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  • The Quad's Hamline Story Reported on by The Blaze

    12/19/2011 9:01:54 AM Posted by Application Administrator

    Last Thursday, Young America's Foundation took the story of Hamline University’s ideologically discriminatory hiring practices national. A well-known Minnesota conservative, Tom Emmer, had a teaching offer reneged after some faculty at the university complained about his conservative beliefs.

    On Sunday, The Blaze ran the story, siting us as a primary source:


    LINK: *The Blaze*

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    • Bunmi,I agree with you no less!!!Just look the retinue of seppossud honest and transparent Nigerians calling for hurried re-instatement of Salami without settling the issue of the call log first? I may not be a fan of PDP or Oni, but Nigerians are so full of double standards and a larger part of us speak from both sides of the mouth!!!On one hand they want the president to end corruption in a day and with the other they want the President to overlook an obvious case of corruption and for them to sweep of a verifiable case of corruption under the carpet? Only to come and shout that President lacks the ability or will to tackle corruption?! What are they, themselves?!Only less than a month ago, MTN admitted in a legal proceedings that the call log Oni & Co. tendered is genuine and from their network and here we are having some amongst us shouting from the roof top for such a major issue to be overlooked just because it suits their evil plans and purposes???Justice Salami is corrupt and Nigerians should find their way see the call and text logs for themselves! Nigerians, do something for yourself for once, see these logs and take a stand for posterity!!!!!!!!
      Posted by Preeti on 08/05/2012
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      Posted by hyknkem on 08/17/2012
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      Posted by hyknkem on 08/17/2012
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