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  • American Values Denigrated at my High School

    3/12/2010 3:19:20 PM Posted by Patrick Coyle

    GroupBy Ryan Noonan, Reagan Ranch High School Conference Student

    My name is Ryan Noonan, like all of you here I am a conservative and patriot. As all of you share my dedication to our country my only goal in life is to put my country first and urge all others to do so to.  I look to attend the US Naval Academy this fall and will thereafter put myself in harm's way to defend our country and constitution.  

    As many of you can relate these last few years of our high school lives have transformed us from casual teenagers to being a dedicated conservatives. 

    This last year during my daily home class at Pinnacle High in Phoenix we stand and site the pledge of allegiance.  Of 35 students maybe 10 stand, 6 have their hand over their heart and 3 are actually citing the pledge of allegiance. The rest of the 25 people are sitting, texting, talking or making fun of or anti patriotic gestures. I feel disgraced to be in the presence of these people who are protected by the virtues that our countries founders fought and died for. Let us all move forward to change these attitudes by leading others by our example.

    All of us here are dedicated to make a difference to our generation and the generations to come where all students, parents and citizens honor our country and conservative beliefs that will guide us to remain the strongest and most desirable county in the world to live in.

    "When I die, I desire no better winding sheet than the Stars and Stripes, and no softer pillow than the Constitution of my country." -- Andrew Johnson 

    Let this fire of conservatism burn bright in all of us as we move forward to the next stage of our lives. Stay united, support each other and stand together.


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    • We are so proud of you Ryan...You are America's future!
      Posted by Elizabeth Quiroz & Rosanna Noonan on 03/12/2010
    • Dear Ryan, I am not a conservative - I'm an leftist and anarchist - but I understand where you're coming from. I too have strong beliefs and values, and get very frustrated when the people around me don't seem to share them. My sole advice for you is to try and meet people where they are, instead of making assumptions. I've done the latter far too often, and it never helps me accomplish my goals. Ask the other students in your class why the behave the way they do during the pledge of allegiance. Ask with an open heart and mind. Most likely, most of them will brush you off. But, I guarantee a few will have compelling reasons that you would not have known about had you not asked. Once you understand where someone is coming from, you can work together to build something more positive.
      Posted by Simon on 03/12/2010
    • Dear Ryan, Great speech! I know your family must be extremely proud of you, and your demonstration of leadership at such a young age. Your goals, and love of our country, and its freedoms are an example to us all. Your living example is that of a true patriot like the fathers of our country. Who stood up and risked life, limb and family to defend liberty, and freedom. This is what they believed in, and why we have these freedoms and a good life today. Your standing up for something you believe in. Your willingness to sacrifice personal harm to support the rest of us. Is a demonstration of both strong character, and heart. Your choice is brave and selfless behavior, that the rest of America should stand up, support and take notice. Many people will disagree with your position, that you have selflessly taken. Do not change your course, true leadership has a cost, and unfortunately sometimes it is at a great cost. Stay true to yourself, your family and your country. We are a very lucky country to have young men like yourself striving to lead us to protect our liberty, and freedoms. Thank you Paul Kerivan
      Posted by Paul Kerivan on 03/13/2010
    • Proud to have you as a son, wish more young Amercians had your spirit of Patroitism
      Posted by Mike Noonan on 03/14/2010
    • We appreciate your dedication and your understanding that freedom has a price. I pray for your wisdom as you walk foward in service.
      Posted by Mary Jo Jackson on 03/15/2010
    • Ryan, Ryan, do not become unduly agitated by those around you that do not share your values and ideals. Those who do not share your ideals are delighted to exhaust and delay you with their dithering. Encourage your less fortunate brethren to wake and abandon their shackles of comfort and complacency. Lead through example and with purity of heart. An exemplary life is the best example to those around us and to the greater glory of God. Stay united, support each other and stand together. Uncle Pete
      Posted by Peter Noonan on 03/15/2010
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