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  • WJCJoshua Habursky, YAF chapter chair at Washington and Jefferson College, told Young America’s Foundation in an email that the Dean of the college approved a condom-decorated Christmas tree on campus. 

    The Gay Straight Alliance at the college requested permission from the private institution to display the tree on campus. The Dean approved it, and when confronted by Habursky, purportedly said he would approve it again if given the chance. 

    Habursky also pointed out to the Dean that elementary school students frequently visit this area of the school and could easily be exposed to this display. Apparently that didn’t bother the Dean. He also didn’t understand why the tree would offend Christians.  

    Young America’s Foundation certainly isn’t a home for political correctness. But time and again, the Left on campuses across the country takes offense to pro-freedom messages, yet when these same leftists insult religious principles and morals, they expect no one to be offended.

    UPDATE: *Condom Christmas Tree Update: W&J College Partially Caves*

    • Readers' Comments

    • This makes me sick to my stomach. No, not because of the condoms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing or promoting safe sex. But honestly? Putting a Christmas tree on display decorated with condoms? Doesn't this stike anyone else as a wee bit tacky? So many ridiculous things are being done in the name of "freedom of speech" or "art." In reality, people are just trying to push the envelope to see how far they can go until they anger someone. I can understand the dean's actions in this situation, though. Rather than give them the satisfaction of knowing they peeved an administrator on campus, she let them put the tree up and make themselves look like utter fools.
      Posted by Danielle on 12/09/2011
    • I think it's not any ones business what this school decides to do. It's a private institution if there dean allows a rubber penis tree that's there choice if you don't like it don't attend the school. Just like when a business turns down an applicant because they have pink hair vs when they hire the person, it's a business choice and instead of this being a headline for your organization why don't you make it an uplifting story instead of trying to upset people who get upset and anything they don't believe in. Because your a private party and you can put a story up of anything you want.
      Posted by Carolann on 12/09/2011
    • A. Christmas tree's and the REAL meaning of Christmas have nothing in common. People decorate tree's all year for different holidays. Anyone offended by a tree supporting a cause (especially something as miniscule as this) really needs to get a hobby. B. If young people DO see someone supporting safe sex, who cares?- they might not understand it now - but THANK GOD someone is supporting it. Can't teach it in school anymore because you might offend someone. C. If this truely offends you - and I MEAN TRUELY OFFENDS you (like can't sleep bc your so hurt by this)- Seek help. You're not right.
      Posted by Mark on 12/09/2011
    • More importantly, why is there no picture of the condom tree?
      Posted by Mitch on 12/09/2011
    • The picture is in our latest blog post:
      Posted by Ron Meyer on 12/09/2011
    • this just demonstrates how LOW America has sunk! totally disgusting.
      Posted by j.ray on 12/09/2011
    • Well I attend this college and yes it is a private institution, but I pay an egregious amount of tuition to come here and thus (like a stockholder) I think I have some say in the operations of the campus and I don't think I should just pack up and leave because something particularly annoys me. I have as much right to voice my disapproval as someone has to voice their approval. This is a clear case where is something is permitted, but not profitable. Nothing good has come from this, but to draw lines in the student body. In any case it's not that big of a deal and with finals coming we have bigger fish to fry.
      Posted by Nathan on 12/09/2011
    • Let me preface this by saying my best friend is gay, and I've learned a lot about them because of him... Yet another story where because of one's "preference", they get special treatment and attention. The gay and lesbian communities fight for equality nonstop, which I support, but when it comes to nonsense like this, they eat it up. And then love the resulting attention. Dean, would you approve ANY of the frats displaying this in public?? If you say yes, you are nothing but a liar.
      Posted by Christine on 12/09/2011
    • You know what you are completely right. It should be an ABORTION Christmas tree, or a Chlamydia Christmas tree. Just because you were born does not give you the sovereignty to prevent others from spawn killing fetuses, like yourself, that should never have been created. Let me guess JoePa fans? Do you support priests because they don't use condoms when the molest the children or are you just in denial of anything afoul in your own organization. If you "adults" think that condoms are "disgusting" I can only imagine the remarks you would make during the Vday, VAGINA MONOLOGUES week.
      Posted by Zac on 12/10/2011
    • A Christmas Tree is not part of the christian bible related part of Christmas but of the commercial part there s therefore no religious affiliation between a Christmas tree and Christmas. The only reason why Christan get offended is because they are Homophobic ans have something against the gay-straight alliance!!!
      Posted by Amelie Delange on 12/10/2011
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