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  • Rove Charms Hostile Crowd at UCSB

    2/26/2010 1:35:59 PM Posted by Roger Custer

    Former Bush administration official Karl Rove spoke last night at the University of California Santa Barbara.  While hundreds protested outside, Rove charmed the audience and a leftist walkout failed to materialize.  11549

    Supposedly, hundreds were going to walk out when he started speaking but only a small number did.  More than 700 packed the lecture hall to hear Rove.  

    At one point, a protester shouted at Rove and he responded "this is what liberal intellectuals are on the west coast?"  

    According to the Daily Nexus, Rove criticized Obama's domestic agenda, defended the Iraq war as a success, and covered other issues.  

    Irrational protesters outside held signs comparing Rove to Nazi propagandists and calling him a "puppet master" and other names.  Some even said the event should not have been allowed due to the content, or that Rove does not have the right to speak on campus. 

    Congratulations to campus organizers at UCSB for bringing conservative ideas to campus.  RoveUCSB



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    • All of the local Santa Barbara news media got it wrong and biased. Protestors whined that it cost them "student activity fees." UCSB isn't exactly your conservative haven -- how many liberal vs. conservative speakers have they brought in? Wake-up radical protestors! Your money is going to fund your liberal professors and their biased teachings.
      Posted by Chris on 02/26/2010
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