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    3/9/2010 10:40:34 AM Posted by Roger Custer

    Young America's Foundation is pleased to release its sixth annual list of Top Conservative Colleges on Thursday, March 11, at www.yaf.orgTopTen

    If you are scared that your child will come back from college saying that Che Guevara was a human rights icon, that Kwanzaa should be a national holiday, and that our founding fathers were nothing more than racist white slave owners, do not be dismayed. There is hope.


    The schools on the list provide intellectual environments that are equally as comfortable for conservative students as most of academia is for liberal students. Students who have taken part in Young America’s Foundation’s programs and who attend these schools attest that their colleges and universities create conservative-friendly environments and welcome noted conservative leaders, such as Ann Coulter and Ben Stein, to address the campus community.

    To be selected, a college must proclaim, through its mission and programs, an active dedication to maintaining and strengthening the conservative values of its students. After receiving numerous requests for conservative college recommendations, Young America’s Foundation publishes this list annually to aid students and parents in the college search.


    A detailed explanation on why each school was chosen can be found at, starting Thursday, March 11.  In addition, some of the school’s presidents and executives will be presented in person with recognition for their listing at a dinner banquet that day, as part of the Reagan Ranch High School Conference at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.  The sessions will be available for live viewing at this site.  


    • Readers' Comments

    • Although my children are young (my oldest is in pre-school), I am greatly encouraged by your organization's annual list of conservative colleges. When the time comes, it will be an invaluable resource to my family. Thank you!
      Posted by Karen on 03/09/2010
    • Interesting that few of these schools are ranked highly nationally...but then again, reality does have a well known liberal bias.
      Posted by Becky on 03/10/2010
    • To rebuff the oh-so obvious underlying messages present in your criticisms of colleges that aren't blatantly conservative: 1. Che Guevera is probably not a human rights icon, nor was he a mass murderer. He had ideals, like "Freedom" that he was willing to kill and die for, and did. Would you label G.W. Bush the same way? In order to secure democracy in Iraq, many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian's lives were taken. 2. Why shouldn't Kwanza be a national holiday? Christmas is. I believe that would be a simple expression of the value of freedom and equality among religions. 3. And, you've got me on the last one. Our founding fathers were indeed white, male slave owners and traders. I suppose the question is does the belief and practice that one man should be another man's property based on the former's color of skin and country of origin, make one racist, regardless of the time period in which both live?
      Posted by Simon on 03/10/2010
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