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  • Vampires and Pirates and Che, Oh My!

    11/1/2010 7:25:02 PM Posted by Ana Lightle



    Best part of Halloween? Easy, the candy--M&M's, Kit Kats, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, candy corn--it is all a sugar coma waiting to happen. Coming in close second though are the costumes. Even if you just stayed home and watched the World Series game you saw some great costumes, (one of the camera guys apparently was a huge Star Wars fan and panned to Chewbacca anytime he could).  When else can a grownman dress up as a Tellytubby and not be arrested or mocked (okay maybe there was a little mocking going on). Costumes are what make Halloween epic.



    This year I saw plenty of classics-vampires, witches, pirates, nerds, and even the Swedish Chef-and also some more contemporary costumes-Chilean Miners and BP ("Bad Planning") workers covered in oilbeing a fav among party goers this weekend. The one that sticks out in my mind now that the sugar induced fog hascleared is the 20-something year old who dressed up as "that t-shirt guy"


    Black beret with a star pin in it? Check! Combat Boots? Check! Shaggy hair? Check! Che apparently was alive and well on this Halloween night.



     Blame the sugar,  I had to ask.  I couldn't help myself. Going up with a smile, I inquired about the costume. Eager to share his brilliance he replied: "Isn't it awesome? I'm that t-shirt guy!"


    Oh, dear.


    There were several ways this could have played out, but I opted for simplicity: "You mean Che Guevara? Good choice for Halloween.Very scary. He killed lots of people, you know. "


     His smile faded, and he looked very confused for a moment. Before he could respond I added witha smile, "But very realistic. The wig was a nice touch."  And with that I was gone. There was more important business to attend to on this Halloween night-I had to wrestle away the last Reese's Peanut Butter Cups away from a cowboy.



    It’s time people wake up to reality: Che isn’t cool. To learn about the truth of Che "that t-shirt guy" Guevara and how to advance freedom on your campus visit  


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