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    4/9/2010 3:54:56 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    Rove at UWMUC-Merced student government leaders are denying the conservative viewpoint on campus. 

    Conservative activist, Mike Fincher, and his club at UC-Merced were working hard to raise funds from their school to host Karl Rove next fall. They submitted the budget to the associated students to pay for Rove's fee. However, the students government president, Juan Carmen, removed their budget request. No other group had their funding removed from the proposed budget. This Tyrant-in-Training Carmen claims this is because he didn't like the fact that Karl Rove's honorarium would take up some of the budget.

    I wonder if Carmen complained when the school spent $1,000,000 in security costs to bring Michelle Obama to speak at graduation? Obviously he is not concerned about intellectual diversity considering that the only conservative speaker that has appeared this school year is Chris Horner. Yet there has been a parade of liberal speakers including Jimmy Carter, Dr. George Lakoff, candidates from the Socialist Worker Party, including their vice presidential candidate, and others.

    Earth to Carmen: the student government's funds should go to support speakers of all viewpoints and not just those who embrace your own narrow viewpoint. Let other students decide whether they want to hear Karl Rove. You alone shouldn't be the one to choose what ideas students are exposed to.

    Thankfully, others on campus disagree with Carmen's actions. Political Science professor Stephen Nicholson said he supports the idea of conservative speakers on campus, "We haven't had any conservative...figures of stature come to campus," he said.

    Hundreds of students and even the school's chancellor have signed a petition in support of hosting Karl Rove at UC-Merced.

    There is still a chance the budget will be amended next week and the funding for Rove will go through. Stay tuned.

    • Readers' Comments

    • Why are liberals so afraid of people who don't share their radical views of life?
      Posted by Deanne Kimmitt on 04/09/2010
    • Some of the most intolerant and closed minded people I know are Liberals.
      Posted by Don on 04/09/2010
    • Mr. Coyle, I really enjoyed your article. Mr. Fincher and I know each other and I just wanted to point out that I greatly respect his views, and even agree with some of them. In fact, he's a better debater than his friend, Mr. Darcy. So, Mr. Coyle, I must tell you this: I am neither a liberal or a conservative. I am a fact-checker. This is what I will do; I post the facts that challenge what you say. The next step is up to you. You can argue against what I posted (which ultimately leaves you to argue facts, but if that's your prerogative, so be it), or you can encourage an intellectual exchange of ideas. 1) Juan Carmen, personally, did not remove the budget proposal. In fact, the budget proposal is still online ( If you understand how the student government works at UCMerced, then you would know that it is very similar to the UC Government. It is a joint effort between the President, Juan Carmen, the Treasurer, Justin Chew, and even with input from the Budget and Finance Committee, which is composed of Senators. 2) Name calling is no way to win arguments. As much as I think Mr. Carmen is a bad president, he's not a "Tyrant-in-Training". 3) Is "...Carmen claims this is because he didn't like the fact that Karl Rove's honorarium would take up some of the budget." even a fact? $25,000 is not just "some of the budget". It is approximately 1/4 of what ASUCM gave to all of the clubs this year via the Inter-Club Council. I would know, as I was the Chair of the ICC for the first semester. With a budget that is relatively small, one must consider how much $25,000 really is. 4) The university spent an enormous amount of money for a variety of things concerning Michelle Obama, this is true. However, the work students did to bring First Lady Obama was unheard of on the campus beforehand. The press coverage this brought was amazing, as well. As a new university, the first research university in the 21st Century, a university that fights to keep both its image afloat, and something that is slowly lifting the Central Valley out of its rut, First Lady Obama's visit was amazing. In short, it is no comparison to Mr. Rove. 5) Please research why Former President Carter is talking at UCM. Also, research how the vice-presidential candidate for the Socialist Party came to campus. Hint: They weren't formally invited by ASUCM, any club/organization, or the University. 6) I did my research and it is to my understanding that you are not a student at UC Merced. So, I will point this out as Fact #6: Earth to Coyle: you have no right to state how student money is spent. The elected officials of ASUCM do. This include, but is not limited to, Mr. Carmen, Mr. Chew, and Mr. Fincher. Not everybody wins. 7) When quoting a person, especially somebody of Dr. Nicholson's stature, please try to include all of the quote. Now, I will say, that as a former ASUCM Senator, current active student of the school, and a double major in Human Biology and International Relations, I am, in no way, a fan of Former President Carter. However, I am a giant fan of Mr. Carter. That man is a great person, but a very bad president. Also, if the College Republicans would attempt to either lower the price via negotiations or try to get somebody like George H.W. Bush to come to campus, they would have much more success.
      Posted by Alexander Petrosky on 04/09/2010
    • All of the intolerant and close-minded people I know are conservatives, so we win.
      Posted by Billy on 04/10/2010
    • Funny you should say that Beejan. Juan Carmen deliberately removed our proposal from his budget (which he wrote and submitted, according to the bill). We were the only club not granted its request, we were not notified by our all so communicative president, and, most importantly WE GAVE THEM THE OPTION TO GO WITH MORE SPEAKERS FOR THE SAME PRICE, OR FEWER SPEAKERS FOR MUCH LESS. OUR TREASURER, JUSTIN CHEW AND JOSE (FOR SOME REASON HE WAS THERE) SAID THEY WOULD MUCH RATHER HAVE ROVE, AND ACCEPTED THAT REQUEST. Not only that, but Juan is too stupid to think of ideas such as charging admission for community members to regain some of that money- - but then again, he has not done anything this year, so that would be too much for me to expect of him
      Posted by Michael on 04/12/2010
    • Beejan, according to your logic, which seems to be set in comedy mode, you cannot comment on a conservative blog because you are not a conservative. hmm. BTW, ASUCM spent plenty of money on Michelle Obama's visit, and campaign to get her here.
      Posted by Michael on 04/12/2010
    • gabTLU Very good article.Thanks Again.
      Posted by 3838 on 09/12/2013
    • iKKwVN Major thankies for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.
      Posted by 706745 on 08/06/2014
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