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  • News Round Up: Lincoln Memorial Singing Incident

    8/12/2010 4:55:01 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Drudge Link1Today, the story about the Young America's Foundation students at the National High School Leadership Conference that sang the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial was linked at the Drudge Report.

    This is just the most recent victory for the students who decided to display their patriotism on the steps on the Lincoln Memorial that summer evening. 

    In order to make sense of the advancements that have happened since this happened June 25, here is a round up...

    During a Young America's Foundation conference, students were taking a monument tour. At the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the students decided to show their patriotism by singing the National Anthem. After getting two lines into the song, a security guard ran over and yelled at them to stop. In response to this, they started over, and sang the Anthem louder. 

    Here is the original video of the students singing at the Lincoln Memorial:

    (To read the original blog post, click here.) After seeing the video, Fox News decided to do some investigating. They found out some interesting facts regarding singing at memorials in Washington. You can read the story they wrote by clicking here.

    Further, I was interview in a segment on Fox & Friends to cover the story:

    This story is still advancing. Be sure to stay tuned to the Quad for updates.


    • Readers' Comments

    • Patience is a virtue not popular in the USA (or anywhere else, for that matter!) Patient questioning of the guard may have uncovered the "25 steps away" location for interference-free singing. Thoughtful reflection on the situation may also have borne similar fruit. Unbridled passion (regardless of what type) is the precursor of oppression and tyranny.
      Posted by Jon White on 08/13/2010
    • My heart was stirred at the site of these young people and their patriotic fervor. I thank God for them and we need more of them today! It is high time that we stopped being so politically correct as to stifle the expressions of the essential foundations on which this country was established. Onward Christian soldiers! and to Mr. Jon White, if he would like to see a perfect example of oppression and tyranny, all he has to do is look at our federal government!
      Posted by Cherryl Hansen on 08/18/2010
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