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  • Tax Experts to Loyola: You’re Wrong About Rove

    8/17/2010 3:56:06 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Let Karl Speak1As many of you already know, activists at Loyola University Chicago were planning to bring best-selling author and Young America’s Foundation lecturer Karl Rove to their campus for the fall semester. Administrators at the university, however, are claiming that Rove cannot speak because he is a “political” speaker, and that would put their 501(c)(3) tax status in jeopardy.


    After listening to the objections of the students, and the reasoning that Karl Rove would not put Loyola’s tax status in jeopardy, administrators at Loyola have announced they are sticking to their decision. Karl Rove apparently is not welcome to speak on campus before the election. This is a blatant display of hypocrisy, and it will not be tolerated. 

    In order to reassure University officials that their tax status is not in jeopardy, Young America’s Foundation has reached out to the Alliance Defense Fund to seek legal advice on the university’s behalf. ADF reassured us that Karl Rove coming to speak on October 19 would not put the university’s tax status in jeopardy.(Click here to read the letter)

    News broke that the university is hosting Eboo Patel, an appointee of the Obama administration, to speak on campus. If the school is truly concerned about their tax status, they would not be hosting a representative of the Obama administration that has a vested interest in the fall elections.

    Young America’s Foundation has scheduled Karl Rove to speak at a number of schools in the upcoming fall semester, including Yale University, Ball State University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, High Point University, Oberlin College, and University of California – Merced. Loyola administrators are De facto claiming that schools hosting Karl Rove are violating tax laws.

    The university clearly has a track record of hosting “political” events. Their “Inside Government” lecture series often hosts elected officials to address to the university. Further, university officials sent out a press release in March of 2006, exclaiming, “Political Experts Available to the Media.”  


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    • Good idea. I can chip in a 25 silver ocneus round of Canadian silver dollars to arrest that sun of bitch mass murdering neo-con. On which of his 30 million crimes is he accused ? All of them like all the bunch. They should ask to the International Tribunal in la Hague to open a file on Karl Rove, but also Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Collin Powell, Tony Blair and bien sfbr le creame de la creame Donald Rumsfeld. So many unpunished crimes against humanity stay unpunished. So the USA is like China and Russia ? Seems so. Hey Karl !, you demonic pig, (He looks like a pedophile Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld), Milosevic and Karadic have a place for you in their prison cells. Daruka you are rigth. It's about karma.
      Posted by Abby on 11/27/2015
    • While the world is in the latter stage of life (it's a fact), the cover you get is in <a href="">dicert</a> proportion to the risk of the day. That said, you may speculate as much as you can, but if the insurance can get away with not paying by including an act of God rule to their policy, that is part of the foreseeable risk that the client must take into account when deciding whether the policy is giving him/her the best cover he/she can get.That's life! Or like I believe That's the beginning of the end of life as we know it. It's so sad that people believe that the earth will survive. Whether the governments of the world stop all acts of polution in the next 24 hours or like never, it does not matter anymore.Their quest for knowledge to the effect of the polution on the weather patterns and state of health of mother earth is rediculous. Even 7 year olds learn that at school and the media has covered the issue more than adequitly.
      Posted by Dllm on 11/27/2015
    • Everyone in rest of the world is very cautious about envtaonmenirl changes but what exactly is going on in Himachal is even virtually unknown to rest of the India. Elections are nearby and every dam, every catchments of rivers are being dammed. State government, to fill its exchequer, which is in fact after producing so much power is still going down hill (around Rs. 18,0000 crore of debt), is giving rights to dams like its opening up small scale cottage industry. The hard fact is no one from Himachal is able to produce a leader who has vast knowledge if environment and its repercussions! However with so much knowledge in rest of India why VW is unable to concentrate their energy towards this state? After all north of India relies on Himachal and any bad envtaonmenirl change in this region would affect any other industry. When creating wealth and intellectual power, one also needs to concentrate for other causes which would directly affect the existing ones. [url=]kyoqapkkepl[/url] [link=]tfoggdpkxhj[/link]
      Posted by Taniska on 11/27/2015
    • Sam Agreed, if there was something fishy about the<a href=""> agsnsnmeit</a>, there would certainly have been an investigation into that. Unfortunately, there are people eager for an explanation that exonerates the Administration of its repeated and blatant efforts to steer the country into a war in Iraq rather than actually deal with terrorism as a problem.That Rove lied about his involvement in the Plame outing—he confirmed she was CIA for Novack, violating the confidentiality of a closed Senate hearing, according to the story offered by his lawyers, which is the same as identifying her—is absolutely certain. That the President has failed to carry out his promise to fire anyone involved is also certain, regardless of what other commenters here may say. The hypocrisy of the defense of Rove/Bush when the very same people were condemning President Clinton over completely fabricated accusations over Whitewater is stunning.
      Posted by Ayong on 11/30/2015
    • Bush and Rove are working to split Hispanic vteros away from the Republican Parte; this will make Jeb Bush the inevitable candidate in 4 or 8 years. Watch as they destroy Republican chances this year. [url=]nswrhogm[/url] [link=]lxfkxddk[/link]
      Posted by Michal on 12/02/2015
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