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  • Study History not Zombies

    9/15/2010 3:04:00 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    The Washington ZombiesPost reports that the University of Baltimore now offers a course on the study of zombies in popular culture.  Similar courses exist at Columbia College and other colleges.  The Post reports: 

    Is "Night of the Living Dead" a simple zombie film or a subtle antiwar statement? Precisely when did viral pandemic supplant nuclear radiation as the leading cause of zombification? And which sort of animated dead has the greater potential to frighten: shambler or sprinter?  Those questions and others will be laid to rest -- and then grotesquely revivified -- in a new course at the University of Baltimore called "Media Genres: Zombies."

    Read the whole article here     

    We think students should focus on studying our nation's history and public policy instead of superfluous topics like zombification and popular culture.  The University of Baltimore even offers a minor in popular culture.  We are not sure how that qualifies students to be a more productive member of society.  These days, students can identify all the members of the Simpson family but few can name the Supreme Court justices.  In a recent study of college students, Fox News reports:  

    On an individual level, less than 60% (sometimes far less) of college graduates can identify on a multiple-choice test the three branches of government; seminal passages from the Declaration of Independence and Gettysburg Address; basic events from the Revolutionary, Civil, and Vietnam Wars; and the primary features of our free enterprise system. Several of these questions are actually required knowledge for new American citizens, signifying their relevance to what we as a nation demand for informed citizenship. 

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