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  • D.C. awash in contracts, lobbying wealth

    11/19/2013 2:20:53 PM Posted by Cheri Cerame
    Washington Hot Spots

    Original publication:  St. Louis Post Dispatch

    By Gregg Jaffe and Kim Tandersley, Washington Post. (November 18, 2013.)

    WASHINGTON • So much money to be had if you know where to look.

    The avalanche of cash that made Washington rich in the last decade has transformed the culture of a once staid capital and created a new wave of well-heeled insiders.

    The winners in the new Washington are not just the former senators, party consiglieri and four-star generals who have always profited from their connections. Now they are also the former bureaucrats, accountants and staff officers for whom unimagined riches are suddenly possible. They are the entrepreneurs attracted to the capital by its aura of prosperity and its super-educated workforce. They are the lawyers, lobbyists and executives who work for companies that barely had a presence in Washington before the boom. Continue reading... 


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    • to be the normal time for their seitlecon for interviewing? I don't know if mine is normal, as mine is supposed to have reach mingpao on last Thursday (17/april).And sorry, i tend to have a lot of questions... Another question is, do they have rigid age limit in reporter trainee? That is, the preferred candidates' age should limited to only early 20-er?and if mingpao's trial is not successful. And supposingly, other newspaper company do not have job openings right now. Who should i sent a letter to if i want to 自薦 as a reporter? (editorial of the page i am interested in, and editor-in-chief?)I'd like to try whatever way to get into journalism...though by reading your blog (since 中大校花), i know i will have umpteen obstacles in front of me (say, the contacts a reporter in the field usually already have and built up). But still, i believe i can do well because it's what i genuinely am interested in.-mfy
      Posted by Muses on 05/19/2014
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