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  • Young Conservatives on the Rise: Meet Kiana Dunn

    7/1/2010 2:57:08 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    This blog post was written by YAF Alumna Kiana Dunn.

    Kiana DunnPublic schools have become socialist establishments dominated by some of the most radical Leftists in the United States.

    Evidence of this is shown by the huge decline in moral values among younger generations because we now get our morals from the government. Our parents remember a time when the school system encouraged personal responsibility and virtue. Now, the school system promotes dependency on the government and makes excuses for bad behavior. For instance, last year California taxpayers funded a multi million dollar “Learning Center” at my school for students who were either failing their classes, or weren’t going to graduate high school. Taxpayers also pay for “free” daycare for the teenage mothers at my school. Students learn before they can even vote that the government will take care of them because there are no consequences for their actions.

    Part of the socialist agenda in our schools is to end values like individualism and the American dream; instead, they encourage collectivism, “diversity”, and my personal favorite- political correctness. For example, when I was in high school I was asked to participate in a 5 day “leadership program.” It turned out to be a class entitled, Bridging Multiple Worlds, where I was taught about the inherent racism living inside all white people. The students and I gathered to watch a segment of the PBS special, Race- The Power of Illusion,  which explained to us that, “our government and society have created advantages to being white,” and that, “racial practices were institutionalized within the government, laws, and society.” The irony of these diversity courses is that they claim to bring students together, but in reality they only divide them more. We cannot unify people by focusing on what makes us different, we need to focus on what makes us Americans.

    After the realization that our schools are overrun by ideological terrorists that are destroying America’s youth, I knew I desperately needed to find a way to advance conservative ideas at my school.

    In the summer of 2009, I found myself at the National Conservative Student Conference searching for a way to advance conservatism. The National Conservative Student Conference opened many doors for me. I was introduced to some of the country’s top conservative leaders including Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and Robert Spencer.  I left the conference armed with facts and historical examples to defend America and denounce those at my school who promoted liberal ideas. I was given ideas for projects (for example: the 9/11 Never Forget Project, No More Che Day, and Freedom Week) to advance patriotism and conservative values on my campus. I also made lasting friendships with like-minded students from all over the country. The conference changed my life.

    Less than a year later I am now an intern with Young America’s Foundation and I am on the frontline of battling the spread of socialism in America. Our country has never seen change this radical, this fast.  America will not hear the conservative message at school, on TV, or in most publications, which is why young conservatives need to promote the Conservative Movement and educate themselves through programs like the National Conservative Student Conference.

    • Readers' Comments

    • Amen! I have had the privilege of being homeschooled all my life, but I see what you are talking about in so many young people! That is one of the main reasons I started my site.
      Posted by Karen on 07/01/2010
    • This is one of the most insightful and well versed pieces discussing where our youth is headed that i have read!
      Posted by Angela Thorsfeldt on 07/01/2010
    • Right on, Kiana. You bring a breath of fresh air to the youth of our country. I'm proud to be a part of your blog. Not only that , I'm even prouder that you are my granddaughter and stand for something great. Keep up the good work. Love you.
      Posted by Nicholas Tuzzolino on 07/01/2010
    • Dear Kiana, You are a friggin genius and this article is great. The only thing is that when I read it all I can hear is it being read by The Nanny. -Wes
      Posted by Wes Siler on 07/02/2010
    • Bravo! With young intelligent women like Kiana we will be able to restore America. Thank you Kiana for speaking out.
      Posted by Lighthorseman on 07/04/2010
    • so proud of you kiana!!! keep up the good work, and help us change our government around!!! I know you can help lead us in the right direction! You're an inspiration! Allow God to help lead you in the right direction :) IN GOD WE TRUST!
      Posted by Noel Froning on 07/04/2010
    • Dear Ms. Dunn, I take issue with virtually all of your claims and opinions but I'll focus on two: You say our public schools are becoming more socialist and that "Evidence of this is shown by the huge decline in moral values among younger generations..." So, notwithstanding your inherent claim that socialism is less moral than capitalism or democracy or whatever overreaching broad-blanket term you think best describes the American ideal, umm...what evidence? You cite one example of one program in your former high school as "evidence" that morals are in decline nationwide. One could easily argue that they are on the rise, because, can't our parents remember when public schools were segregated? And...didn't it take a federal act and order by the President to reverse that, i.e., government? But, then you are a bit iffy when it comes to race, as you (not-so) neatly skirt the issue and come to the conclusion that the proper way to deal with the issue of racism in America is not to address it all! Do you actually take issue with the claims presented in "Race - The Power of Illusion" that “our government and society have created advantages to being white,” and that, “racial practices were institutionalized within the government, laws, and society.” I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't an outright racist, and may in fact believe that, all things being equal (education, income, a black person fares worse in this country than his or her white counterpart, and that is because of individual and systemic racism. Let's assume that you believe that and furthermore that you believe it is not a good thing. Your fix, then, is "to focus on what makes us Americans." Do you mean this to be used in micro-settings, such as schools, or applied to the nation as a whole? How would a program of "Focusing on What Makes Us Americans," address the fact that, despite nearly 150 years after the abolishment of slavery, black Americans fare worse that then white counterparts? And, finally, just because it's so irresistible - you went to a public high school - yet you rail against the government and fellow students when the former provides and the latter takes advantage of programs mean to boost achievement! WHAT?!!! How can you claim any of your preposterous moral standing when all the facilities and professionals you took advantage of as a high school student were funded by tax dollars?!!!
      Posted by Simon on 07/06/2010
    • Beautifully written Kiana, you give us hope. Never give up the fight against the Progressive/Socialist brain washing tactics. They have been working at undoing the greatest of America for nearly 75 years. It will be a long hard fight, but in the end they will fail in so long as this Country continues to produce intelligent thinkers like yourself.
      Posted by Richard and Jacqueline on 07/06/2010
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