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  • Students Dig Through Trash to Find Palin Contract

    4/14/2010 10:03:28 AM Posted by Roger Custer

    Here is an update to a story we posted about Sarah Palin speaking at a private function held by a foundation related to California State University at Stanislaus.Palin Posters

    Students, who should be learning and studying, were so desperate to find Sarah Palin's contract with a private foundation, that they dug through a trash bin next to a locked and gated administration building.  Somehow they found part of the contract and took it to Senator Yee and Attorney General Brown to investigate.  Usually, this type of illegal snooping would be prosecuted.   

    There must be something with academia and trash.  Recently, we reported how students at Harvard University sift through trash to separate recyclables.  I wonder if they also try to find private documents related to contracts that are none of their business.

    In the contract, they found that Palin requires first-class flights and several hotel rooms while traveling for the speech.  This is not out of the question because most big-name speakers ask for the same type of accommodations.  You just don't hear about it because the media simply don't report expenses related to Leftists including Bill Clinton, Bono, John Edwards, and Kofi Annan, who speak on campus regularly. In addition, Palin sometimes travels with her family and reasonably needs several hotel rooms to accommodate everyone comfortably. 

    Senator Yee called this "our little Watergate."  His time would be better spent managing the state's $20 billion deficit instead of investigating activities of 501c3 foundations run by privately raised funds and attended by people who choose to go.       

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    • I absolutely agree. It's amazing that for a group of people that seem to think that Sarah Palin is the most irrelevent, stupidest person in politics, they sure seem completely obsessive and fearful of her.
      Posted by Brittany on 04/14/2010
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