advance freedom on their campus. (Cover image designed by Tara French.)

Also in This Issue: Join the Celebrations of Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday! • Attend a Reagan Ranch Getaway Weekend and Visit the Place That Meant the Most to President Reagan • Visit Ronald Reagan's Ancestral Homeland and Cruise the Emerald Isles with Young America's Foundation

Fall 2010 Vol 31 No 2

Spring 2010 • VOL. 31 - NO. 1

Also in This Issue:

  • 400 Attend National Conservative Student Conference
  • Winning the Battles Ahead
  • What Conservatives must do to advance freedom in the months ahead
  •  Moore, Folsom, and Williams Inspire High School Students
  • Meet Your Alumni Board Members!
  • Mitt Romney and Joe Wilson Headline West Coast Leadership Conference
  • Standing up for Freedom
  • Why we need Ronald Reagan's ideas today
  • Brit Hume Addresses Future Journalists
  • Aissa Wayne shares her thoughts on the Reagan Ranch, her father, and advancing freedom for future generations.
Libertas Spring 2010

Fall 2009  • VOL. 30 - NO. 2

On the Cover: Since 1969, Young America's Foundation has worked to ensure that increasing numbers of young Americans are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary this year, we are grateful for the students, supporters, speakers, and friends who have made our programs possible. This special anniversary cover includes images from our programs throughout the past four decades, including photos of leading conservatives William F. Buckley Jr., Robert Novak, Ronald Reagan, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and others who have played key roles in the Foundation's outreach, success, and growth .

Also in This Issue: Fox News Features Newt Gingrich at the Reagan Ranch Center  • Ann Coulter Meets with National Journalism Center Interns  • Foundation Fights Obama Nominee • 8,500 Attend 2009 CPAC• Set Sail through History

Fall 2009 Image

Spring 2009  •  VOL. 30 - NO.1

On the Cover: President Barack Obama has appeared on the cover of Time and Newsweek more than 30 times since his first cover appearance in 2005. For years, Young America's Foundation President Ron Robinson has advised Foundation student audiences that they can recognize the mainstream media's bias with ease by simply reviewing the covers editors select for their weekly publications. His popular presentation includes more than 150 cover images highlighting the favorable and often iconic portrayal of liberals versus unfavorable and critical depictions of conservatives. 

Also in This Issue: • Senator DeMint Addresses 200 Interns  • Cold War Experts Share Lessons with Youth  • Meet the Unsung Heroes of the Conservative Movement  • Attend an Upcoming Foundation Conference Near You!

Libertas Fall 2009

Fall 2008- Special Military Edition •   VOL. 29 - NO.2

On The Cover: Members of the Texas A & M University – Galveston's Color Guard take part in Young America's Foundation's 9/11: Never Forget Project and stand beside their display of 2,977 American flags representing those murdered on September 11, 2001. 

Also in This Issue: • Coulter Draws Record Crowd at Reagan Ranch Center • Pawlenty and Pence Address Rawhide Circle Retreat • Cruise the Caribbean with Ashcroft, Tancredo, Meese, Simpson, and Foundation Leaders • Students Battle Campus Administrators to Host Chris Simcox and Star Parker

Special Military Issue

Reagan Ranch Edition 

On The Cover: This well-known image captures President Reagan at Rancho del Cielo in his much-preferred riding attire—blue jeans, a work shirt, and his cowboy hat.

Reagan Ranch Special Edition
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Libertas, a publication of Young America's Foundation, highlights the programs, events, students, staff, and supporters of the Foundation. If you would like to receive Libertas in the mail,  click here to submit your mailing information. Any use of Libertas' content without the written permission of Young America's Foundation is prohibited. 
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