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  • Delaware Stimulus MapWhile preparing to go back to school, many students dread the thought of having to meticulously proof read paper after paper, all because in the academic world, “spelling counts.” Apparently if you are a bad speller, however, you have a place in the government.

    With the massive size of the stimulus program, you would think that their online department,, was amply staffed. With a bloated staff, silly errors like typos should never happen, right? Wrong.

    The team over at The Daily Caller reported on a very embarrassing typo – the state of Delaware was spelt “Deleware” on the stimulus map. Really? The home state of Vice President Joe Biden being misspelled? That is really unfortunate, don’t you think?

    Fun fact – the website was allocated $18 million to redesign back in 2009. Even more worrisome, isn’t the only government website receiving stimulus cash – is the website used to let people report stimulus data to the government. We do not know how much that site cost to develop.

    Apparently the “recovery summer” did not leave time for proof reading. Maybe a job that could be “saved or created” is copy editor at the government’s web development team.


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