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  • No More Che Day Celebrated

    10/8/2010 12:03:39 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    TodayChe T-Shirt is "No More Che Day" on campuses nationwide.  This column by Young America's Foundation speaker Humberto Fontova was published in Human Events:    


    The U.K. Guardian last year interviewed Oscar-winning actor Benicio del Toro regarding his Cannes-winning role as Che Guevara in Stephen Soderbergh’s movie Che.

    “Dammit This Guy Is Cool!” was the interview title. “I hear of this guy, and he’s got a cool name, Che Guevara!” says del Toro. “Groovy name, groovy man, groovy politics! So I came across a picture of Che, smiling, in fatigues, I thought, ‘Dammit, this guy is cool-looking!’”

    Well, there you have it. In effect, Benicio del Toro, who fulfilled an obvious fantasy by starring as Che Guevara in the four-and-a-half-hour movie he also co-produced, revealed the inspiration (and daunting intellectual exertion) of millions of Che fans.

    As a celebrity-hipster fan of Che Guevara, del Toro has plenty of company.

    Read the full column 

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    • Too of the most individually strong, influential and enigmatic charectors of past and present....Would love to hear that voice and be in the presence of such stength and fortitude again Beno
      Posted by stephanie on 10/09/2010
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