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  • Obama Is Coming to My Campus!: A Survival Guide

    10/13/2010 12:19:39 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    GWYAF Protest ObamaSo, President Barack Obama has selected YOUR campus to be his next location for a rally. Now what? First of all, don’t be surprised he’s coming - since taking office, Barack Obama has been on a college or high school campus, once every twelve days.

    Just this week, the President has scheduled appearances at George Washington University and Ohio State University. Surely, these visits will not be his last or for others in his administration.

    So now the question is, what can YOU do? Don’t panic, take a deep breath, and follow these simple steps:

    What to do BEFORE President Obama Arrives on Campus…

    • Contact your school to find out how much money the school is spending on the event.  If Obama has visited your school/city in the past, you should be able to find out how much money was spent on that event to provide a ballpark figure.  Ask if your school is being reimbursed by anyone for hosting the event. (For example, the DNC is reimbursing UW - Madison with $10,500 for hosting the President’s recent campus speech. However, it cost the Madison Police Department about $117,000 to staff his appearance at UW-Madison last November.)

    •  Compare that funding to how much money the school has given your conservative group to host speakers in recent years.

    • Research your school's board of trustees. Find out who, if any, on the board are conservative and notify them about what your school is doing. The list of trustees is normally available on your school’s website, and they are often in a position where they can help.

    • Find out if teachers are canceling classes for the event.  You are paying for your classes! 

    • Review what your school’s policies are for speakers, especially those that could be deemed “political.”  Since your school is tax-exempt, they need to provide opportunities for all viewpoints to be heard. At political events, some universities require that students have an opportunity to ask questions. Is this the case with your school? 

    • Take all of the above information to the media and Young America’s Foundation – broadcast it loud and clear on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    What to do DURING President Obama’s Visit…

    • Organize counter-rallies to let your campus, your community, and local and national media know that not all students believe in Obama’s socialist policies.

    • Focus your rally on key items – jobs (youth unemployment is at record high levels under the Obama administration), Obamacare (Young people love FREEDOM – you do not want a government takeover of your health care), etc.

    • Pass out stickers, posters, flyers, etc that reiterate these points. Download our “Obama: Epic Fail” flyers for free! We can also send you other items you can distribute at your counter protest.

    • Contact local conservative talk radio hosts to see if you can have them broadcast their shows live from your counter-rallies and/or promote your event. Similarly, inform other local allies including Tea Party organizations and encourage them to support your efforts.

    • Write op-eds for your student and local newspapers.  If you need assistance editing your op-ed, Young America’s Foundation can help!

    • Interview those attending the rally!  Grab a video camera and put them on the spot.  For example: If they support the Obama agenda, ask them if they are planning to enlist in the military to fight his war in Afghanistan.


    Obama Has Left Campus! Now What?

    • Follow up by contacting Young America’s Foundation to host a conservative speaker at your campus.  If the school says no, it’s your responsibility to go public and point out the liberal bias and hypocrisy.

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