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  • Recommended Book: Conduct Unbecoming by Buzz Patterson

    9/7/2010 11:13:33 AM Posted by Roger Custer

    Young America's Foundation speaker Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson has a new book out today entitled Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying the Military and Endangering Our Security.  This information from Regnery Publishing describes it well: /uploadedImages/Blogs/New Picture (4).bmp    
    America ’s biggest national security threat just might be the president of the United States. 

    Sounds shocking— it’s meant to be; but unfortunately, it’s not the plot of a White House thriller: it’s real life. Bestselling military analyst Buzz Patterson—who once served in the White House as the president’s military aide responsible for the “nuclear football”—has seen presidential irresponsibility before. But what he reveals about President Barack Obama is even more disturbing than what he witnessed in the White House of Bill Clinton.

    From Obama’s bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, the Communist president of China, and the emperor of Japan, to his “America apology tour,” his refusal to identify radical Islam as the enemy in the war on terror, his unilateral withdrawal of a planned missile defense shield from Eastern Europe, and his administration’s public downgrading of our “special relationship” with Great Britain, Barack Obama’s foreign policy seems to be never to stand up for America, but always to retreat from leadership, appease our enemies, and insult our allies—and even our own military.

    Barack Obama is only the second president since the Second World War to have no military experience; as commander in chief in a time of war, that lack of experience could be deadly. In Conduct Unbecoming, you’ll learn:

    • Why Obama could willfully lose the war on terror
    • Why Obama will never be a “centrist” Democrat
    • How the Obama administration’s “rules of engagement” in Afghanistan are costing American lives
    • How the Obama administration’s aggressive push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” could lead to countless lawsuits and the loss of up to a quarter of our armed forces

    BONUS: The Obama administration’s official national security strategy—identifying “climate change” and not radical Islam as a threat to national security
    PLUS: “Are You Safer?” a complete rundown of the foreign policy failures of the Obama administration

    Incisive and comprehensive, Conduct Unbecoming is the most important book yet written on how Barack Obama is endangering our national security.  Get your copy today . 

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