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  • Congressman Etheridge’s Bad Day

    6/18/2010 3:34:42 PM Posted by Evan Gassman

    Remember earlier this week when Congressman Etheridge physically attacked young men asking him if he, “fully supported the Obama agenda?”

    Just in case you don’t, here’s a refresher:



    So what? Maybe the Congressman was having a bad day. Maybe there was a long line at his favorite lunch joint, or he lost his keys or something. But this is obviously a one-time incident, right?

    … Right?

    Wrong. Journalists over at The Washington Examiner found that Rep. Etheridge has actually done this very thing in the past.

    A North Carolina newspaper reported on this incident:

    Brandon Leslie, who moved away seven years ago and is now an attorney in Oxford, Miss., said he had an encounter with the now seven-term Democratic congressman from Lillington almost 14 years ago.

    In the fall of 1996, when Leslie was a senior at Pinecrest High School, he said he met Etheridge at a Pinecrest football game. Etheridge – then the state superintendent of public instruction – was challenging incumbent Republican David Funderburk for his congressional seat. At the time, Moore County was part of the 2nd District, which Etheridge now represents.

    Leslie said he introduced himself to Etheridge and asked him about his stance on a particular education program. He said Etheridge didn’t answer his question, so he pressed him two more times.

    “And that’s when he grabbed me by the shoulders, he shook me, and I’ll never forget it, he said, ‘Son, you need to learn to respect your elders,’” he said by phone on Wednesday. “I was just so taken aback, I think my jaw just dropped, and he walked off.”

    So much for our “he had a bad day” theory.  

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    • Democrats always have a "bad day" when students ask tough questions because either they don't know the answer or they don't want to answer. Instead of avoiding the question altogether, they portray what they truly are, ignorant and biased.
      Posted by Rebecca on 06/19/2010
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