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  • Liberal commencement speaker gets booed

    5/17/2010 3:05:48 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame



    The recently passed Arizona immigration law – a law which is simply enforcing federal laws that have been on the books for decades – has infuriated the left.


    Not only does the law itself bother them, but the fact that most Americans favor the law is something they cannot seem to accept. 51 percent of Americans favor the law, while only 30 percent oppose it, according to Gallup. Similarly, 59 percent of Arizonans favor the law.

    The most recent example of this failure to accept realitycame from the University of Arizona of all places. Professor Soto gave a speech at the May 2010 Commencement Ceremony for the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She decided that this would be an excellent place to bash the new, popular immigration law. 

    Clearly, the audience did not appreciate this,and she was roundly booed. Not only was her analysis of the immigration law false (it’s not “anti-immigrant,” by any stretch of the imagination, nor does it promote racial profiling), but her choice to use a graduation ceremony as a chance to criticize laws was tasteless. This day was for the graduates of the University of Arizona, not to indoctrinate the audience with another liberal diatribe.

    This is graduation season, so this will certainly not be the only speech drenched in liberal bias. All over the country, commencement ceremonies will be treated as a chance for liberal professors and administrators to make similar biased speeches.

    As a conservative activist, be sure to bring your FlipCam or voice recorder to graduation to capture any inflammatory speeches, upload them to YouTube and send them to Patrick Coyle via


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