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  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, President Obama

    4/20/2011 10:46:30 AM Posted by Cheri Cerame
    Obama Middle Class Tax Relief
    Nicole Hoplin, Director of Foundation Relations


    originally published on Human Events

    When President Obama revealed his earnings and tax liability this week, and at the same time touted his “Tax the wealthy” mantra at a town hall forum, one wondered why he doesn’t just put his money where his mouth is. 

    The President reported annual income of $1.7 million and a tax bill of $450,000, yet he didn’t offer to shoulder more of the burden.  “Nobody volunteers and says, 'Boy, I'm just wild to pay more taxes,’ ” he conveyed.  “But it’s a matter of values and what we prioritize.  And I certainly don’t think my taxes should be even lower.” 

    How about valuing the freedom to make one’s own living?  To spend what one earns on a family’s priorities?  To allow those who trust private-sector charities over government programs to choose those institutions to solve problems instead?

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    • We will never have any progress vis a vis defeating Obama, until someone asks these very questions to the President himself, in a public forum. Obviously, the presidential debate is the ideal venue. Publicly challenging Obama to actually prove the veracity of his contentions, and show his work, is the ultimate weapon against his vapid slogans and straw men. He must be made to 'do the math' before the eyes of world.
      Posted by Jugatsu-Hime on 04/23/2011
    • You make some great points here. Many coeimnpas these days typically Google candidates, and if you don't have anything to show for yourself in that Google search the hiring managers aren't likely to take you seriously. Also, I have seen a few of my friends who work in social media get hired simply because of the number of Twitter followers they had. Online and offline personal marketing + branding are very important these days.
      Posted by Diego on 05/20/2014
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