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  • THE DAILY CALLER: Ronald Reagan, Communicator-in-Chief

    9/20/2013 11:15:06 AM Posted by Hillary Cherry

    Reagan DCThe life of Ronald Reagan has a lot to teach young people today. In an increasingly cynical America, Reagan's monumental achievements offer hope that it is possible for one individual to make a real difference in reclaiming the things that have made America great - and good.

    In a world where people are bound together by "tweets," "snaps," and "vines" and the future of human-to-human connection is in doubt, young people can learn a lot from the Great Communicator. And at a time when youngsters need to be reminded of a true heroes, the story of Ronald Reagan and his journey to the White House illustrate a path for success that can be emulated by just about anyone. All you need is determination and a strong work ethic. Reagan had both, as well as a quick wit, an optimistic charm, and a never-give-up attitude.

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    • I love the peace of the HSL. I am constantly reehfsred bythe ethic of calm, peace, in the whole HSL and sunlight spilling in the windows of friends cafe when I visit. It is a respite to my day and spirit, my mind as I read deliciously good material, and I am always rejuvenated as I nourish myself all around at the HSL. Happy Valentines!
      Posted by Abood on 05/20/2014
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