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    3/11/2010 2:35:13 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame

    GCC1Young America’s Foundation is pleased to recommend the nation’s top conservative colleges to prospective students with the sixth annual  "Top Conservative College" list

    Commenting on the list, Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson explained, “Given the liberal bias in higher education today, it is critical that we make these recommendations.  We want conservative students and parents to be well informed before they make this important decision.”

    The 2009-2010 Top Conservative College list includes Christendom College, College of the Ozarks, Franciscan University, Grove City College, Harding University, Hillsdale College, The King's College, Liberty University, Patrick Henry College, Regent University, Saint Vincent College, Thomas Aquinas College, Thomas More College, and Wisconsin Lutheran College.   

    Many of these school’s presidents and executives will be presented in person with recognition for their listing, and give remarks, at a dinner banquet tonight, as part of the Reagan Ranch High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.  The sessions will be available for live viewing at

    The sixth annual list is based on criteria developed by Young America’s Foundation.  A conservative college must: “proclaim, through its mission and programs, a dedication to maintaining and strengthening the conservative values of its students.”  In addition, the listed institutions provide a holistic conservative experience in which conservative students are comfortable and able to grow.    

    Young America’s Foundation will publish this list annually for students and parents to aid in their college searches.  The complete list and more information about each college are available to the public at this website.

    For more information or to schedule an interview, please call Kate Obenshain at (800) USA-1776. 

    • Readers' Comments

    • Harding University is so conservative that they plan to introduce a new academic environment next Fall (2011) in which students must choose a major from two gender specifc lists. "It was becoming much too swishy over there in the Drama department..." said one University Official, who declined give his name, and asked to be indentified as only "God's Right Hand Man - Sizing 'em up, and shuttin' em down."
      Posted by Steve Prestridge on 11/24/2010
    • Heh, funny :-)things took a sharp dip in the period berofe the change candidate was elected. When, presumably, the change candidate was campaigning. [..] Look how high things were in 1991, and then blam.Hmm I think the sharp drop in Bush Sr's ratings took place, or largely took place, berofe the Clinton and Perot campaigns took off. I remember it or at least think I do how drastic a phenomenon it was. One of the biggest roller coasters in a president's fate in recent history I think. First Bush's popularity was pumped up to record high levels during and directly after the first Gulf war. Then the economic crisis kicked in and the mood of the country just turned on a dime (if that's the right expression), and crashed. I think it was very much the crisis-fuelled mood turn that made Clinton (and Perot especially!) possible, rather than the other way round.In general, but that may be my background, I'm firmly on the side that believes the systemic changes and long-term undercurrents produce the candidates, or at least the opportunities the candidates get to take advantage of, rather than that individual candidates, no matter how charismatic, shape or create these big turn-arounds.So that's also very much the way I would have taken your post, and chart like, hmm, well: we tend to view everything through the person- and event-focused prism of political journalism etc. Explain changes in general public opinion by referring to this or that political event or the power of this or that candidate. And obviously those play a role. But to a large extent it's also us looking at all the exciting glittery reflections on the water's surface, when those only appear because of the currents far underneath. As in: at a time when there was no sense of impending economic doom, when there was no massively impopular President and little more confidence in Congress, when there was no such near-anonymous view of the country being off-track, a candidate like Obama would either not have gotten the chance to break through (and storm past Hillary, for example) in the first place, or not have had the chance to come out winning as he is now doing. No matter how admittedly brilliant or skilled or charismatic he is.Like, this year the Republicans' culture war attacks are floundering. And part of that of course is that Obama is simply very skilled in deflecting them. But a larger part, I think, is the sheer predominance of economic anxiety and the yearning for change. Those now some of them are leaning to voting for Obama in spite of their racism. Or planning on staying home. But if the economy had been middling rather than bad, and if Bush and co had not thoroughly destroyed the Republican brand the way they did, things would have been different. No matter how good Obama is (and I agree he is something of a once-in-a-generation political talent), I dont think he would have survived the Wright and Ayers stuff, the militant-black-stranger-in-our-midst attacks, eight years ago. Or four years ago, even. Hell, he barely squeaked through the primaries now, and much of the closeness was rooted in that identity stuff. This year, the yearning for change and the existential concern about the economy are overriding the Rove-type politics of identity. And Obama's justly getting kudos for his own mad skillz in deflecting those as well. But I think we shouldnt kid ourselves that this kind of politics is suddenly impotent, and might not well have proven sufficiently successful to block Obama in another, less perfect storm' type year.
      Posted by Sol on 07/07/2012
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    • Dawn,Damn that is a good video. Who is that woman? She is the type we need on TV every day. When a person of Arab bauogrkcnd gets in their faces they can say nothing.JDz
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