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  • Top Ten Colleges Miss the Mark in 2010

    11/4/2010 10:42:43 AM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Obama on CampusPrepare to (not) be shocked: A new Young America’s Foundation study reveals that the nation’s top ten colleges gave donations almost exclusively to to the Left. Of all the 2010 candidate contribution dollars coming from these schools’ professors and staff, 84% of them went to Democrats. (This must be that "campus diversity" we're always hearing about.)

    Here is a breakdown of candidate contributions that went to Democrats for each individual school, in order of U.S. News and World Report’s rankings:

    ·         Harvard University: 89%

    ·         Princeton University: 97%

    ·         Yale University: 73%

    ·         Columbia University: 86%

    ·         Stanford University: 86%

    ·         University of Pennsylvania: 93%

    ·         California Institute of Technology: 94%

    ·         Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 70%

    ·         Dartmouth College: 47%

    ·         Duke University: 78%

     Our research also looked at contributions to liberal political action committees (PACs). Of all the 2010 PAC contributions dollars coming from these schools professors and staff, 94% of them went to liberal PACs.

    When totaling the dollars acquired for liberal candidates and PACs versus conservative candidates and PACs, 87% of the dollars raised went to liberal candidates and PACs. This research is evidence that college professors are still perpetuating the same ideas that have failed in the past and should be a sobering reminder of where our teachers’ loyalties rest.

    This might be related, but I'll leave that for you to decide: another one of our studies  has been updated: President Obama now has given 53 speeches on college and high school campuses since being sworn in, still averaging one campus speech per 12 days. The number is unprecedented, but can be partially explained by the statistics above.

     Surprised? Neither are we - but it's helpful to see it on paper. To download a copy of our research, click here


    Notes on research method: This research was conducted by utilizing the Federal Election Commission’s records. The list was generated by listing each school as an employer and adding up the total dollars donated to candidates and PACs.         

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