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  • There are only 3 weeksAnn Coulter Image 2 left until our exclusive student events take place at CPAC on Friday, February 11!  Spaces are filling up quickly for our Congressional Briefing that morning, the Thomas Phillips Student Luncheon featuring Erick Erickson, and the reception featuring Ann CoulterRegister now before you miss out on the opportunity to meet these conservative stars!  

    After the reception with Ann Coulter, make sure to head over to the Delaware Ballroom at 8 p.m., where we will have a Reagan 100 birthday cake and film screening to celebrate the 100th anniversary of President Reagan's birth.  This event is co-sponsored with Citizens United, is open to all CPAC attendees, and requires no pre-registration.  Our student events do though, so if you haven't registered, you better hop to it! 


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    • , consider this: In the last seven years, only Texas and Texas A&M have won more Big 12 concerenfe championships than Baylor. Baylor just came off a Final Four season in women's basketball (and a national championship 5 years ago); they are picked to repeat that run next year Men's basketball just made an Elite Eight appearance, and is picked by ESPN to be in the Final Four next year Once again, the baseball team made the NCAA tourney There is not enough space to mention our success in the various olympic sports (tennis, track, etc) BU's academic reputation/requirements (not just for the athletic dept) are on par with some of the finest schools in the nation; indeed, U.S. News and World Report picked us 4th in the Big 12, behind some rather well funded state schools YES, football has struggled, but it is improving (e.g. BU barely lost to Tech the last two times the teams met, unlike in years past when the game was a massacre). Can Washington, Washington State, UCLA, Arizona State, or COLORADO say their gridiron teams are much, if at all, better than the Bears at this point (see Robert Griifin)? Oh yeah, we seem to have some pretty successful graduates, considering that at least 15 members of the Texas House are fighting to include Baylor instead of the Buffs (who don't even field many spring sports, including baseball, softball, etc)In my obviously biased opinion, I can't see why (other than the Denver TV market) the Pac 10 would even consider CU over Baylor. Their athletic dept is way down, and they can't even get Denver to watch them NOW, when they are already in competition with all the proposed teams that will be in their division, minus the Arizona schools.I'm just crazy enough to believe that some university Presidents care about some of these miniscule factors (like academics and success in other sports), IN ADDITION to football records and TV sets. Then again, I could just be displaying wishful thinking.Keep up the good work.
      Posted by Ghy on 11/27/2015
    • Good analogy. I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and I think they may have their<a href=""> fnegir</a> on the pulse of College Football a little tighter than out west. Believe me when I tell you that they know who we are now. In one year we went from Don't y'all have that coach who's a Man? to Y'all are pretty, good for not being in the SEC.
      Posted by Mounish on 11/27/2015
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      Posted by Alicia on 11/27/2015
    • looks like watersports is rellay coming alive with more competitions. this national junior canoeing c'ships is not same as the inter-sch national canoeing c'ships which will be held in july, also at macritchie. i heard people's assn is organising two water ventures this year. [url=]kjzold[/url] [link=]lsnnzmixiia[/link]
      Posted by Plack on 12/02/2015
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